Australia is Now Officially a Dictatorship

australia is officially a dictatorship

Australia is now officially a dictatorship, we used to criticise the CCP for their dictatorship, yet only a few years later we have followed in their footsteps. Australian police patrol the streets harassing anyone they like, fining people for arbitrary reasons that change everyday. All online activity can now be monitored by the police and we have seen a comedian’s employee arrested for criticising the government, just like in China.

Australian Authoritarianism For a Flu?

gladys berejiklian

I’m currently in Sydney Australia, where today is the beginning of a tightening of restrictions. So, luckily for you, I have time to sit down and write about what’s going on here in this authoritarian state, formally known as the lucky country.

Why America Pulled Out of the Afghanistan

why america is withdrawing from afghanistan - US pull-out of afghanistan

The most basic of cost benefit analysis would show that protecting trade throughout the middle east made zero sense considering the United States is a net exporter of crude oil. Plus they are only protecting the safety of oil movements throughout the middle east for allies and ironically their enemies, which is quite hilarious when you read the MSM propaganda on this topic.

Is China Really About To Invade Taiwan? 2021

Taiwanese war with china

Will China launch an invasion on Taiwan in 2021? And, is this purely a political move or is it strategic? I’d argue that this is mostly a strategic move for China to secure their maritime trade, instead of simply a political move to appease a domestic audience. It makes no sense why they would want to kill their own people, and yes, the Taiwanese are mostly of han Chinese decent.

Welcome To My Blog – Dave Lee

dave lee china - dave lee chinese - geopolitics

Dave Lee is the FIRST Australian to speak out against the Chinese communist party’s influence in Australia, he is a left wing Australian asking for a ”Fair go” who is also concerned with the inequality arising in the west due to influence from the racist Chinese communist party. Dave Lee is a China watcher who is obsessed with Australia’s economy, he’s also a member of Mensa.