Americans are oblivious to the race war blacks are engaged in

Exponential growth in anything is hard for the average mind to fathom. Not for me, I can see things a little clearer due to having an IQ larger than most. African Americans are clearly trying to destroy the United States from within, and no one seems to be talking about it.

Not all blacks are trying to destroy the country, obviously, the same way not all Chinese Americans are CCP members. This paragraph is for the low-IQ stupid fools out there.

China used the exact same strategy against USA as a geopolitical threat, while African Americans are using the same grey zone warfare domestically. You can calculate with some accuracy how long the United States has left as a functioning country based on these simple metrics.

From the outside looking in, it would be easy for someone to think the United States was going through some internal struggles due to the mistreatment of African Americans in the past.

It’s easy to show empathy for black Americans who suffered from slavery in the past and to use that as justification for the criminal behavior blacks are engaging in today 2023.

All I see online is black people violently attacking innocent White people indiscriminately, in what can ONLY be classified as racially motivated hate crimes.

Blacks are raiding shops and stealing everything, while the current US president changes laws to stop these black people from getting arrested for their crimes.

The more Americans give to Black Americans, the more they demand. The only time black Americans will stop pushing is the moment they have the ability to enslave White Americans, torture them, use them as sex slaves, kill them, etc

Most people haven’t been taking notice of what’s really going on. The White people of America are the cliche frog in the pot, slowly boiling to death.

Joe Biden Asks For White People To Be Exterminated

Black Americans Are Using Grey Zone Warfare Against The United States

There is an unrelenting push for more and more power by blacks in the United States. It’s exactly the same strategy China has been using in the South China Sea. China says they want peace, then they take an island, China says that’s all they will take, then they take another island and militarize it.

Next thing you know, the entire South China Sea is owned by China and fully militarized by the PLA.

This is exactly the same strategy blacks are using in the USA. Blacks get equality, then they violently take more, while pretending it’s all about getting equality. Next thing you know, everything in the United States is controlled by the blacks, through violent coercion.

Wakey wakey