Communism and Totalitarianism in Australia Today (Polish MPs Think So)

Australian’s may not be fully aware of how their country is slipping into totalitarianism, but one country which has experienced the negative affects of such an ideology is warning Australia today. Polish politicians from the conference of confederation of freedom and independence, staged a protest outside the Australian embassy mid 2021. If there ever was a country which would know what totalitarianism is, it is definitely the polish people who suffered greatly during the world wars in Europe.

Below I’m going to paraphrase each Polish MPs speeches outside the Australian embassy in Poland.

Polish MPs Protest Outside Australian Embassy

One polish MP labelled Australia communist and totalitarian, just like North Korea

Australia is not a Democratic Country

The whole world can see what is happening in Australia. They have contracted covid madness. Australian police harass, oppress and attack peaceful citizens, depriving them of their fundamental freedoms and civil liberties. It’s hard to call this anything but madness. The Australian government have announced that by October 11th the vaccination rate should be high enough to return the civil rights to the Australian citizens.

But only to people who are vaccinated, which means that the government will divide the country between the ”good” and the ”bad”. Two of Australia’s largest cities and states have had some drastic restrictions, a curfew at 9pm and $1682 penalties for people who leave home for no good reason. Citizens are not allowed to visit family or friends. They are only allowed to exercise for 1 hour per day outside to get fresh air. Also, for example, you cannot travel more than 3 miles from your home for shopping and the Australian police can enter someone’s home without a warrant.

This is how totalitarianism is born, we can see it with our own eyes. This is not a conspiracy theory, we are doing everything we can to reach out to them, by protesting outside the Australian embassy. Infections have been increasing in Australia, they have been steadily increasing from 1000, to 1700 and so on, this is evidence that the restriction have not been effective. Therefore the restriction on freedoms in Australia have amounted to nothing.

Australian police have shown great brutality by using force to suppress protests in Australia. Enormous aggression has been shown by the Australian police against it’s own citizens. We want to warn the people of Poland and to prevent it happening here, we don’t want the Polish government to follow in the example of the Australian authorities. This is why we are here today, protesting outside the Australian embassy.

Australia Is Pure Totalitarianism

The Australian people are not protesting in the streets for fun, they are protesting because their rights and freedoms have been taken away. Recently in Australia, 200 people had been arrested for protesting. Videos show clearly what is happening in Australia, we can see people being beaten badly by Australian police. We have see Australian police using weapons against the Australian protestors, also the fines in Australia are so high, we don’t want to see this in Poland.

We have seen manipulation of data in Australia to facilitate longer lockdowns, even though lockdowns have been ineffective.

Third Polish MP Condemn What Is Going On In Australia

We cannot sleep at night knowing what is happening in Australia, even though it’s on the other side of the world, we decided to speak up. Because we don’t want Australia’s style of authoritarianism to come to Poland one day.

The People’s Republic of Melbourne

I’d like to say that we should respect the human rights of people in Australia right now. The people’s republic of Melbourne oscillates between partial and total totalitarianism, it has now become a full blown totalitarian state which has blood on it’s hands. Images of violence against it’s citizens is clear evidence of human rights violations.

We don’t want to see in Warsaw what is happening in Melbourne. Do not try bring that to Poland, we demand Australia stop these practices immediately. Return the human rights back to your citizens, we have seen recently that Australia has unsubscribed herself from the international community and is no longer a civilised country. We demand that the Polish government do more to condemn what is happening on the other side of the globe in Australia.

The Polish government should be prepared to rush in and give aid and to evacuate Polish citizens from Australia. The Polish people who could now be seen as refugees from the people’s republic of Melbourne. Polish has dual citizenship and can apply for permission to leave Australia.

Is Australia a Totalitarian State?

What do you think?