Aussie Cossack is a Larrikin Like Our Diggers (ANZAC’s) Were

For the past 6 years I’ve worked part time on my Youtube channel studying the rise of China geopolitically and educating my audience on the threats we face. Back in 2018, I made some bold predictions about economic collapse in Australia starting 2022 and the eventual Chinese takeover by 2034, these predictions are right on track by the looks of things.

More recently, I've come to the realisation that domestically the Australian people are not free and therefore, we have very little to fight for anyway. 

Watching my country go from restriction to lockdown and slide into becoming a totalitarian state within the first two years of the pandemic. Losing my own freedoms and human rights, seemingly overnight while the majority of Australian’s cheer on the end of what’s left of this country.

Don’t Bother Fighting For a Country That Doesn’t Respect Your Human Rights

By the end of 2020 I started to think, why am I still studying China’s rise, spending copious amounts of unpaid time on trying to educate people about China, when there’s nothing worth fighting for left. Most would agree that only free people can save a nation, when a country relies on peasants, serfs and slaves to defend a nation, that’s usually the end of that particular country. So, losing all my freedoms, was the slap in the face for me to lose my passion for studying geopolitics.

Not to mention, my grandmother dying and my little brother.

One day during lockdown, while trapped in my apartment like a prisoner, I started to see videos of Australian police attacking innocent people, fining them and even bashing them for seemingly no reason. This sent me down the rabbit hole of Youtube video after Youtube video on Australian police brutality being used against the Australian people. This was when a video of a smart ass in a ute filming and standing up to the NSW police. This was The Aussie Cossack.

Police State

I knew instantly that Australia needs more people like this who is willing to push back against the Australian police. The Australian police have never respected the Australian people’s human rights, in fact they have always treated us like insects, or just an inconvenience. It just takes a serious global crisis for their real feelings towards us to be revealed. The Australian police have never respected our human rights and this pandemic in 2020 was a great opportunity for them to turn this country into a police state.

Why The Australian Diggers Were Larrikins

With that said, we have always been authoritarian to some extent, it’s just been hidden behind one of the highest GDP’s per capita in the world. When you go back and look at Australian history, the Diggers/ANZACs were always known as ”larrikins”. People around the world and even most Australian’s today don’t fully understand what that means and why they needed to behave that way.

Imagine this, you live under an authoritarian leadership in Australia, you have no human rights, you live in a police state where the police are above the law, which means you are not truly free. Under these conditions, you can either obey and allow totalitarianism to spread, like most south east Asian countries have done.


You can pretend to obey, only to avoid punishment, while being a cheeky larrikin who secretly has no respect for the leaders of your country (which is the definition of larrikin). And at every opportunity will disobey the totalitarian government, in a sneaky way. I believe that this was the true state of Australia and more importantly, this was the reason why the Aussie diggers (ANZAC’s) have been larrikins from the beginning. It was a defence that we used to prevent totalitarianism taking over every aspect of our lives.

Why don’t we understand the reason why our diggers were larrikins anymore? Well, the answer is very obvious to me.

Immigration from totalitarian dictatorships have diluted the true meaning of what it means to be an Australian. When you fill a country with people who obey their dictatorships back home, then bring that obedience with them to Australia, we slowly lose our freedoms. Because someone who is brainwashed into obeying their leader back home, is even more likely to obey the leadership when they move to Australia. This weakens the amount of real Aussie’s who push back against totalitarianism and balance it out, which in turn strengthens the dictators ability to control a population.

Why Aussie Cossack is Valuable To Australia

Aussie Cossack is an educational source for the current population on how to be a larrikin and push back against a totalitarian state (which Australia has always been). He has no respect for authority and shows this with his behaviour, which is what keeps us all safe. And I believe that all Australians need to be taught that we should never respect authority in this country, as it’s the only way we can balance authoritarianism.

Heard of tall poppy syndrome?

Tall poppy syndrome is something unique to Australia, it in fact is a legacy from our larrikin diggers who never respected authority. It means that if you get too tall (tall poppy) we will collectively cut you down to size. We have forgotten why this is so valuable, it’s a balance against Australian totalitarianism.

The Aussie Cossack is in fact a valuable educational source which is a how to guide on how we can push back against our totalitarian government in a peaceful way. So, valuable that I’ve become a supporter of his and have stopped educating people about China, because without larrikinism to balance totalitarianism in Australia, China has already won..

Aussie Cossack is an embodiment of what a larrikin digger (ANZAC) was.

6 thoughts on “Aussie Cossack is a Larrikin Like Our Diggers (ANZAC’s) Were”

  1. Beautiful, well thought out article. Unfortunately the seeds of hatred have been sown deep in our community by ASIO selected Neo Nazi police state militants. when attacked their might be few diggers willing too defend the police state. China today may be a a short term liberator tommorrow. But them few months taking down police and watching them beg for mercy is worth a whole life time.

    • Yeah Michael, no one wants to defend a country that doesn’t respect them. I think we all need to be educated on what freedom truly is. This would make it easier for everyone. Cheers

  2. Mate, diggers come from Eureka Stockade days. No doubt they were larrikins as well. Same attitude went for years. I think you are quite right with the immigration protocols which has been undertaken in the recent times. Cheers, well done.

  3. Funny how you mentioned that people from overseas come here being used to obey their dictators and do the same, when in actual reality, all I’ve seen for the past 2 years were real men, mostly immigrants and their sons, from the west rising up and not taking crap from the police, while Aussie cucks have been asking for more and more government control over their lives and approving the garbage government in NSW for treating us like trash.

    While the Aussies in the East, regional and north-east Sydney were all doing their thing, the west was under the boot of the military and the police force.

    Goes to show who really obeys their dictators and who doesn’t take it willingly.

    • It’s an interesting topic. I made an assumption about immigrants obeying, but it wouldn’t be across the board. I’d like to dig deeper into this one

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