How The CCP Uses Social Media for Propaganda

Many Chinese people travel to western countries for a better life, many send their children to western countries for high-quality educations too. Most of these Chinese diasporas are innocent, well-meaning people who don’t have any connection to the CCP Chinese Communist Party.

But some do…

It’s no longer a secret that the Chinese communist party has been sending intelligence agents to infiltrate all levels of western society. In the past this was a taboo topic to talk about, now the tide has turned and it’s seen as obvious to the majority of people out there.

If these CCP operatives can hide amongst the general population, like sleeper cells, undetected. Another layer of protection is if anyone was to criticize them publicly, those people would be called xenophobic, etc. In this environment, actual CCP spies would have the ability to operate in the shadows uncontested.

This makes many countries like Australia breeding grounds for foreign influence agents to operate undetected.

What Are The Goals Of Chinese Spies?

Chinese spies working within western countries have one overarching goal to destabilize the country they are operating in. The methods they use are as diverse as the types of agents they employ. Today we are just going to cover the strategies used by Chinese agents who use social media within western countries.

Destabilize Race Relations

The number one goal of social media agents working for the CCP is to create us versus them mentality amongst Asian diaspora within western countries. They create an online group that attracts Asian diaspora to join from within the location they wish to influence. In the beginning, those groups were purely ”Asian Food” groups that attracted only Asians within western countries. These days there are almost every type of group imaginable.

The admins will use fake accounts, troll accounts that are easy to identify. It’s easy to spot a fake account, for me anyway.

Once they have built a group of mostly Asian people, then they start influencing their group in a way that makes them feel as if they’re being discriminated against. The group admins or page admins will gradually post pieces of propaganda that makes Asians feel as if the locals don’t respect them. Anything that can be manipulated to look like discrimination, will be used to influence their members.

Isolate Asian Communities

The more contact Asian communities have with the locals of the country they moved to, the less likely the Chinese agents can influence them. So, they try create online groups that only have Asians allowed in the groups. They try to build Asian-only suburbs within western countries. This is done by admins only accepting Asians within their facebook groups, and real estate agents only renting properties to Asians.

Yellow Fever

This is a great example of how Chinese agents working for the CCP try to segregate Asians within western society. Whenever a white guy dates an Asian girl, Asians call this ”yellow fever” which is designed to shame Asians girls away from dating white guys. You see, the more interracial dating that occurs, the less powerful their propaganda can be.

But, if they can ferment distrust between Asian girls and white guys, under the guise of a myth called ”yellow fever”. Then these CCP spies have an easier time segregating society, by keeping the locals away from the Asian diaspora they choose to influence.

Control Of Chinese Diaspora By The CCP

chinese spy in australia
chinese spy in Australia

This is a Chinese spy operating within Australia. Clearly a fake account. The questions are very common amongst many spies I’ve come in contact with during the last 7 years in this field. It’s trying to figure out whether I have family back in China that they can intimidate or arrest, in order to get to me.

If someone born in China comes to a western country and starts criticizing the CCP. That Person’s family becomes a target back in China and the CCP has the resources to investigate everyone.

How The CCP Uses Social Media to Influence Western Universities

Below is a video I made that has a close look at a CCP run Facebook meme page, that is designed to create an us versus them mentality between the Asian diaspora and the locals within Australia.

CCP propaganda within Australia

The post I had a look at really shows what these meme pages are about. By attacking a 15 year old child for being congratulated in a news article is quite damming. And the fact that so many of the Asian diaspora think that attacking this child is acceptable, is evidence of how effective this type of CCP divide and conquer tactics are.

Imagine if the tables were turned the other way and this page was run by white Australians who criticized a 15 year old Asian kid. I’d bet that would be almost main stream news worthy, but it goes unnoticed when the Asian diaspora do it within Australia.