Campbell Simpson Attacked a Disabled Man – Telstra Employee

Campbell Simpson attacked a disabled person (publicly in a defamatory article in Gizmodo), who was just trying to make a better life for himself, and Campbell Simpson seemed to enjoy publicly torturing this poor defenseless disabled man. I think my story is a great example of what type of person Campbell Simpson is.

He never gave me a chance to reply (right of reply), nor did Campbell Simpson do enough proper research to learn what type of person I was, he simply decided that I needed to pay the consequences of whatever he decided I was guilty of. Campbell Simpson was judge jury and executioner. 

Back in 2017 Campbell Simpson (when he worked for Gizmodo) decided to for reasons unknown to me, decided to attack me publicly while he was a ”tech journalist” for Almost 5 years later, I still have no idea what I did to deserve such a vicious defamatory attack from Campbell Simpson (who is now working for Telstra). He then went on to use his twitter account as a weapon to attack me further, and he seemed to enjoy it. I think it will be good for me to talk about this on my new blog, it’s good to get things off your chest.

When Campbell Simpson Worked At Gizmodo

He was some form of ”tech wiz”, some type of expert there, to be honest, I don’t know what that means, he uses a new gadget, then tells you what he thinks about it? Seems like a child could do that, oh well.

Anyway, there was a new Ipnone x/Iphone 10 coming out in 2017 and the usual thing happens every time a new iPhone is on the way, people wait outside the iPhone store to get it first, these people usually get some media attention to go with their dedication to buying the new gadget Apple has on sale. So, Apple uses this as a way to create some form of scarcity around a new launch, and the people who sleep outside get some traffic to their social media in return for their hard work.

I saw this as a great opportunity for myself to grow my audience on Youtube and to start making money which could help me as a disabled man get out of poverty. But ”tech journos” like Campbell Simpson wanted to sabotage my hard work, defame me publicly and put my life at risk while I was vulnerable alone outside the Apple store all night.

I’m a Disabled Man Living in Poverty and Campbell Simpson Tried To Destroy me

By this time, I had been disabled for several years and living on the poverty line, I’d been sleeping in the lounge room of a rental property for approximately 7 years (lost count from post-traumatic stress). In 2017 I had already suffered from a left hip replacement, and right arthroscopy (that failed), my right knee was and still is in need of being replaced. Long story short, I was in constant chronic pain, I couldn’t walk further than 50 metres without needing to sit down.

Life was terrible.

I’d been posting on my Youtube channel for about a year and a half by this time, I used many clickbait titles to gain traffic (which everybody does) and I was hoping to make something of myself, but Campbell Simpson decided that I needed to suffer more, he took an instant disliking to me and decided to ruin my plans, by abusing his power at Gizmodo, by writing a scathing article about me, that put my life in danger (I’ll get to that one soon).

Campbell Simpson’s Article About Me

Campbell Simpson journalist writer
Gizmodo journalist Campbell Simpson

You see how Campbell Simpson used ”he wants to get famous” to defame me. How does Campbell Simpson know that I want to get famous? Also, what would I want to get famous for? Being a disabled guy trying to make a living? Yeah, this is definitely not a journalist that does his research.

Then he goes on to use the clickbait titles of old videos as a way to defame me more. The hilarious problem with this is, Gizmodo has some of the most ridiculous titles I’ve ever seen in the world, so controversial, that I wouldn’t even say them on my own blog, yes they are that bad. Another fail Campbell Simpson…

Finally Campbell Simpson has some form of contempt for the way I decided to organize the line. He was clearly unaware of how violent the group of teenage boys were getting during the 11 days I was there. These guys behind me were becoming more and more violent during the early stages of the camping session.

They were abusing people, they sabotaged my tent, they shook my tent while I slept, they were using any strategy to steal the front spot. And by using a group of people in an organized fashion, we could avoid these violent boys from bullying their way to the front. The problem with Campbell Simpson attacking me for the way I was trying to keep things peaceful, was in fact aggravating the situation to the point of violence. This was one side effect of Campbell Simpson’s attack on me did to peace, maybe he was unaware, but it felt to me that Campbell Simpson was trying to provoke a violent situation with his article and use of Twitter during the whole ordeal.

Campbell Simpson Australian writer
Campbell Simpson Australian writer

”This is just embarrassing” you can see the vicious nature of this Campbell Simpson guy show through here. This organization was designed to keep people safe, especially because the guys who were bullying everyone were becoming more and more violent every day, it seemed like they were willing to violently attack people in front to get closer to the front seat. Did Campbell Simpson know about this? I don’t think he did know, or he would have been aware of how serious the situation was. Especially because I’m a disabled guy simply trying to stay at the front of the line and not get killed for it, the 11 days was utter hell, I was in chronic pain the entire time, not to mention sleep deprivation, etc

Campbell Simpson telstra employee
Campbell Simpson article attacking a disabled man

What’s to stop someone coming and stealing all the chairs” you see how Campbell Simpson is trying to incite a riot, or trying to trigger a war for first place. I had been up all night, and was laying in my tent that was just out of sight. Why would Campbell Simpson want to start a fight for the front spot? Would he be responsible if someone read this article and started a fight?

The mainstream media is never responsible for their actions, especially in Australia.

Now here’s the funny part. ”Back in my day, we lined up for two weeks” (linked to something) yeah Campbell Simpson you’re a real tough guy. How about you try lining up for 11 days and night while being disabled, in chronic pain, dealing with violent teenagers and the media inciting violence against you. Yeah, I doubt this tough guy would survive that.

Lets look at where the link goes

Campbell Simpson twitter Campbell Simpson linkdin Campbell Simpson wiki Campbell Simpson bitcoin Campbell Simpson crypto
There’s no evidence Campbell Simpson has ever lined up at the Apple store for anything, only some random guy who he probably knows.

So, tough guy Campbell Simpson wrote a scathing attack on me talking about the good old days ‘‘back in my day” yet there’s no evidence of him ever doing it hahaha. I guess he’s talking for this guy, whoever this guy is.

One more thing to end this with ”and we donated to charity, weak Dave”, wow! what an insulting last line from a guy who has no evidence of even waiting in line. Are we supposed to think Campbell Simpson is tough? Does his poorly put-together dribble about me actually make me look ”weak”?

For Campbell Simpson to mention ”charity” is insulting to every disabled person in Australia too. What does a charity do Campbell Simpson? Does a charity give to disabled people Campbell Simpson?

This article is defamatory on so many levels and Campbell Simpson should be ashamed of himself. As a disabled person, these ”charities” should be trying to help out a disabled man like myself.

What’s the opposite of donating to charity Campbell Simpson? Perhaps the opposite of donating to charity is attacking a poor disabled person who was trying to make something of himself. That’s the opposite, putting the boot to the very people Campbell Simpson pretents to help, is so disgusting on so many levels.

You’re The Weak One Campbell Simpson