Dominic Perrottet – Government Lockdowns Didn’t Affect Mental Health

In 2021 Dominic Perrottet claimed that the lockdowns didn’t have any impact on mental health, well that’s what the video below and the quote seemed to claim. Many people who live in wealthy, larger sized homes, were never affected by the lockdowns. At home they had the freedom to move around. But these wealthy people never thought about the lower classes of Australians who lived in tiny rooms and suffered greatly during the lockdowns.

”I cannot accept the proposition that government making decisions in keeping people safe, has any direct impact on mental health”.

Dominic Perrottet

My Jail Cell During Lockdown Dominic Perrottet

Here’s my entire apartment, yeah, talk about isolation.

I’d like to make this post today and record this for future reference. The full data on mental health during the lockdowns in Australia, have not been released or maybe they just don’t have any yet. But in my opinion, mental and physical health suffered at epidemic levels during the lockdowns in Australia and they were covered up by the government.

Maybe in the future I’d be proven wrong, only time will tell. Keep in mind, during the lockdown my grandmother suffered from daily covid propaganda being pumped through the TV and restrictions prevented me from visiting her as much as I usually would. So, she fell over in her home and died alone on the floor in her lounge room.

Also, my little brother was suffering from a breakup with his girlfriend, but was still healthy and fit. The lockdowns made him put on weight, he started drinking too much and he also dies during the lockdowns at the age of 27 years old. By the way, he caught covid and it was just a flu, he had zero problems with that, it was the lockdowns that caused all the problems.

Hopefully Dominic Perrottet put those two in his damn stats…

Dominic Perrottet – Mental Health

One of the most obvious problems with the lockdowns, was the fact that people had no contact with their psychologists or councillors. In Sydney we had a curfew from 9pm to 5am, one hour exercise, we couldn’t go further than 5 km’s from home and the police would harass, fine or even bash people who disobeyed these rules. This is isolation, which the united nations calls torture..

Comments On Dominic Perrottet’s Video Above

do lockdowns affect mental health

Some of these comments are very revealing. James E makes a great point here, I was always curious to see the damage to peoples lives during the entire 2 years of hell we went through. But the government never released the stats on suicide or depression etc. They only reported on case numbers, deaths etc.

Ad astra claimed that the figures on suicides went missing, if that is true, it’s pretty damning stuff. Plus, people were not able to see a counsellor for 6 months or more. If someone is isolated and feeling mentally unstable, I could imagine how bad things would get for those people.

Here’s the classic stats box they would post on a daily basis during lockdowns in Australia.

Did Lockdowns Contribute To Mental Health Issues?

Later on they added a vaccination ratio too

As you can see above, they had 830 total cases, which they could never know for sure, because of asymptomatic case. I dare say that we would have had a large amount of people in the community who didn’t even know they were carrying the flu, this was what happened to my brother, he was asymptomatic.

206,193 test done exactly, how wonderful, considering the population of Sydney is around 4 million, therefore we would never know exactly what the cases would be, yet most people actually believed that these numbers were accurate. Not a big deal, though it’s important to know.

Dominic Perrottet Getting Schooled In The Comments Here

Governments cause mental health crisis with lockdowns

On every video where Dominic Perrottet said that mental health was not an issue because the government was protecting us, this was the common type of comments that were left.

Looking Forward To The Stats

It would be great if all the accurate data was to come out, but I doubt that, I have very little faith in any medical practitioner in Australia, especially after all of the false data we’ve seen from the past year and a half. Not to mention, that I personally, have always thought that leaving the country open, by using the Sweden model, was by far the best opinion.

In the very beginning, I was as scared as anyone, but around the March 2020 time period, I thought that the way Sweden had decided to deal with it, was by far the superior strategy. Quite annoying that my incompetent government has to ruin my life, to learn something..

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  1. If i was a millionaire as soon as the international flights were open and I could find a friendly free country to immigrate too such as Sweden I would leave this corrupt penal colony of Australia ASAP .Forced to vote ,Fined if you leave your windows down or don’t lock your car,fined if you don’t fill in private info on census,Fined for not wearying bicycle helmet ,Coucil CEOs paid twice American pay for same position .We must be the most corrupt country in the Western world ,No freedom have to sign in every business free country bullshit !

  2. Your not the only one who feels that way Michael, there’s millions of Australians that feel the same way. Australians need to have a long hard look at how our country has been hijacked by Politicians & Large Foreign & Domestic Corporations. Don’t change where you live, change how we live. Vote out corrupt Governments & Vote for Someone who really cares about Australian & Australians.

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