Is The Australian Main Stream Media Propaganda? (Australian media)

Today I need to get this shocking information off my chest by explaining to you guys what I’ve learned recently. In 2020 the Australian media went on a massive anti social media campaign to publicly slander Google and Facebook, to gain public support for a new draft law News Media Bargaining Code. I’m sure most of you are aware of how shockingly defamatory they can be and get away with it. On this occasion, The reason why they attacked Google and Facebook so hard, was for leverage in negotiations.

Australians Are Easily Manipulated By Media

I’m not sure how much public support there was, I wasn’t following it very closely. But I would like to say that it’s easy for the main stream media in Australia to get the Australian people angry at almost anyone or anything, which is quite concerning to me. All the media needs to do is, pick something or someone they want the Australian people to attack and the Australian people will believe anything they’re told by the media.

It’s as if the Australian people can be weaponised at any moment by the media to attack anyone or anything. It’s makes my wonder why are the Australian people so easily manipulated?

The other part of this is, why are the Australian people so angry all the time and so easily mobilised against a target? I’ve seen on social media in Australia, people getting angry and mobilised against some of the most immature and irrelevant topics. Almost all of these topics were designed to benefit a political party, that’s it. Yet these easily manipulated Australian’s, were acting like a mob of angry people who were fighting for their lives, when in reality, these fools were simply pushing the agenda of a few wealthy politicians and businessmen in Australia.

When I first started making content on social media, I would simply make some well thought out piece of content, then assume that the audience would have the ability to think though the deeper message. How wrong was I haha. When you look at Australia’s most successful social media influencers today, they all have one thing in common, the fact that they are fighting against something. They are attacking someone or something, that’s it. And they get millions of view for this very reason, which is a direct reflection of the angry audience in Australia and their mob like mentality.

News Media Bargaining Code Is A Scam

It’s officially called ”Treasury Laws Amendment (News Media and Digital Platforms Mandatory Bargaining Code) Act 2021” you can google it and read the entire law yourself, either way, I’m going to give my opinion on this propaganda enabling anti competition law.

Google and Facebook have all the eye balls, the Australian media need access to those eye balls, but the whole point of the Australian people leaving TV and newspapers, is that we are sick of being lied to. So, we moved to social media to get away from these crooks. Now the media is slowly corrupting google and facebook into becoming a brainwashing tv box for propaganda, just like ''the good old days''. 

Google and Facebook not only have to give information on how the search engine works, but also give preference to news media within the search engine.

Basically, this means that if you search any topic that the Australian government wants to create propaganda around, Youtube, Google, Facebook etc all must serve that propaganda straight to you, at the top of the search and move the information you are actually searching for, way down the list.  

On top of corrupting how the search engine works, google and Facebook are being forced to pay the Australian main stream media companies money for the privilege of giving them all of these eye balls. It’s like the Australian government and the main stream media are a bunch of gangsters, who are demanding protection money from social media, while the Australian people suffer the most from yet another increase in propaganda and the natural evolution into totalitarianism.

Australian Media Is Incompetent

Basically, the main stream media wants North Korean style control over the Australian people, like they used to over the baby boomers. But these day’s, we have hundreds of talented Australia’s (like myself) who are far more intelligent and far more hard working than most journalists in the main stream media. Social media gave people like myself an even playing field to compete for views, shares, likes, followers, with the biggest of media companies and a few, like myself, managed to beat them on a consistent basis.

Imagine an incompetent media giant being defeated on a regular basis by a one man show like myself and others like me. What do you call that? It’s called THE FREE MARKET, the free market is what capitalism is supposed to be built on. This is where the hardest working, the best and brightest rise to the top and the lazy, incompetent fail. BUT NOT IN AUSTRALIA, we are a socialist economy, which is run by incompetent, top heavy companies, who employ incompetent, lazy fools.

It’s funny, when the main stream media would bring out a million dollar campaign, I would play a game and try compete with them. One example is the ”Australia day, buy lamb” advertisements. Every year I’d make my own with zero dollar spend and beat a million dollar campaign. I’ve done these things consistently for years, just for fun on social media and as a result, I’ve helped build some of the worlds biggest influencers from behind the scenes. The main stream media doesn’t like competent people rising to the top.

So, the government and media joined forces in 2020/2021 to corrupt the google search engine and facebook. What they did is outrageous. The media needs eye balls, but the Australian people didn’t want to watch boring propaganda anymore, they hunger for the truth, this meant that no one was watching the media on social media. I watched channel 7,9,10,ABC,SBS all fail on social media, while people like myself and my friends thrived.

Instead of hiring the best like myself and have a new way of thinking about things, the media wants to pull Australia back into the dark ages. Where the media could brainwash an entire could into believing lies like ''Advance Australia FREE'' and a ''Fair go'' and a multitude of other things that are just not true at all. 

Australian Government Attacked Google

The Australian main stream media discovered that social media was slowly taking over. Their old ways of sitting the Australian public in front of the TV and pumping them full of propaganda was over, same as their ability to dominate the narrative in newspapers.

The Australian people were able to see real time video footage from all over the world via Facebook and Google. This meant that we started to see the outside world in a more clearer way, which the main stream media in Australia would hide us from. If the media didn’t want us to know something, then all they had to do was not report on it and we would never have know it ever happened.

These days, we do know more about the world, we can see things that are happening around the world and authoritarian governments (like Australia’s) don’t like that one bit. So, they pressure social media to cancel people, they pressure social media platforms to stop showing certain content. The Australian government and the weaponised Australian media want things to go back to ”the good old days” where they could brainwash us on a daily basis, without any backlash from the naive/blind Australian public.

Youtube Failed To Get The Serious Dangers Of This New Law Across To The Australian People

Can you escape propaganda on social media from The Australian media?

I know I cannot… Even when I block all Australian main stream media sources, I cannot escape the propaganda. They follow the Australian people everywhere and this is quite concerning.

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