How To Protest in Australia? Is Protesting Illegal?

Recently in Australia 2020-2021 the Australian government has become very totalitarian. They have decided to control every aspect of our lives, to the point where nothing we do is not monitored by a government agency. Constant lockdowns have crushed small businesses, destroyed lives, created more illnesses than the flu itself would have done and so on. The Australian people woke up to their country being destroyed in front of their eyes, by their incompetent government and eventually decided to hit the streets to protest the worlds strictest lockdowns.

Australian Government Website Says Protesting Is Legal

Is Protesting Illegal in Australia?
The Australian government website seems to say protesting is legal

The Australian government has officially taken all these rights away from the Australian people and I’m going to prove it to you today.

The Australian government website makes it crystal clear that the Australian people have the right to protest, but it’s not worth anything. This whole page is pure propaganda, to continue the façade that Australian’s have rights, this is not true and never has been true. Australia has always been a dormant police state, just waiting to emerge and take full advantage from a crisis.

Can Australians Protest?

When you go through all the fake human rights the Australian government pretends to uphold on their website, you will realise that they have in fact taken almost every single one away from the Australian people during 2020 and 2021. I’m going to prove it to you.

Australian Police Fined And Assaulted Protesters

All around the country, the Australian people hit the streets to protest the lockdowns. Unbeknown to them, the Australian government had turned into a totalitarian police state over night while they were sleeping. So, these peaceful protesters hit the streets, in Melbourne and Sydney to have their voices heard. And were confronted with an armed and violent police force who were looking to violently assault innocent Australian citizens who disobeyed their totalitarian rule.

Melbourne Police Attack Elderly Lady For Protesting

how to protest in Australia?
How to protest in Australia?

This unknown Australian police officer, from Melbourne violently attacked the elderly lady in orange in the ground in the back ground. After bashing her to the ground (which could have seriously injured her). He then sprayed the elderly woman in the face with capsicum spray.

What was her crime?

Her crime was protesting the totalitarian Australian government, that’s it.

This police officer is still unidentified, as far as we know he has not been reprimanded, nor has an apology been made. All these actions are evidence that the Australian government supports the action of this police officer. Which leads myself and many other Australians to believe that, if we were to protest, we will suffer the same fate as this elderly Australian protester.

Australian Media Shame Protesters Into Silence

Across the board, the Australian media has become pure propaganda, used to publicly intimidate innocent Australian people who are simply exercising their human right to protest.

The main stream media in Australia has so much in common with what I used to see in China, when that was my main focus. Since the media and government ganged up on google and facebook in Australia, the power has gone to their heads. Now it’s easy to conclude that the Australian media is just a propaganda arm of the Australian government, just like any totalitarian state throughout history.

Monica Smit Arrested For Incitement

My understanding is Monica Smit was simply attending protests, giving talks and encouraging more people to get out and use their human right to protest. The Australian police arrested her for ”incitement”, which has from my understanding not stuck to anyone they have charged this with. Which leads me to believe that’s it’s a tactic to intimidate Australian’s who voice their concerns about the Australian government online or via protesting.

Topher Field Arrested for Incitement

And the list goes on, people are getting arrested for protesting, but the government is now starting to arrest people for thought crimes with trumped up charges. Topher field was simply arrested for encouraging people to use their right to protest, that all, as far as I am aware. Which, if this is true, is evidence of the Australian government going after people for even thinking about their human rights.

Just like North Korea or China.

Conclusion : Protesting Is Not Allowed in Australia

It doesn’t matter what websites say, it doesn’t matter what is written on a piece of paper either. If the Australian government wants to stop the Australian people from criticising them and they are willing to use the main stream media as a propaganda weapon and the Australian police as a violent weapon.

We’ll…. It’s game over for the Australian people’s right to protest. If you are outside of Australia and you are wondering what is going on in here right now, this blog is here to tell you. Australia is no longer a free country, I would love to go out and protest, but I would most probably be targeted by the Australian police and I may not survive.

This is honestly what is happening in Australia 2021.

United Nations On Political Rights

United Nations says that Protesting is a Human Right

According to the united nations on human rights. People have the right to demonstrate peacefully and the government should not collect personal data to harass or intimidate participants.

Well, by harassing protesters in their homes and collecting personal information of innocent Australians, the Australian government is in fact breaking all of these human rights laws, that are supposed to protect us.

Is protesting a human right?

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  1. Have you noticed when enquiring electronically about the Australian Constitution that it now states the Constitution is comprised of only 8 parts and not 9 as it did as little as six months ago? Have been trying to obtain a copy of the 9th part which states about the people and their inalienable rights but, can’t access it anywhere!

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