Australian Authoritarianism For a Flu?

I’m currently in Sydney Australia, where today is the beginning of a tightening of restrictions. So, luckily for you, I have time to sit down and write about what’s going on here in this authoritarian state, formally known as the lucky country.

After spending the last 6 years trying to warn the weak minded Australian people about the geopolitical threat posed by China, 2020 all my predictions came to fruition. Which means that once it becomes too late and China starts openly threatening Australia publicly, only then the weak minded Aussie’s wake up. This was mostly unpaid by the way, I would have made 100 times more if I washed dishes in a Chinese restaurant for the past 6 years.

So, I moved on to bigger and better things for myself in 2020, by starting my own business, which has been constantly shut down by these authoritarian measures.

This blog post will be dedicated to explaining why I think we have allowed our government to become authoritarian and I’m going to pose some solutions to the problem. Let’s start by having a look at the current case numbers and what restrictions are in place, so you have a good overview of what’s happening.

Covid 19 Cases in NSW

Number of covid cases in NSW
Number of covid cases in NSW from their facebook page

Covid 19 Cases in Victoria

Victorian covid case numbers
Victorian covid case numbers from the website

Ages of All Deaths from Covid 19 in Australia

from website.

Does age affect your risk of becoming very sick with COVID-19?

Obviously, if you look at the graph above, you’ll see that the majority of people who are dying from covid are over 70 years old. According to macro trends, life expectancy in Australia is 83 years old currently, though back in 1970, life expectancy was 70 years old.

Mostly People Over 70 yrs old die from Covid 19

When I see this data, I can’t help but think, why don’t we restrict the movement of the elderly, send them government pay-outs and facilitate home delivery to them. This would make far more sense than locking down perfectly healthy people, forcing those healthy people to develop mental illness and health problems due to inactivity.

The elderly in Australia have lived through the most prosperous period in human history, they could work only a part time job and still afford to buy a house in Australia. Now that the economy is in decline, we are effectively saving the lives of a privileged few, while hurting the financial future of the current generation of Australian workers.

To add insult to injury, the elderly are holding the majority of real estate in Australia. So, the younger generation is paying inflated high rents to this same elderly demographic. The elderly are rent seeking parasites on the working population in several ways, by the looks of things.

Top Causes of Death in Australia

  • Coronary heart disease
  • Lung cancer
  • Suicide
  • Stroke
  • Dementia
top causes of death in Australia
Top causes of death in Australia

Covid Lockdown Restrictions in Victoria

covid restrictions in victoria
Restrictions in Victoria from their facebook page

Solitary Confinement

United Nations – Solitary Confinement is Torture

TortureSolitary confinement is considered to be a form of psychological torture with measurable long-term physiological effects when the period of confinement is longer than a few weeks or is continued indefinitely. … The United Nations have also banned the use of solitary confinement for longer than 15 days.

Wikipedia link

Solitary Confinement Causes Serious Mental Issues

A robust scientific literature has established the negative psychological effects of solitary confinement. The empirical findings are supported by a theoretical framework that underscores the importance of social contact to psychological as well as physical well-being. In essence, human beings have a basic need to establish and maintain connections to others and the deprivation of opportunities to do so has a range of deleterious consequences. These scientific conclusions, as well as concerns about the high cost and lack of any demonstrated penological purpose that solitary confinement reliably serves, have led to an emerging consensus among correctional as well as professional, mental health, legal, and human rights organizations to drastically limit the practice.

Annual Reviews link

Curfew’s Create Bottlenecks/Help Spread Covid

Curfew from 9pm to 5am : this literally makes no sense. If the goal is to avoid spreading the virus by using social distancing, then this curfew idea will do the opposite.

One thing I started doing the beginning of the lockdown, was to stay up late and do my exercise and shopping very late at night. There's no one in the park at midnight, therefore I'm socially distancing perfectly and when I go to the local 711 at midnight, I'm literally the only person in 711, which means I'm less likely to catch or spread this virus. But my way of thinking is rare apparently.   

Think about this in terms of peak and off peak times, for instance, when you use electricity during peak times, it costs more money than in off peak times. Simply because during peak times there are more people using electricity and therefore puts more stress on the system, so they try to encourage people to use electricity during the off peak times which decreases the risk of over loading the system.

Another example is peak hour public transport fares are more expensive than off peak, simply because there are more people catching public transport during peak hours, which overloads the the public transportation system. When too many people catch trains, the lines are longer and passengers need to wait longer to travel anywhere. So, they introduced peak and off peak to try encourage people to spread out their trips, which reduces bottle necks in the public transportation system and helps everyone get home faster.

Now back to the curfew idea. By having a curfew, the government is reducing the window of opportunity per day people can go outside, which creates a bottle neck. This increases the amount of people going out at any one time, which will increase the amount of people shopping at any one time, which should increase the infection rate across Australia. Just my thoughts on this problem.

Covid Lockdown Restrictions in NSW

Restrictions in NSW from their facebook page
Restrictions in NSW from their facebook page

Lockdowns Are Making People Fat

1 or 2 hours exercise once a day, depending if you are in NSW or Victoria : Let’s deal with this authoritarian rule now. Is it supposed to reduce the spread and protect our health or is it designed to kill more Australians? Serious question… I’d argue that the people who have asked for this one are in fact trying to kill more Australians and here’s my evidence.

By being locked down, Australians are putting on weight, I know that I’ve put on weight myself and 100% of the people I’ve spoken to have put on weight due to the gyms being closed and the authoritarian government restrictions on freedom to go outside and exercise.

It should be common sense that this would increase obesity and therefore cause far more Australian deaths in the future.

”Obesity contributes directly to incident cardiovascular risk factors, including dyslipidemia, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and sleep disorders. Obesity also leads to the development of cardiovascular disease and cardiovascular disease mortality independently of other cardiovascular risk factors. More recent data highlight abdominal obesity, as determined by waist circumference, as a cardiovascular disease risk marker that is independent of body mass index. ”

Circulation website link

Alcohol Sales Booming 2020/2021

December 2020 Australia recorded it’s highest selling month on record with $2 billion in sales (link) While Roy Morgan is reporting that online sales of alcohol are soaring (link). We all know that increased alcohol consumption damages the brain, increases obesity and domestic violence. Sure, causation doesn’t mean correlation but it looks pretty damming to me.

Suicide in Australia Caused by lockdowns

The data on this one was impossible to find, perhaps it’s just too soon for the data to be collected and posted just yet. But I’d definitely assume that this type of authoritarian state restrictions on people’s freedoms will definitely increase the suicide rate in Australia considerably.

Losing a job, not having access to friends or family (isolation), being locked inside and putting on weight or relying on drugs or alcohol due to boredom etc. When I look at what the Australian government is doing to it’s people, this is a perfect storm for suicides in Australia.


By the looks of just the health aspects of what’s going on, the government is killing more Australian’s with these authoritarian measures, under the guise of protecting us. I’d like to see the data over the next few years on the coronary heart disease and suicide rates. This data could be quite damming.

Not to mention a whole generation of Australians who have had their livelihoods destroyed by this governments lockdowns. Will this generation be able to retire with a roof over their heads? Probably not and the unfortunate part of this is, they won’t feel the financial pain from this until they reach retirement age. Yeah, compound interest among other things are scientific facts no-one can deny.

I used to think that incompetence was due to nefarious actions by evil people, but the older I get the more I realise that governments are simply incompetent, lazy, people who don’t deserve to be in the positions of power they find themselves in. It’s quite sad to realise the truth about human society.

8 thoughts on “Australian Authoritarianism For a Flu?”

    • i agree with most of your statements but not the governments being lazy i believe totally they are puppets being run by masters -if you read agenda 21-30 it is all part of their master plan

  1. Hi. Ive just discovered you…
    ABC. 7. 9. 10. Are FAKE NEWS
    I hardly watch them anymore.
    Ive clicked on to How absolutely CORRUPT these Australian Governments are..
    When i was married.. My husband & myself bought House & land package. Had it built.. We took out a **,Ministry of Victorian Government Home Loan**..
    We had the paper work checked b4 we signed papers.. Cause ive never trusted governments…
    Papers were good…we signed.. 5-7 years later we found out these Victorian Governments Loans were FRAUD. ILLEGAL… We walked out of home…..

    He was worked close with DEAD ex PM Bob Hawk… Simplified for you..
    ONE good thing thats come out of this World Lock Down is Finally seeing & sorting out facts from fiction…
    What a relief…
    These Governments SOLD us out to China CP years ago..
    China owns so much of Australia now. Its not funny..
    These Fovernments NEVER LISTEN to us… Only what they want. What they want ro achieve. For themselves.
    Australian Governments should never have done dealings with CCP… My adult Children will most likely not ever able to buy a home…
    Thier Dad & i still rent.. We are done
    finito….at least we have a roof over our heads…
    Nothing is as it seems. Looks. Sees. Otherwise… Every time person(s) speaks som truth.. Thyre?told its a Conspiracy theory… How dumb…this is world wide….
    Conspiracy means to find Truth. Fiction. Or inbetween..
    come to one own conclusion.
    But we not allowed that at all.. Which are LIES….all this been manufactored from EVENT 201..
    United Nations etcetc..
    Sinc 1990s i believe we have had nothing but absolute corruption in Australia..
    Local Councils are NWO now. I dont know if anyone is a wake up to this now…
    Local Council BLEED ppl now..
    Just about everyrhing is Illegal…. Theyre BLOOD SUCKERs.. Gutless wonders..
    As for Older ppl living on thier own in thier own home. (My mother does. She disabled)
    They have every RITE to stay in thier own homes…until they pass on….. Ive worked somewhat in Nursing Homes. What ive seen is Disgusting.
    I would stop building Nursing homes…except for ppl in bad ways…. Allow these ppl live in thier own homes. Home Care is better… The Laws Governments do for the Elderly i call it EXTORTION.
    I say good on for the Elderly ( not the absolute greedy ones) if they have another house to rent out for themselves. Good on them…… What these Governments did to us some years back. They have more than BLOOD on thier hands…
    These Polititions have not worked for Aussies in years..
    They allow Chinese in CCP.
    We The Ppl more than struggle… Governments are more than TREADONISTS. TRAITORS…. Send most them to GITMO… They will have a FREE CRUISE on a FEMA PRISON BARGE… Free ticket to Cuba… Walk straight through the DELTA GATES at GITMO….
    Im very so many Aussies… These Aussie governments have GASLIGHTED us to the Highest level…
    Now i know why we are called the Quiet ppl… But we are STARTING TO AWAKEN the SLEEPING GIANT…!!!!!!

  2. It’s not for a flu mate. Nobody cares about the disease, which is less dangerous than living for a month. It’s about the vaccine and vaccine passport. Profit and control.

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