Unvaccinated Police Are Still Working In Australia

Considering that Australia is going through the worst pandemic of our lifetime, we all need to work together to prevent the spread of this virus and keep Australian’s safe. I was under the false belief that the Australian police force was fully vaccinated as the main stream media lead us to believe that all ”essential workers” were going to be the first to receive the jab back in 2020.

We were lied to, the Australian police have never been fully vaccinated at all. We’ve had unvaccinated Australian police in the community the entire pandemic, spreading the virus.

How Many Australian Police Are Unvaccinated?

We just don’t know the exact numbers of the Australian police force are currently working in the community while being unvaccinated and therefore have been a danger to Australian society for the entire pandemic.

Unvaccinated Police Fining Vaccinated Aussies

I’d like to know how many unvaccinated police have given fines to vaccinated Australian’s over the past year and a half. I could imagine that this would have happened many times during the pandemic. If an investigation was to be done, we could very well discover that law abiding Australian citizens have in fact been fined, arrested and even assaulted by anti-vaxx Australian police.

If that was to come out, it would be extremely damaging for the credibility of the Australian police force. Even though their credibility is already in tatters since Australia has become a totalitarian police state anyway.

Australian Police Hypocrisy

Isn’t that a little hypocritical don’t you think, considering the fact that Australia has become a totalitarian police state over the past year and a half, due to the pandemic. The Australian people have been forced to close down their businesses, they’ve been told they can’t work unless they are vaccinated, they’ve been fined by the police for breaking covid restrictions, the Australian people have even been bashed by the Australian police in the street for breaking CHO directives. . .

Yet those same Australian police who were enforcing those restrictions, were never obeying them the entire time. Absolutely shocking to see the hypocrisy in Australia right now.

Australian Police Demand Your Identification

Another authoritarian move that has been a huge impact on the human rights of the Australian people. Has been how the Australian police have conducted investigations of Australian people walking the streets. What they have been doing is, stopping people, saying that they suspect this person has committed an offence, then intimidate the Australian person into providing identification.

These police are effectively detaining Australian citizens under duress in order to conduct investigations. Which is not allowed.

The funny thing is, now that we know that unvaccinated police have been conducting these investigations on innocent people for the last year and a half, while being possible super spreaders themselves, everything has changed.

Gladys Berejiklian Quote : ”Life for the unvaccinated will be difficult indefinitely”

Gladys Berejiklian did’nt mention the NSW police though

Gladys Berejiklian makes it clear that all Australian people need to be vaccinated immediately. But… She didn’t reveal this dirty little secret that’s emerged recently, that the entire time Australian police have been in the community while being unvaccinated the entire time.

Gladys Gives Pay Rise To Unvaccinated NSW Police Force

Source : daily telegraph

Is Mick Fuller Vaccinated?

Let me get this straight. The Australian police are not fully vaccinated, yet they need more funding to enforce covid restrictions on the Australian people and they also deserve pay rises, even though they are not held to the same standard as the Australian people. Is that correct?

I scoured the internet for evidence that Mick Fuller was vaccinated, but I could not find any evidence of it anywhere. Maybe he is vaccinated, but when i searched ‘mick fuller vaccination” or ”is mick fuller vaccinated?” there was no articles on him even being vaccinated himself. Who knows, maybe he is vaccinated, maybe he isn’t, I couldn’t find any evidence either way.

Imagine if he wasn’t vaccinated haha, that would be a huge story for me to cover here.

NSW Police Are Not Fully Vaccinated

NSW police have not been fully vaccinated the entire pandemic

NSW police can still work in the community while being unvaccinated until the 30th November 2021. Considering the fact that unvaccinated people are deemed to be a danger to society by Brad Hazzard, Kerry Chant and Gladys Berejiklian.

Why didn’t these politicians make it mandatory for all Australian police (essential workers) to be vaccinated immediately?

Calling Anti-Vaxxers on Anti-Vaxxers in NSW

Source : news.com.au

Let me get this straight. If someone tries to enter a venue who is unvaccinated and the venue owner wants them to leave, instead of talking to them in a rational manner, they are urged to call the police. But, those some police who turn up may not be vaccinated themselves. So, we have anti-vax police who are not fully vaccinated enforcing rules on the general public that they themselves do not obey.

Okay. As long as I got this straight.