Who Was The WORST Prime Minister of all Time?

Often we don’t realise how good or bad a leader is, until long after they have left office. So, we should never judge a leader by the short term hype, but instead by the long term, real life effects on citizens of the country over time. Some decisions that were made years ago, seemed to be made in good faith at the time, then later on we learn the hard way that those past decisions had adverse consequences on their people.

Sure, no one can see the future. And this is something that I’ll be very mindful of, when judging the actions of past Australian prime ministers. If a past Australian leader had enough information about a certain topic and deliberately chose to ignore that information in order to put in place laws that negatively affected the lives of millions of Australians in the future. Then we need to judge that previous leader accordingly and this is what I’ll be doing to, by choosing Australia’s worst prime minister.

Some small decisions made in the past, by an elected Australian prime minister, no matter how small, can become huge problems for future generations. Kinda like the butterfly effect, some small shifts in our past can have dramatic consequences for our future. This is why you should not judge a current leader by what they did today, unless what they do is horrific. Instead, you should judge the long term effects of their leadership on generations who came after them.

When I chose the worst Australian prime minister in history, it was around the time period where the Australian government became the most authoritarian in it’s history. 2020 – 2021 will go down as one of the worst time periods in Australian history, due to the rise in totalitarianism amongst some Australian states.

The Victorian state government and the NSW state governments will be remembered as the most oppressive in Australian history. Due to their human rights abuses against the Australian people. I personally lost so many things, living through this horrific time period. My brother died in his 20’s due to the oppressive lockdowns, my grandmother died at home alone, my business was destroyed, I put on weight due to government over reach by shutting down pools and gyms, shops, limits on movement, curfews etc.

John Howard Is Australia’s Worst PM

John Howard had such a good reputation when he was the Australian prime minister. John Howard was loved by many people for leading during a time of great prosperity in Australian history. In hindsight, his job was easy, especially considering the shear wealth Australia possessed during his leadership. Hell, we would have done fine without even having a prime minister during those years. Anyone can lead when things are easy, but when things are easy, bad leaders can believe their own hype and make decisions that harm society long term.

John Howard made a huge human rights decision about the freedoms of the Australian people, that should never been done. And he had all the information available to himself to know better. Though he knew he would be taking away freedoms from the Australian people, he did it anyway and my generation is suffering from it today.

Let me explain why I think this way.

Taking away a persons human right to defend themselves, protest, make choices about they do with their bodies etc When a leader like John Howard takes away human rights from Australians, then he’s just as bad of a monster as any other dictator in history.

John Howard Dealt With Harsh Criticism in 1996

The harsh criticism that John Howard dealt with back in the 1990’s would never be seen again, because he took away the Australian peoples human rights. John Howard set Australia on a path to totalitarianism.

When Australian’s tried to protest like this in 2020 and 2021 they were slammed with penalties up to a quarter of their yearly earnings, bashed and arrested, had their ability to go outside taken away from them and then the government put in place a surveillance system to watch everything, every Australian does.

Oh and there’s more.

Police arrested innocent Aussies from their own homes for thought crimes. Australians were literally arrested for talking about protesting. All of this would never had been possible if it wasn’t for John Howard, this guy set Australia down the path of a socialist totalitarian state, just like every night mare in history.

Power Needs Balancing Or Totalitarianism Will Take Hold

As you can see in the video about, the government had more respect for the Australian people, then they do now. The Australian government has very little respect for the Australian people at this point in time and it all started with John Howard. In the video above you can see that John Howard needed to wear body armour to protect himself from a possible attack from the Australian’s in the crowd.

You might think this is terrible, the fact that the leader of Australia was threatened by the people he was supposed to serve. But, how do people keep the people who are supposed to serve them honest?

Clearly, from what I can see, John Howard has a visceral mistrust of the Australian people he was supposed to serve at this point. He wanted to disarm them, he wanted them to be subjugated to his authority, in my opinion – John Howard was a tyrant.

Since John Howard was in power, there was a slow squeeze on the freedoms of everyday Australian peoples rights. The government has no-one to keep them accountable, so they take a little more of our freedoms, one piece at a time.

Soon, the Australian government will start putting people in jail for thought crimes, for even questioning the government. It's already starting to happen and John Howard was the man who began this authoritarianism, by taking away the Australian peoples ability to defend ourselves from a government that is drunk on it's own power.   

John Howard Reduced Australian’s To Beggars

Australian people playing the national anthem with a violin to silence. This is evidence of people who have no other way to defend themselves other than to get on their knees and beg the government for sympathy.

Negotiate From a Point of Weakness

You can never negotiate with a totalitarian state from a point of weakness. The main stream media ignored this protest, because they are in bed with the government, just like every socialist totalitarian state in history. The current leaders simply laughed at this, while putting in place even stricter ”emergency powers” witch restrict the freedoms of these people more so.

And without John Howard, this would never have been possible.

The Australian government will never in the future see the Australian people as anything other than peasants from now on, until this country collapses under the weight of it’s own top heavy socialist totalitarian state government.