Annastacia Palaszczuk Failed As Queensland Premier

In 2020 the world encountered a pandemic that spread all over the globe. Early in 2020 it started in China, then slowly spread to ever corner of the world, some countries were hit early, some had more time to prepare their hospitals. One thing everyone knew, was that, every person on planet Earth will most probably have to catch this flu one way or another.

Australia was lucky simply because we have a small population, high GDP per capita and we’re an island which is isolated at the end of Asia. This didn’t mean that Australia would never get hit with it, this just meant that Australia had more time to prepare it’s hospitals. While Australia was the envy of the world because of our almost zero cases and our ”covid zero” strategy (which was doomed to fail from day one), they never knew how truly incompetent our leaders were.

When Australia was first hit with covid cases in early 2020, most of those cases were flowing to Australia’s tow largest cities Melbourne and Sydney. Brisbane has been mostly untouched the last 2 years, not due to good management, but the fact that Queensland has less international travellers. While Sydney and Melbourne were having lockdowns after lockdowns, restrictions etc the Queensland premier Annastacia Palaszczuk had the privilege of more time and to learn from the other states experience.

What Did Annastacia Palaszczuk Achieve During 2020 and 2021?

While watching the cases in Sydney and Melbourne, instead of franticly preparing for cases to eventually reaching Queensland, Annastacia Palaszczuk seemed to take only one action. She lockdown the NSW border to Queensland and from my point of view, she did nothing more. The vaccine rollout has been pathetic in Queensland, they barely hit 50% by October 2021 after having a surplus of vaccines the entire year.

  • Lockdown the NSW border
  • Worst Vaccine rollout compared to Vic and NSW

The only other thing she achieved was to create an us verses them mentality, as if Queensland was going to remain closed forever, until this pandemic ends. As if every other state in the country was full of filthy, disease ridden people who should never be allowed to cross the border into her clean little heaven of a state.

Dominic Perrottet On Queensland’s Socialist Leader

”we look forward to the day when the people of NSW can move as freely across the border with Queensland as our GST dollars do”

Dominic Perrottet

This is a pretty damming thing to say to a Queensland premier. It would seem that the Queensland premier thinks money grows on trees. Well, this is how all socialists behave in the early stages, they think the money will flow forever, but it always comes to an end. Perhaps this is the end of Queensland’s gravy train.

Queensland has simply shut themselves off from the world and printed money that this country cannot afford to give to them, this is in my opinion the attitude of a socialist. Not to mention the human rights being taken away from Australians who cannot visit family just over the NSW border, absolutely disgraceful behaviour by Annastacia Palaszczuk.

Annastacia Palaszczuk Wants Socialism To Continue in Queensland

Asking the federal government to print more money and give it to Queensland hospitals

Firstly, the states are responsible for hospitals, not the federal government.

Considering Annastacia Palaszczuk has had almost 2 years to prepare for this and has done nothing, her reaction is pure socialist rhetoric. She’s closed the border to NSW, prevented money from flowing into Queensland, now the state is most probably running out of money, she want the rest of the country which she’s turned her back on, to fund her socialist border closures… Come on.

Here’s a novel idea, how about Queensland open up their borders today, that’s right 25th October 2021, at least a year later than they should have. Allow people from Melbourne and Sydney who are fully vaccinated (fully safe too) travel to Queensland to spend their money. Then Queensland can use that money from tourism and spend it on hospitals, yeah I know, capitalism is a radical idea to most socialists.

John Wagner is funding the Wellcamp Quarantine Facility

All socialist dictatorships end in disaster, looks like Queensland is headed that way

Some reports are out that these facilities will be built by mid 2022, which is extremely concerning to some as the pandemic will be mostly contained by then. This raises more questions than it answers and has opened up the state to conspiracy theories that these may be used for nefarious reasons. Many people see these ”wellness” camps as a human rights violation, myself included.

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate Is a Capitalist

Like the typical socialist she is, Annastacia Palaszczuk attacked Tom Tate by saying that she doesn’t know what planet he is on, when he criticised the covid plan. Everything Tom Tate is saying, makes perfect sense, he wants the borders opened up as soon as possible, recently he said 1st of December was a great time to open up. He also said 1st of December was a conservative date, which means that the NSW border could be opened up earlier.

This Tom Tate guy makes a whole lot of sense to me, Queensland should kick out Annastacia Palaszczuk and make Tom Tate the new premier in my opinion. We need more capitalists in Australian politics these days, especially when the countries economy is collapsing around us.