NSW Police Commissioner Make a Political Arrest of Journalist

In my opinion this is one of the most damning moments in Australian political history. A comedic journalist friendlyjordies who promotes the labor party online through his satirical Youtube videos. His employee Kristo Langker was arrested by the NSW police. Before we cover some of the finer details of the arrest, I want to make it clear that this arrest was designed to cause physical and financial damage to a critic of the NSW government. Purely politically motivated attack on an Australian citizen in order to silence them.

NSW Police Mark Walton

Assistant Commissioner Mark Walton, NSW Police force counter terrorism and special tactics commander said that a complaint about terrorist activities came from the NSW Premiers office. It was reported to Sydney city area command and them forwarded on to the fixated persons unit.

Mark Walton said that on the 2nd of December the complaint was received by the fixated persons unit in which they investigated friendlyjordies for 6 months.

NSW Police Arrested Friendlyjordies Without a Warrant

Labor MLC Adam Searle asked Mark Walton whether there was an arrest warrant issued for Mr Langker. Mark Walton said no. Adam Searle asked under what power did the police make this arrest and Mark Walton said the officer or constable made the decision themselves. Without any consultation with management or any other party that he’s aware of, they made the decision themselves. Adam Searle asked whether the fixated persons unit used common law powers? Mark Walton said he didn’t know.

When I watched the video below, I did so in absolute horror. The fact that the NSW police office can allow their power go to their heads and arrest anyone they like without a warrant or any good reason is absolutely shocking. Mark Walton’s answers were horrifying to say the least, there was no process, no warrant, no crime. The NSW premiers office simply wanted a political opposition silenced and the NSW government got what they asked for, shocking stuff.

Fixated Unit Arrested Friendlyjordies for Mental Harm

Adam Searle destroyed Mark Walton here, he asked whether Mr Walton was aware of the perception that the police were being deployed against a political critic of the government. Mark Walton replied with ‘yes I do”.

Adam Searle ”are there any foundations to those concerns in your view?” Assistant Commissioner Mark Walton simply said that the police should be aware of sensitivities around accountability, which is being promoted by friendlyjordies and his supporters.

Huh? What does that even mean?

Adam Searle said there was no suggestion of a physical threat to Mr Barilaro from Mr Langker. Mark Walton said ”not physical, but there’s also mental harm that is the potential in relation to that referral”

When an average person like myself listens to a high ranking police commissioner say that their anti-terrorist unit arrested an Australian citizen to protect the feelings of an Australian politician. Firstly I think, harden up princess, then I think no politician in Australia should be that weak minded they cannot handle a little criticism from a political opponent.

This assumption was proven later on in the video, where we discover there was no medical report handed to the fixated persons unit as evidence Mr Barilaro had any phycological illness at all.

Adam Searle ”did the fixated persons unit proceed on the basis of any expert psychological or psychiatric evidence in this matter?” Commissioner Mark Walton ”No”

Is Jordan Shanks Still Being Investigated By NSW Police?

It was revealed the NSW Police were ordered to pay $22,000 in legal costs to both Kristo Langker and Jordan Shanks. Jordan Shanks may still be under investigation by NSW police but the police wouldn’t say whether it was ongoing. They just said ”that matter is yet to be determined”. Just that information about Jordan Shanks is still being gathered.

Adam Searle asked what crimes did the NSW police think Jordan Shanks had committed. The NSW police incompetently bumbled through a few almost incoherent sentences and something sounding like intimidation was mumbled. One guy said ''thought crimes'' out loud, then Greens MLC David Shoebridge asked a direct question to the NSW police ''it's not a crime to criticise the deputy premier I hope, is it?''. The NSW police answer was not clear. 

Are you guys reading this outrageous conversation?! Clearly in my opinion, this was a targeted political attack on someone who was criticising the NSW state government and the NSW police force were used as hired cronies for the deputy premier John Barilaro.

This should not be acceptable at any level of Australian society, in any way shape or form, what an embarrassment to the NSW police force and the NSW state government.

Did Kristo Langker Intimidate John Barilaro?

From what I’ve seen of Kristo Langker, he doesn’t seem to be a big and scary guy that would have the ability to intimidate John Barilaro, who’s most probably way larger than Mr Langker. But what would I know, I just use a thing called common sense which is not that common anymore.

Labor MLC Adam Searle and another guy (don’t know his name) kinda made fun of the ridiculous idea that Kristo Langker intimidated John Barilaro in anyway. The size comparison of Mr Langker being 65kgs and Mr Barilaro being approx 100kgs. They actually chuckled at the idea.

NSW Police Mark Walton then went on to mention that school children could be harmed by something to the effect of cyberbullying. Which has nothing to do with this case, surely someone like John Barilaro who chose to become the deputy premier, with all the power and money that he’s endowed with at that elite level.

Surely Mr Barilaro should be aware that he’s going to come under robust scrutiny in a functioning democracy? Or maybe that’s not what Mark Walton and John Barilaro wants, it seems like they want to silence critics, just like a totalitarian state. Well, that’s exactly what it looks like to me.

I’d bet that if you were to put John Barilaro and Kristo Langker in a UFC ring together, John Barilaro would love to tear the kid apart. Just my thoughts on the matter. From what I can see here, we have a deputy premier who seemed to want revenge on a kid that criticised him, that’s exactly what it looks like to me.

Australian Elites Have Never Dealt With The Transparency New Technology Brings

This is a throw back to when Australian police could get away with mass abuses of power like this and the victims had no way of proving the misconduct of police and politicians. Those old ways are clearly still present in Australian halls of power, which they have not caught up with the new forms of transparency that technology is holding them to.

In the past, Australian elites would simply arrest a ”political critic” on some trumped up charges, then get their mates in the media to make up some lies about them. Punish us peasants at the bottom for daring to stand up for ourselves against these Australian elites. This is how it’s always been in Australia, but social media and new technologies are being used to keep those Australian elites accountable and they don’t like it.

That’s what’s really going on here.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

Michael Fuller – We Never Get Expert Advice

This is where Michael Fuller shows his true intentions here. He try’s to play the heart felt victim card, as if the police actually care about people’s wellbeing, come on. John Barilaro claimed to be psychologically harmed by the robust criticism from the friendlyjordies Youtube channel. So badly harmed that he took sick leave.

Michael Fuller decided to use John Barilaro’s sick leave as a plea for poor little johnny boys feel feels. But could provide a psychological assessment by an expert, to prove that John Barilaro even had any trauma from the robust political satire directed at him.

So, let me get this straight. John Barilaro says he’s feelings are hurt by the scary little Mr Kristo Langker and we are all supposed to accept the fact that sending the police anti-terrorist squad to arrest him, injure his mother and their dog (allegedly). Bring Kristo Langker before the courts for intimidation, cause irreversible trauma upon a 21 year old kid engaging in political satire. Have Mr Langker’s family traumatised, have him face serious charges, have him arrested violently, have the main stream media attack him etc

And we’re all supposed to think that this is justified because of John Barilaro’s feelings were hurt, and we still don’t even have any evidence they were hurt. Ridiculous.

After all this abuse of political power Michael Fuller said one thing that is absolutely reprehensible in my opinion.

”But again, that doesn’t mean the matter will fail at court”

Commissioner Michael Fuller APM

After being challenged on the fact that proper procedure was not followed, Michael Fuller seemed to justify the actions of police by suggesting that the matter may win at court. . .

WOW! So, it’s okay to abuse police powers for political purposes, arrest people for whatever reason they like, without any expert evidence. As long as the courts convict the person the police arrest anyway, that seems to be the only thing that matters to Michael Fuller.

What if the courts make the same incompetent mistakes the police do? That would mean that the entire system is flawed to it’s core.

Here’s probably the typical scenario. The police arrest whoever they like without following any form of procedure, ruin this innocent persons life. Then throw this innocent person in front of the courts, while the main stream media attack this innocent person publicly. Then most probably the courts are just as incompetent as the rest of them and convict an innocent person who’s had their entire life ruined simply because they popped up on the radar of the government.

Final Thoughts

As a born and bred Australian citizen who has family members who have fought for this country and are currently in the Australian defence force today. My opinion is, the people who fight for this country are totally different from the people who abuse their power domestically. When David Elliot said that he’s related or something to a police officer, I cringed to my core because a police officer is not 1% the Australian of a defence force personnel.

They are not even in the same league.

Australian politicians, the police and the main stream media are all power hungry crooks in my opinion and this whole friendlyjordies debacle just adds more credence to my claims.

These ”public servants” don’t know what that means anymore and I dare say have never known what that means. They look at us Australian citizens like we are all peasants and our opinions don’t matter. This whole John Barilaro freakshow is evidence of that again, he is supposed to be under serious scrutiny all the time from the Australian people, because he’s being paid by our collective money!

It’s the Australian peoples money that pays these people’s salaries and they clearly have no idea what that means! That means they have to answer to us, which means that if Johnny boy can’t handle the heat, get another job. Stop wasting the money of the Australian people, stop crying it’s too hard, quit and piss off.

Gladys Berejiklian Helped Cover Up Myself Being Fired When I Became Disabled

That’s right, I discovered that I needed a hip replacement at an early age. In my 20’s my hip started to hurt and ever since I’ve been disabled living with chronic pain. I’ve now had both hips replaced and that is Gladys Berejiklians fault. The day I handed in my medical certificate, management kicked me out on the street for no reason other than to steal my job and a months sick pay I earned over 3.5 years on the job.

Without my sick pay, I couldn’t afford to be rehabilitated properly, which is why my other hip needed to be replaced too, this also caused me into a spiral of poverty for a decade. I lost my job, my friends, my family, and sometimes even my sanity.

I found myself washing dishes for 10 hour days for $10 cash a day, while standing on my swollen, recently replaced hip. Just so that I could pay rent and my medical bills. While being abused by some Karen manager at North Sydney leagues club all day until she eventually fired me for standing up for myself. I delivered pizza for $14 an hour, while being abused by a gordan ramsay style chef/owner.

All this just to survive. No one else would hire a disabled man. They only hire disabled people when they can pay extremely low per hour and cash. All this while sleeping on the couch in the lounge room.

Come for a walk in my shoes Johnny boy you weakling, you and Gladys make me sick. It’s good the Australian people can see you crooks for what you truly are.

Yet, Gladys Berejiklian who was willing to move millions of dollars for her corrupt boyfriend, was not willing to give me back my human right to dignity. This is who John Barilaro worked with and has to be a direct reflection of the man John is.

Compared to the absolute hell I’ve been through over the past decade, Johnny boys little criticism by a bunch of kids on Youtube is insignificant. John Barilaro – you are not even 1% the man I am, considering how weak you are, which means that you were never fit to be a public servant.

Harden up princess

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