What’s The Cost Of Lockdowns On The Australian People?

The image above was my little brother before the lockdowns began in Australia. He is no longer with us. My grandmother is no longer with us anymore either. Obviously there were other factors, but the isolation due to the lockdowns were a contributing factor in both of them leaving us. The world is just that little more lonely now. 

What Did Australia’s Lockdowns Cost Me?

  • My business was destroyed
  • I had to move apartments during the lockdown and my previous owner used the rental tribunal to steal over 20% of my bond from me. As you can tell, I don’t agree with the tribunal’s ruling.
  • Locking down the gyms and pools has done more damage to my health than catching covid would have done
  • Isolation has made life very difficult for myself, but I’m tougher than most
  • My grandmother died alone in her apartment due to the lockdowns
  • My little brother died due to either suicide or a drug overdose due in part to the lockdowns (he was healthy before the lockdowns began)
  • My girlfriend has developed agoraphobia, which means she won’t leave home for days at a time and has become unhealthily overweight.

Today I want to talk about what I’ve lost personally, during the lockdowns in Sydney Australia. This is the type of story the world hasn’t heard yet, for a multitude of reasons. I feel that it’s my responsibility to speak out about the totalitarian regime in Australia and the shocking damage they have done to my country, my friends, family and the impact on my own personal human rights. I’ll be telling my story, but I’ll be doing so, under the premise that my story is one of millions of unheard horrific stories that have occurred during the last year and a half in Australia.

My personal opinion is : The measures (lockdowns) are far more destructive than the pandemic itself than allowing the virus to spread without any lockdowns or measures. I honestly believe that if Australia had changed strategies mid 2020 and decided to take a more personal responsibility approach, Australia would be in a far better situation than it is today. And after I explain the damage this has done to my life, you will understand why I feel this way.

This is the type of story the main stream media will not tell you in Australia. They are too busy pumping out propaganda, to stop and look at the real damage they are doing to Australia by not reporting the objective truth. They think we are stupid and naïve, they think the international community is stupid too, but we will never forget what has happened in Australia during 2020-2021.

Now, this is what I've suffered from over the past year and a half by living in Sydney, but enough about me, this is only the tip of the iceberg. What human rights violations the people living in Melbourne have suffered must be unbearable. Let me give you guys a quick overview about what's been happening down there. 

Australia holds the Record for Worlds Longest Lockdown

Melbourne Australia holds the record for the worlds longest lockdown. Melbourne has been locked down for the most amount of days in the world. And therefore by default, Melbourne must have the most authoritarian state government in the world.

What a fall from grace this has been for the people of Melbourne. Going from the most liveable city on Earth for many years in a row, to the most totalitarian state on Earth which holds the record for the worlds longest lockdown. Melbourne has passed 250 days in lockdown and well on their way to hitting the shameful milestone of 300 days. Imagine how hard it must be for the people of Melbourne.

Melbourne’s Main Stream Media

The msm in Melbourne has not reported on the damage to peoples lives from a human rights point of view. Only to report on deaths due to covid in order to manipulate public Sentiment towards further lockdowns. It’s clear they know what they are doing and the damage they’re doing, yet they continue to push this propaganda on the weak minded in Melbourne. Against the best interests of everyone involved.

On many occasions, the main stream media in Melbourne has been caught lying about everything related to the lockdowns. They are behaving just like the media in North Korea. The people who live in Melbourne who rely on the main stream media to keep them up to date on what is happening, are just being fed daily doses of propaganda.

Melbourne’s Police Force Human Rights Abuses

  • The most notable abuse of power caught on camera, was Melbourne police attacking an elderly lady, by shoulder charging her to the ground, then spraying her in the face with capsicum spray.
  • Shooting peaceful protesters with rubber bullets
  • Melbourne police turned the Shrine of remembrance into a war zone by attacking peaceful protesters
  • Choking a teenage girl for not wearing a mask

These are just a few off the top of my head, from memory, but the list is lengthy.

People Who Are Suffering In Melbourne Don’t Have a Voice

When Melbourne has gangster style police force who abuse their power, are in bed with the crooked main stream media, you have a situation where innocent people lose their human rights. This is exactly what’s happening in Melbourne right now. Only a small fraction of the human rights violations have come to light via social media, and hopefully those who are currently suffering in Melbourne eventually have a chance to come out and tell their stories.

I have a feeling there are some horrific stories, that are going to come out after this pandemic is over. Hopefully the politicians, the media and the police are held accountable for what they have done.

Here are a few more articles on the mainstream media and their lies:

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