Some Australian Councils Get Their Funding From China

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Welcome back. I’m here with Paul Fennell, the counselor from Wagga Wagga Council who has been doing his best to overcome the massive challenges that have embedded themselves in the council.

I’m fortunate enough to have him for you guys to listen to and tell you his story and the struggles from behind the scenes of what’s really been going on.

Hi Paul, thanks for coming out. I really appreciate it. So, can you give us a little bit of a timeline?

A lot has happened since the first time you put forward the motion, and I think my audience would really benefit from an update.

Where Australian Councils Get Their Funding

Does China Manipulate Australian Councils?

If you can give us some more information about what’s been going on between now and then, that would be great.

And today is Anzac Day, so why don’t we talk about this topic for a bit? I think it’s a very emotional day, almost like me.

I’m not an emotional person, but it is a very emotional day.

It’s something very close to my heart, it’s one of those days where we’re facing what so many Australians and New Zealanders have fought and died for.

Yet we seem to be exposing our soft underbelly to the creatures of the night. We don’t want a nice, comfortable life. We want a reality.

Communism from the CCP cannot be tolerated. So, I put the motion forward. And if I get my way, it will be passed.

The mayor was away at that meeting, but she didn’t know about the meeting until it was over.

The council had no idea she was away, so they voted on the motion anyway.

How Much Does China Give To Councils in Australia?

There were only two councilors who were missing from the meeting. They are the ones who have been trying to sabotage our sister city program since day one, even though they claim to support it.

I never actually expected it to get through, but that doesn’t mean you just put up a motion and hope for the best.

My opinion has always been that you shouldn’t just put up motions that you know will get through, because it doesn’t do anything to improve your local government or whatever you’re involved with.

How do you end up with an exchange of ideas?

You actually end up with a debate, the concept of a debate is to actually try to get into the other person’s head and understand their opinion or vice-versa.

And yes, sometimes it gets fiery at times.

But that’s fine, if everyone’s saying “yeah, we’re going to put up a potion that says we’re confident we can get through,” then you don’t get any exchange of ideas or difference in thinking or change.

Who Controls Councils in Australia?

Putting the situation aside for a moment, I put the motion up and I thought, “Well, it’s going to be you know, I knew I was going to come flat from three councilors, mainly Kendall Haze and cleaner to be called a racist.

Sure enough, in fact, it’s even in my speech: ‘I will be labeled a racist in this and I’m sure they’ll take me back.'”

But what was interesting with the situation was that the mayor was away at the casting vote came out Jim and he supported us, so technically Dominus formally says actually a 4-3 vote.

I had no doubt in my mind that night I was there excited to have gotten through the first step of the process, and in my mind, there would be a rescission motion to follow.

That’s part of the democratic process.

What I didn’t expect to see was the absolute vitriol and hatred, and aggression and threats of violence from people who were clearly upset with me or anyone else defending Australia.

Can Australian Councils Survive Without Chinese Money?

I asked Paul a question: Why do these people hate Australia so much? It’s an awful thing to say, but it’s also a fact that China is a threat to Australia, it has been proven time and time again.

So why are they defending an authoritarian communist dictatorship?

In response to my question, Paul said: “For some people are ignorant, but for others, it’s a conspiracy theory that China is trading with the free world and it’s only if you can show them the evidence available that they’ll see it as such.”

If you had enough time, everyone would eventually come around to seeing it that way. For many other people, I’ll put it in their pigeonhole and call it “the left-wing ideology”, this world of academia where everything feels good and safe.

I guess they’d be the ones who considered they can dictate how things should work in the world that they dabble do suffer what everyone else does if that makes any sense.

I’m not probably not real clear on that for you. I think I’ve got a boy.

How Does China Influence Australia’s Economy?

I’ve got a book here for people to read on this actual topic it’s called The Road to Serfdom. The Road to Serfdom is very relevant so if anyone’s out there and they want to learn about this.

I think we’ve had a complete shift in our social structure whether it be the family unit or you think about this, or you think that all these factors when you put it together are all symptomatic of something bigger going on here.

I’ll call it the free-thinking, or this air of superiority, or this moral superiority that seems to be coming through our educational institutions now.

It’s a free for all for everybody, and it’s something that you’re in, so how dare you?

How dare someone like me has these archaic concepts that yeah you should have structure and discipline, and it’s the same concept people have got comfortable with over the last few years.

Especially in Australia, we’ve become comfortable with our lives and there’s news but sucking on the teat of Chinese communism because we’ve got this idea about poverty and oppression, etc., but we don’t want to do any work.

We’ve become lazy and complacent.

Complacency is Australia’s greatest attribute, but it’s also what will bring us down because it’s not just affecting our bum cheeks, it’s affecting our mentality as a whole.

How China Infiltrates And Controls Australian Councils?

Yeah, we’ve never been truly threatened as a country.

If you think about it, our family has never had to go through the kind of serious threats that other countries like Ukraine have had to deal with every twenty or thirty years. It’s not as bad as that, it was barely even counted.

Unfortunately, one of the great features of Australia is its comic way of life and its laid-back attitude. We just want everyone to have what we’ve got.

But there’s a noisy minority in Australia that thinks they’re better than us for some reason. I don’t know why they believe that but I’m not against academia; actually, I’m educating myself.

I can hear it, and you put a lot of time and effort into your speech, so I can tell that you even preempted the strikes from the silo files as well.

Practicing Catholicism, I guess I’m almost like a dinosaur in some respects but I come from those values and if we don’t hold onto them, we’ll lose our country.

Sister Cities of Councils in Australia

It’s those true values we consider to be laconic in nature. I was a little Erica like anybody else, but if you’re not careful about what you do with your life, you’ll never achieve anything.

But there’s my father I said: “You know most of the grindstone shoulder over the world.” If I come out as much as possible, the nation will be better off and I love this country, I absolutely love it.

And I’ll defend it with everything I can and my family, I know the millions of Australians like me feel the same way.

But we are being infiltrated by this change of mentality and it’s this mentality that we have to change.
I absolutely love this country, and I’ll defend it with everything I have.

And my family knows that millions of Australians feel the same way.

But we’re being infiltrated by a change of mentality, the mentality that we have to change.

But the absolute reality is that this change is being forced on us by migrants who refuse to assimilate.

Chinese Soft Power Over Australian Councils

I said it in my speech last night: I will send through the link so your viewers can watch it for themselves because it’s important for them to see what we’re facing here.

This was absolute belligerence and indignation from people who should know better. 100%.
They need to watch this 40-minute video where you had to struggle to deal with those sign-of-file people who are not sign-of-file forever, guys.

I want to make it clear: We can turn them around if we just sit down with them long enough.

Do you remember when I told you about how I go out of my way every day to sit down with someone new?

I’ll sit down with you to talk about the CCP if you want, but I have a warning: if you come up to me on the street and say,.

“Hey, I want to talk to you about the CCP,” then I’m going to spend two hours feeding you damning evidence that it doesn’t matter where you sit or how long we talk, eventually you will come around to the facts.

Chinese Money Flowing Into Australian Councils

So call me a convert. My mom used to run tools through China in the 1970s and 80s, so China is not new to me.

But that said, I’ve been concerned about this for a long time.

My knee-jerk reaction was not a knee-jerk reaction, it was merely a reaction.

Politicizing it would be a mistake; it was simply my way of showing that I understand it’s a problem and is willing to talk about it openly and honestly.

I’m not walking over there, but eventually, something comes into your life that you say, “That’s nuts enough.”

You’ve got a line in the sand and the handling of cover-ups and death and destruction that has happened across the world.

I mean it hasn’t impacted Australia as everybody else knows. I thought I could tolerate it. But now I know that it’s time to do something about it.

How The CCP Influences Australian Politicians

The problems are all over the CCP for encoding, but I can’t sit there in a cozy relationship with the CCP anymore.

That is what we are in: lose the relationship with not in the relationship with the people or government they could mean provincial government.

I used the term concentration camps because it is not an extension of it, but rather the CCP itself. Death camps, torture camps, and prisons are also a part of the system.

They’ve got this oppression of the people and we’re sitting back there saying, “Are we really going to let them get away with it?”

This is what I talk about: this academic attitude or this moral superiority that really just makes me angry.

We have this feel-good feeling because we have a sister city relationship with him and that’s meant to be a lighthearted type of relationship, but that’s not what we’re dealing with.

No, that’s not what we’re dealing with at all.

Is Money From The CCP Flowing Into The Pockets Of Australian Councils?

This was absolute global outrage in 2008 when David drew the ire of the Chinese consulate and consular general Feraud, who made an official statement saying: “You know these counselors must have their actions and words restrained.”

I mean, is that the word of a friendly sister city or is that typical fully aggressive behavior?
It’s typical of Suzy.

It brings up a question: Should we address the wake-up call from this virus or should we firstly address the waking up and big shock from this virus going around the world?

If anything, this virus has done us a huge favor, especially people like me who have been warning about it for a very long time.

I’d much rather us artificially shut down our economy due to a virus than being blocked in the South Pacific sea due to some serious military action.

If any and I want to just emphasize that a little bit more: A lot of people don’t fully understand how the Chinese do they they they conduct a war;

it’s all underhanded, it’s a smile on your face until they have enough power to take you down and that’s how The Warring States period happened and that’s why they do things.

When Mao Zedong came to power in 1949, he took the reins of control from a group of intellectuals who had been in hiding in a library.

During the mid-autumn festival, Chinese people eat moon cakes as part of their traditional culture.

How Australian Councils Can Easily Be Corrupted By The CCP

The egg used to play a central part in the cakes’ design; now it is filled with a secret message.

So the secret message in a moon cake is meant to be read during this celebration when it’s time for them to be eaten.

We have a question. When did the Chinese council ask for masks and other medical equipment?

The answer is “no.” There was a difference between us and them because they wrote that they received a letter from the Water City Council asking for 20 masks and other medical equipment, but they said that they would go through the relevant customs and whatever.

Of course, we in New South Wales do not deal with this situation, but we did state that they are dealing with it.

Now, nine days later on the 8th of February we then council I said well. Careful not to say “we” because I encountered this today:

for a Winter to Council last week on the 8th of February, the mayor of our provincial government heard as long as one page about the sisters except for Obama and it actually put statistics in there of how many cases they had at that stage, it was interesting to read all this information.

They also talked about other things: three and a half thousand people in hospitals; 48 cases in our city.

Are Australian Councillors Being Controlled By The CCP?

This whole thing just doesn’t sound right. Hmmm…what else sparked my interest?

That’s right, the fact that they were saying that in the first paragraph at least, the first paragraph which talks about them receiving a positive response from their counterpart (City Council).

But then when I went back and looked at the letter from 29th January, there was no mention of any kind of response or anything. I’m thinking: what’s going on here?

I’m here to hear about this friendly sister city of Kunming, and I’m not surprised that they’ve been affected by an endemic disease. That’s the term they use for it.

The paper said we have it, but they also said Kunming will join with China’s other cities to defeat the endemic disease.

The last paragraph goes on about how China will celebrate their victory over this disease, not just the world, but also Australia, knowing full well we’ve already escaped the country.

I did ask if this was just a translation issue, but he said there was nothing to stress in his attitude.

What was interesting, however, I eventually got them just before I went into the chamber to put the motion to sever ties with our sister city.

The mayor ended up very quickly putting at the end of her speech, it might have been made by Linda, but of course, I’ve been asking for all correspondence between them.

Can China Control Australian Councillors?

It wasn’t until the following week that I finally got it and actually destroyed it because according to my documents, some water council members will write back on March 9th and referred to their request for a doctor on February 8th.

They requested additional tools in January, and we responded to their request before the deadline passed.

Although the mayor claims to have produced all documents requested by the council, it is still unclear whether or not all documents have been produced.

So when they asked us if we had any questions, there was nothing we could do except refer them to the source material.

According to the letter,, there were a lot of authorities. (more or less) It was worse, and I’ll finish with the night of the meeting that I got the motion through initially.

There is also a sister city committee meeting minutes from February 20th and generally, when you have a committee, there is no man so that was on the 20th of February but the sister committee made 12 days.

I asked if the mayor of cordoning had responded to us so but there’s no mention of those letters your apologies etc, and they have correspondence in correspondence here nothing zero.

Australian Councillors Get Brainwashed By Chinese Talking Points

Is it possible that the Wagga Wagga council knew about the virus before other people in Australia?
Absolutely, and they should have responded to me by now.

The mayor and council officials should be held accountable for their memory lapses.

The only reason I know about this is that I eventually demanded all correspondence between the two cities. There’s an email missing, too.

If Wagga Wagga was made aware before the general public in Australia, it would be damning evidence.

And when the virus hit Wagga Wagga, did you guys send an email asking for masks?

I would love to know if an email was sent back requesting masks, because that is part of the general public’s anger with the fact that our shelves were cleaned and the Tigers sent a lot of our masks and our protective equipment over to you know hand sanitizers, etc.

I’ll send it over to China for a profit and when we really started to realize how serious this was we had a shortage ourselves.

I have a contact in Wuhan by the way, and I believe that I was one of the first people to say how serious it was then I noticed on channel 7 that they were calling it possibly a conspiracy theory.

So there’s a lot of information I guess.

Why Would Australian Councillors Pitch CCP Talking Points?

At that point, some people can be excused, but that returned email should have been sent if it’s a mutually beneficial relationship.

Even considering that their economies are 20 times larger than ours and the fact that they’re responsible for destroying our economy, at least they can do is send us a few masks.

So the people we put in power or even just the council, the least they can do is send an email requesting masks from the largest economy in the world.

Let’s just make sure this is a mutually beneficial relationship and I guess that’s why you wanted to put forward this motion in the first place: it’s obviously not mutually beneficial. It’s not mere to leave this official.

My original point, which I will continue to make, is that I am happy to be in a relationship with people.

However, if we are not in a relationship with people, then this is why I believe we should be forming a relationship with Taiwan.

Taiwan is a democratically-elected group of people who will treat us with mutual respect. It is a two-way street and not what we have now.

I do not believe that there even exists a model called Ming Tsai. If this were true, it would be damning enough in my opinion.

It’s just the situation that I keep bringing up again and again. Either our mayor or there or both are fiddling with the truth.

Why China Wants To Influence Australian Politicians?

The process has filtered all through this whole thing. I will certainly provide the link so people can watch this week’s meeting where the successful motion was rescinded.

And I went down a screen, but that said we may have lost the battle, but we do not believe that we must because, despite what the mayor and others have said and the pile-on from the left-wing media, I am still with them.

I am appalled at this bias. It has been completely one-sided even at the point where I had to get the Daily Advertised here, which they did to their credit turn, but it’s been completely biased against them.

I can assure you that this is not the case. The media is part of the left-wing movement, so they will not articulate the truth.

There is no one a amount of people that have contacted me through council through my private email through my phone has been relentless and still continues now even though the debate is lost and finished.

I think it’s important that most people out there that want to have a shot at Paul need to also understand another thing is that the country that keeps us safe is America.

They control the maritime trading routes Australia’s an island and we can’t compete with China in any industry.

We dig holes, put them on boats, and send them through the South China Sea. That’s what we do.

Do CCP Spies Have Access To Australian Politicians Today?

We’re sending our ships through there to compete with China, but it’s not working.

The South China Sea has been militarized by our enemy, the United States, because that’s just how it is.

That’s the only reason why we have an Australian dollar that is so powerful and why we have a place in the world at all: because the United States keeps us safe. If China had its way, we’d be Venezuela, or worse.

It all goes back to our allegiance system: when people criticize Donald Trump or the United States, they disappear over there.

But if anyone even thinks about criticizing China.

That’s the regime we’re dealing with, disheartened and disappointed. Three good people stood up: Dr. Lynn Bean, who was originally from Hong Kong but grew up in Australia.

She was born in that country and bred there, so to speak. The third speaker was Casey, and they backed you up, it shows how naive the other counselors were.

They think it’s funny how Aussie defend an authoritarian dictatorship; people from that country are trying to wake them up and say, do you want to become Hong Kong?

Do you want to become in Taiwan? Do you want to become Venezuela? Because that’s our future if we continue down this path of defending dictatorships. It’s amazing.

How Can We Stop Chinese (CCP) Influence in Australia?

Lucy was born in Corning, New York, and has been living there her whole life. She loves the people of Corning, as well as its history and culture.

“Make no mistake,” she told the counselors. “It’s not the good people of Clemente who you’re in a relationship with.”

She explained that even though she forgot to say thank you to it what I do it eventually, you know in the chain of it, not one of them.

Even though you asked them nothing, they didn’t even acknowledge you. They didn’t even say at least made us think that you know, they, they didn’t even put up a case to say look, okay, let’s be reasonable about this.

And I’ve got an interesting problem with the purse strings because of the industry or whatever, but there was nothing absolutely nothing.

They were completely dismissive when it came to the debate on whether or not we would continue our sister-city relationship with ISIS. They didn’t even bother referencing me once, much less addressing any of my concerns.

They called the other people from Hong Kong and Kunming races as well because they said they’re pretty much the same thing as you are aren’t they?

Exactly. They are racists.

Yeah. All right. Well, they’ve lost all credibility but yeah it’s great having you on by the way.

It’s been we covered a lot of ground and by the looks of things, there’s so much to unpack that this is happening all across Australia by the way we’re having CCP influence all across Australia.

Whether you’re seeing it or whether you’re not seeing it, it is happening in your face and in the shadows.

The fact that I mentioned the bigger picture is the United States is struggling to deal with China, too.

We need to educate every other Australian out there, even the blind ones like a lot of the blind signers in this council who need to listen to at least people from Kunming.

It’s always the same thing: I just can’t put into words how what type of delusion they’re living in.

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