Low Quality Universities in Australia Are Collapsing

I’ve been hearing horrific stories from within Australian universities for years now. One of the ladys who told me one of these stories, was in fact a feminist back in the day. She told me about the 70’s and 80’s and what they did for women’s rights. She then went on to tell of how the movement has mutated into something she doesn’t recognise, and it’s a negative on society these days. Australia has already become a semi feudal society.

The quality of human capital in Australian Universities is lowering by the day, as money hungry bureaucrats corrupt management positions in order to put money hungry, incompetent fools in high-paying management positions. As a recent court case recently discovered in a discrimination case against BHP by a former male employee, there is toxic ”systematic top-down sex discrimination” happening in Australia against highly qualified, highly competent men.

No healthy society has the flawed strategy of actively hiring less competent workers, in favor of money hungry, incompetent fools.

US Lawsuit Against BHP

A former employee who was seen as a future possible leader of BHP, has launched a lawsuit against BHP as he lost his job in order to increase female participation. Burak Powers was apart of the ”emerging leaders program” which they don’t just allow anyone into. He was seen as a future leader, highly competent at his job, yet they decided to let him go and recreate the same role for a woman from Melbourne.

Who Burak Powers claims to be clearly less qualified for the job than himself. BHP has publicly announced that it will openly and systematically discriminate against men in favor of women employees. BHP has a plan to ”gender balanced” by 2025, lol.

It’s okay, BHP may be run by new management by then, when a company fires it’s best employees, this has a negative, exponential effect on the entire company. I liken this to a tank of pure, clean water from some mountain somewhere, which has just one drop of poison added. Sure the poison will be diluted into the larger amount of water, but is the water still clean? or is it poisoned?

Companies are collapsing all over the world at the moment, due to the global financial crash in 2008 ,and now the next global collapse from the pandemic. Under such devastating conditions, shouldn’t all Australian companies be doing their best to hire the absolute best of the best employees? Isn’t the time for soviet union style games ended?

Maybe not, either way, it will be interesting to see if BHP survives the next few years.

This is disgusting, but this is not an isolated case of outrageous discrimination against men in a systematic, soviet union gas chamber style, attack on the freedoms of highly educated, highly competent men, so that less qualified women can get cushy positions in high paying jobs that they never earned. Australia has been systematically discriminating against competent people for the past decade and it’s about to be one of the many causes of economic collapse in this country.

There is an attitude that women deserve to get something they never earned, while people who don’t fit their ”positive gender discrimination” demographic, have to work twice as hard for far less. It is happening in all areas of Australian society, there is a thick hatred of men in Australia, so thick in the air, that you can taste it.

There is also a sheer hatred of white men too, a white man who the government can hurt in any way, they will. The government will try to take away human rights from men in Australia, in order to try to push them to suicide. It’s a clear strategy of mass extinction, there are many reasons why this is happening in Australia, but we won’t get into that today.

What is Positive Discrimination?

Break out the gas chambers! We already have enough rent seekers in Australia today.

This is what the bureaucratic spin crooks in Australia call, what the rest of us sane human beings call plain old discrimination. There is nothing positive about discriminating against one demographic within a society, no matter what so called ”positive” outcome there could be.

One of the arguments these bureaucrats make is that women can learn to do any job, it might just take a while longer for them to catch on… In other words, these ”positive discrimination” benefactors become a burden on everyone around them at work, until they catch on, which very few will catch on, come on, we all know how this is going to play out. An underqualified fool is going to end up becoming a rent seeking parasite that just sits on their arses all day, delegating to others around them.

Yeah, this is going to add more ”positive work loads” to the competent employees. Which is going to have unforeseen consequences down the line, that these human rights violating foolish bureaucrats don’t have the brain power to predict coming.

Any fool should be aware of the fact that the world is based on incentives, and all this does is incentivize the degradation of Australian businesses into a more socialized totalitarian state.

Well, it seems like we are heading towards totalitarianism anyway, aren’t we.

Australia is a Socialist Economy

The ”positive discrimination” of men in Australia is only a symptom of how sick this country is. When people ignore history, they are doomed to repeat it, said some guy I cannot recall, but he was definitely onto something. Only one hundred years ago, the world suffered from food shortages, scarcity, etc that forced people from all over the world to be very careful who they put in charge.

The soviet union learned the hard way that they shouldn’t take jobs from the most competent in society and give it to fools. This didn’t end too well for them. It is clear that Australia is heading down the same track. We have a sick society that has not learned from history and the mistakes made by our predecessors. Australia’s current generation has never seen famine or conflict brought to their homeland, Australia has always been a wealthy country, which has caused a lackadaisical ”she’ll be right mate” attitude to morph into a cancerous rent seeking parasitic bureaucratic nightmare.

Oversupply of PhD Graduates in Australia

Greed in Australian universities, has created an oversupply of PhD graduates in Australia. When the caps were set, who ever was setting those caps, overestimated the amount of jobs that would be available for these graduating PhD students. Perhaps it was a deliberate overestimation, on behalf of some Australian universities, to pad their back pockets with student fees, or it was just an accidental oversight.

Either way, there is an oversupply of highly educated graduates in Australia right now and instead of giving these highly competent people high paying jobs to reflect their value to society, Australian universities are exploiting them. There is a new pandemic, a pandemic of casual jobs for people holding doctorates. Universities have been pushing the highest qualified in Australian society to the bottom of the earning levels within Australian universities, with the veiled threat of unemployment, if they don’t accept being exploitative contracts by lower educated ”managers/bureaucrats”.

We are seeing ”positive discrimination” against legit experts in their fields within Australian universities, who are being paid like serfs or peasants. While the true incompetent fools who make these decisions are lucky to even pass their PhD, in fact many don’t even have the cognitive ability to graduate from their PhD’s.

Many are drop-outs who find themselves in positions of power, just because they are of the correct gender. Either way, this is a sign of a sick society, which started years ago, colminated in an incompetent top heavy totalitarian response to the 2020 pandemic and is soon to facilitate the downfall of Australian society within the next decade.

Unless YOU do something about it.