Are the Chinese People Welcome in Australia?

The above image is a sign of the coming collapse of Australia. When the Australian government does not serve the Australian people, collapse is imminent. As one of the few Australians who were actually born in Sydney Australia, I should be at the top of the list for any sort of million-dollar cheque. But the Australian government prefers the Chinese over their own people, this is a fact. If you are a CCP member wanting to take over Australia for the motherland, it’s yours to take and this million-dollar cheque is a massive sign of what’s to come.

I’m an Australian born man living in Sydney, Australia, and this is my opinion on whether Chinese people are treated well in Australia or not. One advantage I have is that I also understand China as a country, its culture, and its people better than most people do. This gives me a unique point of view on this topic, as I can see the difference between how the Chinese are treated here in Australia versus how Australians are treated in China.

Another aspect of my piece today is learning from the past, learning from history, objective, truthful history, not the fluff taught in incompetent Australian universities today. Let’s start by addressing the biggest lie in Australian history regarding Chinese immigration to my country.

That’s right, my country, and that also means that I’m here as an on-the-ground witness. Most people who say that Australia mistreats the Chinese either have an agenda or are fools who aren’t here yet want to throw their uninformed stupid opinion in the mix.

Does Australia Treat Chinese Immigrants Worse Than Locals?

You notice that I’ve rephrased the question slightly to portray something that is never talked about in Australia. When Chinese people complain about the way they are treated in Australia:

  • Is this because these Chinese who complain are being treated worse than the locals?
  • Or is it that Australia is a bad country for everyone who lives here?
  • Are locals treated the exact same way as the Chinese people?
  • What if Chinese people are treated slightly better than locals, but Chinese people’s inherent, internal xenophobia kicks in and they start projecting on the Australian people?

The hard truth no-one talks about is, the fact that Australia is a terrible place to live if you were not born into money. The class divide in Australia is staggering and mass immigration only made it worse, because the elites were never incentivized to grow the economy by getting off their rent-seeking bums and build a business or something.

The Australian people are seriously flawed, Australia has never been invaded, it’s never had to deal with mass shortages of food, it’s always been a resource-rich country that is largely socialist in nature. Then add in a seriously cancerous culture of alcoholism and a female dominated society that has no rights to self-defense, that worships a ”biggest guy in the room” philosophy.

Add all of those seemingly good things together and you have a population that doesn’t need to get along. You have a society of people who use violence to get their way, whether they are in the government, the police, construction workers, whatever. You can be the most incompetent, alcoholic, violent scumbag in Australia and be rewarded with a high-paying job, a wife and kids, respect from society, and all the rewards that you would associate with cavemen. That’s Australia

Under these conditions, Chinese people cannot compete in size and intimidation. So, they feel left out and go build Chinese suburbs, protect their women from Aussies, work hard to make good money, get an education, etc. Chinese people realised that Australia is full of socialists, so they have to work solely on a cash basis to get ahead in such an economy, this also meant that Chinese have to trade with other Chinese people who understand what capitalism is.

Their Asian suburbs meet the need to trade without government taxing or regulation, while simultaneously exploiting the welfare and health systems for their own profit. The Australian elites know that Chinese immigrants are exploiting the system but will not investigate them, because fewer immigrants will come to Australia if a crackdown on taxes was to occur. And the Australian elites (who produce nothing) rely entirely on wealthy Chinese coming to Australia, so they don’t interfere.

If an Australian was to be caught not paying $1 tax or manipulating the system, well that’s another story. The Australian elites love attacking the lower classes, they use the media to attack welfare cheats and tax cheats. The hypocrisy is, these same elites are the real welfare cheats, while the people at the bottom in fact produce more than these rent-seeking parasites.

Chinese people are extreme right-wing capitalists, who are more xenophobic than the Americans were a hundred years ago. So, when they cry out discrimination, instead of recognizing that Australian society is a basket case of violent alcoholics, who treat everyone badly and a bunch of arrogant elites who have never worked a day in their lives. Instead of acknowledging all of these facts, the Chinese project their own xenophobia on the whole of Australia.

Are they correct? Well, not exactly.

I’d argue that the Chinese have been treated better than myself, as a born and bred Australian. If I was to criticize immigration or the Chinese, the elite rent-seeking parasites at the top like to jump in and attack the lower classes as ”racist”. But all they are doing is protecting their honey pot of Chinese immigrants.

Australian Elites Are Incompetent Fools

All the Australian elites have done over the past 20 years is buy real estate and rent said real estate out to low-skilled visa holding immigrants. Those low-skilled immigrants mostly came from China in the beginning, say the 1990’s, those immigrants from China were effectively taking jobs from the lower working classes in Australia. The funny thing is, these immigrants were in fact coming from the top of Chinese society to slot in at the bottom of Australian society. These Chinese immigrants were not unintelligent people at all, in fact, they were far superior in almost everyway to the Australian elites.

The Australian elites profited greatly from these Chinese immigrants, but these uneducated, low IQ Australian elites never questioned what was in it for the Chinese. Even after these elites would discover that this Chinese immigrant was from a wealthy family in China. And who’s doing a double degree at UNSW university while working 20 hours on the books, and two more part-time cash jobs on the side.

These extremely naive boomers never asked themselves, why would someone work so hard, when they have everything they need back home? Or, what are the incentives for this Chinese person to do what they’re doing?

The Australian elites never had the self-awareness to even compare themselves to the Chinese immigrants. Most ”Australian” real estate owners in Australia, are uneducated, the average has a college certificate in construction or a basic diploma. I met a multimillionaire CEO of an Australian company who attained the lofty education level of an advanced degree. Yup, he was an incompetent fool, sorry I got distracted. Hang on, one more. I knew an alcoholic fool, who was covered in tattoos, who told me he didn’t have a university degree, and he was making $250,000 a year at Macquarie bank. The guy was dumb as a doornail, yet he’s sitting at the top of our society… Jeez.

Now, Imagine how blindly arrogant, almost psychopathic you would have to be, to assume that you are superior to a Chinese

These boomer elites only had one train of thought. Australia is better than China. These arrogant boomers, in fact, treated these highly motivated, highly educated Chinese people as inferior, when in fact the opposite was always true. These uneducated, low IQ, lazy boomers were in fact the inferior fools all along and were being played by a superior bunch of motivated Chinese immigrants from the top of Chinese society.

Australian Lockdowns Destroyed The Economy

When you have a bunch of fools running the country, who have no historical understanding of how top-down government control can cause mass famines, economic collapse, etc. You have a perfect storm of people who think they are doing the right thing, when in fact they are making the same mistake every foolish government has made throughout history.

Australia just made that mistake and it’s time to prepare yourself for 2022 to 2034 because it’s going to be a nasty ride.

This is a sign of defeat by Australia economically to a greater power in China. There comes a point in which a defeated country starts to offer gifts to its new geopolitical master. Hoping that China will show mercy in the future is more evidence of their foolishness. China remembers the hundred years of humiliation, it will not show mercy, and why should it.

The Australian government’s pure contempt for the Australian people will be returned when it tries to ask the Australian people to fight for this country, yet will only find people who will say ”what are we fighting for?”.

My answer is nothing

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