Communism and Totalitarianism in Australia Today (Polish MPs Think So)

Polish MPs expose Australian totalitarianism

Australian’s may not be fully aware of how their country is slipping into totalitarianism, but one country which has experienced the negative affects of such an ideology is warning Australia today

Is The Australian Main Stream Media Propaganda? (Australian media)

news media bargaining code

Today I need to get this shocking information off my chest by explaining to you guys what I’ve learned recently. In 2020 the Australian media went on a massive anti social media campaign to publicly slander Google and Facebook, to gain public support for a new draft law News Media Bargaining Code. I’m sure most … Read more

How To Protest in Australia? Is Protesting Illegal?

how to protest in Australia?

Recently in Australia 2020-2021 the Australian government has become very totalitarian. They have decided to control every aspect of our lives, to the point where nothing we do is not monitored by a government agency. Constant lockdowns have crushed small businesses, destroyed lives, created more illnesses than the flu itself would have done and so on. The Australian people woke up to their country being destroyed in front of their eyes, by their incompetent government and eventually decided to hit the streets to protest the worlds strictest lockdowns.

Is Australia a Totalitarian Government Now?

Is Australia a Totalitarian Government Now?

As an a born and bred Australian citizen, living in Sydney Australia, to answer the question in absolute honesty, YES. I was born in Sydney Australia and am currently living in the new totalitarian state ruled country of Australia.

China’s Next Generation Is Running Out Of Girls

China Is Running Out Of Girls

The anxiety in China over the sex ratio has spilled into social media over the last 12 months and from I’m being told, the sex ratio is getting worse. China’s aging population, combined with their overwhelmingly male dominated society, from what I’m hearing from the inside, is possibly at breaking point. I personally don’t think … Read more

Gladys Berejiklian Doesn’t Understand The Meaning Of Consent

gladys berejiklian consent for women

Today I want to talk about the possible consequences of Gladys Berejiklian’s leadership in NSW. There is a real possibility that Australian women could suffer some serious human rights violations in the future due to the way Gladys Berejiklian removed consent from the Australian people during the pandemic. I believe that Gladys Berejiklian has broken … Read more

What’s The Cost Of Lockdowns On The Australian People?

australian perspective on lockdowns

The image above was my little brother before the lockdowns began in Australia. He is no longer with us. My grandmother is no longer with us anymore either. Obviously there were other factors, but the isolation due to the lockdowns were a contributing factor in both of them leaving us. The world is just that … Read more

Aussie Cossack is a Larrikin Like Our Diggers (ANZAC’s) Were

aussie cossack - SIMEON BOIKOV

For the past 6 years I’ve worked part time on my Youtube channel studying the rise of China geopolitically and educating my audience on the threats we face. Back in 2018, I made some bold predictions about economic collapse in Australia starting 2022 and the eventual Chinese takeover by 2034, these predictions are right on … Read more

Jeff Booth is a Genius | The Price Of Tomorrow

jeff booth the price of tomorrow

The natural conclusion of this book, was Jeff Booth’s fear that without rational cooperation, the world would become more authoritarian. But Jeff Booth is reaching out to the possible leaders of this new authoritarian world, by warning them that eventually it will back fire on them. He explains that the people at the bottom with eventually revolt, due to their dire circumstances and that the leaders of authoritarian governments should avoid it, for their own self interests too.

Unvaccinated Police Are Still Working In Australia

unvaccinated australian police spread covid

Considering that Australia is going through the worst pandemic of our lifetime, we all need to work together to prevent the spread of this virus and keep Australian’s safe. I was under the false belief that the Australian police force was fully vaccinated as the main stream media lead us to believe that all ”essential … Read more