Is Australia a Totalitarian Government Now?

As an a born and bred Australian citizen, living in Sydney Australia, to answer the question in absolute honesty, YES. I was born in Sydney Australia and am currently living in the new totalitarian state ruled country of Australia. Feel free to contact me via my contact page or Dave Lee on facebook (it’s American owned, that’s why I prefer facebook at the moment) while I’m still able to speak publicly.

What’s The Definition Of Totalitarianism?

Before we go down the path of calling my country a totalitarian government without facts to back up my claims, let’s have a look at the proper definition of totalitarianism.

Totalitarianism is a centralised government, that has absolute control over it’s citizens (just like the dreaded soviet union). I’d argue that this is exactly what Australia is right now. Our centralised government has arbitrarily put these restrictions on my freedoms over the past year and a half :

  • International travel cancelled indefinitely : This is scary, because no one can escape this totalitarian state, we are literally trapped in Australia, just like North Koreans are today and like the soviet union was. THERE’S NO ESCAPE!
  • Curfews on where and when I can travel anywhere within Australia. At one stage, 1 hour exercise per day, plus I was not allowed to go outside between 9pm and 5am.
  • Every time I enter a building, my government demands that I sign in, on an app that the centralised government monitors. (this is used to track people for any reason the government chooses)
  • New Surveillance laws : The Australian government can hack into any person’s personal devices and look through everything within, without any due process. They can literally look into anyone’s personal device without any reason. The scary thing is, they can alter that information and convict innocent people by planting incriminating information.
  • Protesting is Illegal in Australia : That’s right, if you protest in Australia, the police will bash, arrest and fine you. There is literally no other way to complain about the government other than using social media or websites like this one. But, if you are found to be criticising the government too much, you maybe arrested. Even talking about protesting online, has resulted in police arresting people at their homes for ”incitement”.
  • Australian main stream media is use for propaganda only : The Australian media is lying to the Australian people on a minute to minute basis and everything they say can be fact checked easily as lies or propaganda. It’s at a point where, you can see the lies so obviously these days, you don’t even need to fact check the obvious ones. It’s as bad as North Korea.

And the list goes on and on forever, hopefully I’ve made my point clear enough. And hopefully you agree with me on how accurate my claim is, that Australia is a totalitarian government now. It’s even at the stage where an unelected ”health official” Kerry Chant started telling us not to talk to each other.

Australian Health Officer Stops People From Talking To Each Other

Under totalitarian rule, the government doesn’t want people to communicate with each other. If people communicate with each other, they can find out what is really going on and that is a threat to a totalitarian governments rule. So, they literally started telling us not to talk to each other, while forcing us to watch daily ”covid” updates at 11am every morning about invented cases.

The Australian government only wants people to have access to the main stream media propaganda, so that they can control our every thought. Unfortunately many Australian’s are easily brainwashed and cannot see what is going on.

Australian Government and Media Attacked Facebook and Google

Early in 2021 the Australian government took one step closer to totalitarian rule, when it passed a new law forcing google and facebook to pay to have Australian media articles in their search engine. This has also led to Australian media being ranked at the top of the search engine, even when the Australian people don’t want to see it. I’ve personally tried to block every Australian media company on Youtube, but they won’t go away.

I’ll have to write another article on this topic soon. But the point here is, the Australian media want the ability to follow the Australian people all over the internet, even if they don’t want to see it. This is one step closer to closing down google altogether and having a closed system of news propaganda fed straight through to the Australian people. Just like the ”good old days” when Australian boomers were fed propaganda all day and actually believed the crap they were fed.

Australian Government Comes Under International Scrutiny

The amount of foreign media, politicians and protests abroad have been happening on a daily basis, since Australia started abusing it’s citizens human rights.

Foreign Media Criticise Australia of Becoming Totalitarian

The most notable was when Fox news started accusing the Australian government of human rights abuses. Tucker Carlson on fox news was one of hundreds of media organisations around the world to expose Australia’s human rights abuses.

Tucker Carlson warns of totalitarianism in Australia

Foreign Politicians Criticise Australia of Becoming Totalitarian

I’ll have to cover this one in more detail in the future. Polish politicians stood out the front of the Australian embassy in Poland and criticised the Australian government for becoming totalitarian. The first polish MP even said that Australia is behaving like North Korea.

Polish MP’s protest Australian human rights violations outside the Australian embassy
Protesters in London Warn Of Australia of Becoming a Totalitarian State

People in London were protesting on behalf of the Australian people who are currently under lockdown and have lost their ability to protest. This is why protests around the world have broken out, in support of human rights in Australia. These protests were outside Australia house in London.

Protesting Is Illegal In Australia Now

That’s right, you may find it hard to believe, but many protesters have been arrested over the past year and a half (2020,2021). Protesting is officially illegal in Australia, the main stream media use their massive reach to propagandise the entire country into believing all protesters are ignoring health orders and therefore spreading the disease.

Police carry cameras to capture car number plates and fine everyone who drove anywhere near a protest site. The police fine anyone, without cause, just simply because they have been given full rights to do so. This is a great revenue raising effort for the Australian police force who profit from effectively taking away the human rights of the Australian people. Anyone who disagrees, can be assaulted and the police have totalitarian rights to beat anyone they like into submission.

To conclude, the international community cannot all be wrong. And my personal opinion is, Australia is a totalitarian police state and things are only going to get worse. Perhaps millions of Australians will die at the hands of the Australian government over the coming years.

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