China’s Next Generation Is Running Out Of Girls

The anxiety in China over the sex ratio has spilled into social media over the last 12 months and from I’m being told, the sex ratio is getting worse. China’s aging population, combined with their overwhelmingly male dominated society, from what I’m hearing from the inside, is possibly at breaking point.

I personally don’t think it’s a big deal, though I’ve been told from a Chinese contact, that it is a big deal. Yup, my Chinese contact has been begging me to talk about this topic lol. So… I guess it’s worth telling you guys about it.

I’m sure most are you aware of the way that Chinese families prefer having male children, instead of female children. The reason is, China doesn’t have a welfare state like the west does, so they prefer to have a boy because he can earn more money and when his parents retire, he’ll be able to care for them.

China’s One Child Policy Started 1980’s

Chinese families never really had a problem with the sex ratio in the past, until they decided to introduce the one child policy. The sex ratio only became a problem after the CCP forced families to have only one child, this was when parents would make, in their opinion, the best choice for their retirement. Which is to abort females, in favour of having a male child.

1 girl in a school full of boys in china
1 girl in a school full of boys in china

Here’s an image taken from weibo, where a parent was commenting on the fact that there’s only one girl in a class of 13 children. This is not very common, usually the ratio is 1 : 3 these days, which is totally unsustainable for any society.

Chinese parents complaining online that their daughters are lonely

Women Have Less Rights In China

Women in the west wouldn’t understand how bad it is to live in a male dominated world. Hell, women in the west can’t even empathise with men in their own country, but that’s besides the point. Chinese girls in school are being ostracised and left behind.

Boys in Chinese schools only choose other boys as class captains, boys are always the most popular, boys get all the credit, no matter how competent the girls are. Boys get all the privileges in Chinese schools and young girls are being left behind. It’s pretty much the opposite to what’s happing in the west, in my country Australia, women get all the privilege, no matter how competent the men are.

This is why I can empathise with how badly girls are being treated in China.

3 Boys To Every 1 Girl In Chinese Schools

3 Male babies for every 1 female baby in China

Since the late 1970’s onwards, China has increasingly become more and more male dominated. Over time this has shaped China internally and externally. Most would agree that China’s economic rise was meteoric and unprecedented, this can be attributed to it’s male dominated society in my opinion. This is also why India will never be a true pier competitor to China without the help of other nations, which is why they joined the Quad with USA, Japan and Australia.

China’s Oversupply Of Men Could Be At Breaking Point

There does come a time, where a country needs to reduce it’s oversupply of men, China could be looking for that very opportunity over the next few years. The main stream media is constantly talking about Taiwan, but I’d argue that South Korea is a better way to reduce their male population, because it will require use of an army on foot.

Whatever happens, there’s one thing we can agree with, and that’s the fact that something serious is going to happen and it’s going to happen sooner rather than later.