Sydney’s Economic Growth Flatlines (2021)

You don’t need to be an economic genius to know NSW’s economy is in serious trouble. Instead of reading a multitude of graphs and giving economic forecasts based on those graphs. Our new authoritarian leaders are not allowing the free market to adjust for itself, they are simply shutting it down for political reasons.

Here’s my thoughts on what’s going on. I’m going to try blast through all the smoke and mirrors to get to the bottom of what their agenda truly is. Just my opinion anyway.

NSW Treasury’s Economic Outlook 2021/2022

According to the NSW Treasury, the economic growth is ”forecast to grow by 2¾ per cent in 2021-22” which sounds good, but are you feeling great about your future? Probably not, I’m not feeling financially secure at all under these authoritarian measures.

The NSW treasury goes on to say that these are the worst statistics since the 1990’s and ”employment fell by more than 270,000, over 6 per cent of the entire State’s workforce”. What’s that, around 7% of all people in NSW have lost their jobs due to these lockdowns, yet the economy is growing?

One more quote from the NSW treasury ”Despite an upgrade to the economic outlook, there remains a high degree of uncertainty around the forecasts given the unpredictable nature of the challenges facing the economy”. Then they go on to say that the amount of cases, border shut downs, vaccine rollouts etc

The length and severity of the lockdowns are entirely in the hands of Glady’s Berejiklian and our unelected ”health expert” Dr Kerry Chant. This is where the uncertainty around our future is coming from and their grip on power seems to be getting stronger by the day, which is only increasing the uncertainty we face.

The problem with all the data they are giving us, is that it doesn’t explain what’s really going on. According to the main stream media, the perpetual lockdowns are supposed to be for the general publics protection. Yet there is more evidence that the lockdowns are hurting the general public.

Died ”from covid” to ”with covid” evidence the numbers are not accurate.

For a year and a half now, the Australian government has been recording any death as a covid case, as long as the person has covid. Last year Elon Musk said on the Joe Rogan podcast that even if someone was eaten by a shark and they found an arm. If they tested the arm for covid and it came back positive, the government would record that death as a covid death.

Well done to the journalists who found this small change in the language used, well done for asking this question too.

Sydney’s Economic Growth Collapses

I want to make it clear, that I checked all the rules and laws before going for a walk outside in this authoritarian state. Not one arbitrary ”rule” or ”law” was broken, the video was not filmed on the upload date recorded. Just an Aussie guy walking through Sydney cbd to have a look at what’s going on.

Have a look at the devastation caused by this lockdown, almost every shop is closed, plus there are literally no people around. Just a shell of a previously vibrant city, turned into a police state.

NSW Police On A Revenue Raising Spree

People in NSW are being fined for some of the most ridiculous reasons these days. The ”rules” or ”laws” change everyday, which means that you have to tune into the main stream media propaganda, just to figure out how to avoid a fine each day.

A few weeks ago the fines were $1,000 for the smallest of thing, now it’s $5,000 for the same minor thing. The problem is, what is okay yesterday, is not okay today and being brainwashed by msm is the only way to find out. This is how the Soviet Union controlled their people, through uncertainty and a police state.

There are thousands of videos online of Australian police arresting people for going for a walk and treating them like prisoners. I’ve seen people being fined thousands of dollars for seemingly obeying the laws too. Not one Australian that I know thinks this is acceptable at all.

A few weeks ago I could go 10 km’s from my home, now I cannot go more than 5km’s from home. Now there’s talk of restricting us to 1km from home. Absolutely outrageous.

Most people agree that this is purely a revenue raising expedition.

Australian Billionaires Profit During Lockdown

Put down your coffee and take a seat before reading further. This is about to blow your mind. And blow, I’m going to give you a totally novel take on this graph. I believe it’s connected to geopolitics and China.

According to bloomberg billionaires index

australian billionaires get wealthier
Australian billionaires get wealthier while the rest of us are under lockdown

The first thing that springs to mind is, I hope they don’t pack up and take their new found wealth abroad. Imagine the total destruction to our economy this would cause. The second thing that I couldn’t help but notice is, Mexico…

Mexico Is Now USA’s Largest Trading Partner

Mexico is China’s new replacement for all the low skilled factories leaving China. They are all moving to Mexico. So, what does this mean for Australia? Are they destroying the middle class in order to move factories here too? There’s some cheap manual labour for thought.

Another thing to take note of, is that a billionaire has no allegiance to any country. These elites see the world as one big economic and geopolitical game. A billionaire in Mexico could be acting on behalf of USA and the same goes for Australian elites. Mexico only has around 128 million people, no where near the previous 1.4 billion USA had access to in China, maybe a few factories will be relocated down under.

One things for sure, we don’t exactly have the financial sector to justify a larger stock market. When I look at the ”she’ll be right” population out there, factories seem like a good fit for the Australian people. Not to mention the slow collapse in the Australian dollar which should help us to export cheap goods.

Let me know below what do you think is going on?