Are Landlords Good for the Economy?

Landlords own real estate for the sole reason to rent out said real estate to make a profit off the renter. By simply owning this asset, landlords make a profit from the renters who pay from the privilege of having a safe roof over their heads and not being homeless. Landlords find a property manager who manages the real estate and renters. This means they can sit back and watch the cash flow in without having to lift a finger.

In the U.K., they’re called ”buy-to-let” properties, and in Australia, they’re called ”investment properties.” Whatever you call them, I’d like to know what these ”landlords” add to the economy?

What Do Landlords Produce?

  • Landlords don’t produce any goods, that’s what their renters do
  • Landlords don’t provide a service, other than over priced rents to squeeze the working class
  • Landlords aren’t incentivized to make rents lower, in fact the total opposite, which makes them more of a parasite on the very productive people who actually produce things within an economy
  • Landlords are not forced to make rental properties clean, they in fact steal money from renters bonds when they vacate a property. So, all the owness is on the renter.
  • Landlords are not forced to make repairs either, if you make the mistake of renting a place from a damaged property, the owness is on the renter to fix it, email the real estate, which they ignore, or simply move out. And that’s when these parasitic landlords steal the renters bond, ”for breaking the contract.”

And I could go on forever. Here’s my explanation of what the Feudal Economic System is and how the west is evolving that way.

Landlords Engage in Illegal Behaviour

In USA, England, and Australia, landlords engage in illegal behavior approximately 40% to 50% of the time. By not fixing broken safety devices (smoke alarms), dirty water from the taps, mold coming through the walls, phone lines that don’t work (no access to the internet), leaky faucets, gas, and water meters that overcharge the renter for utilities.

Landlords have been known for intimidating renters, entering the property without warning. Some landlords think it’s okay to enter their property when a renter is inside. Landlords engage in violent threats against renters, use of the law, police against innocent renters. These types of unethical behaviors are more common than most think.

Most rental properties worldwide make it illegal to own a pet, which is quite outrageous. Because landlords don’t want to have to clean the smell? But these same landlords steal their renter’s bonds regardless right? Well, I guess these parasites on the economy don’t want to do anything at all.

Wages Keep Falling While Rents Keep Increasing

Average wage growth in the west has not kept up with inflation for almost a decade now, well, since the global financial crisis. This means that property owners that got in the market before 2008 have become wealthier by simply holding property. In contrast, the rest of society have needed to pay a higher percentage of their earnings towards rent, year on year.

What’s really going on here is, older people who own property in western countries are effectively stealing wealth from the current generation so that they can have a comfortable retirement at the expense of everyone else. This could have devastating consequences for the west future.

Homelessness Is Caused By Landlords

The number one cause of homelessness in the west is greedy landlords who evict tenants. You might think that these tenants were breaking things or refusing to pay rent, but that’s just not the majority of cases. Landlords would evict tenants for these reasons.

  • Landlords wanted higher paying renters
  • Kicked out renters because they wanted to sell the property
  • Evicted tenants to renovate the property
  • Wanted to sell the property

Effectively, these rent-seeking parasites were always incentivized by government mismanagement to chase higher income at the expense of renters ruthlessly.

Landlords Prevent New Developments

One way to lower the cost of rent for the majority of workers is to increase the supply of real estate, which in turn should decrease the cost. Most new developments are protested by people who already own property because they know that an increase in supply will decrease the value of their own asset.

So, landlords are doing everything in their power to extract as much wealth from the working class as they possibly can, which is causing larger class divides and homelessness. But landlords don’t care about anyone but themselves, they just want to sit back and extract as much money from the country as possible, while contributing as little as possible to it.

Surely this cannot last much longer.

Why Won’t Politicians Don’t Help Renters?

Because almost all politicians are landlords themselves and all politicians in the western world are self-serving. A politician is more likely to pretend to help the working class by giving tax breaks that increase inflation, instead of taxing landlords.

There’s not enough pressure being put on them to look after the majority of society, so instead things keep degenerating. Also, the general public isn’t aware of how this works, and how important it is for them to put more pressure on politicians to make changes.

Landlords Are All Rent Seeking Parasites

There’s way too much criticism put on people who are on welfare when the real welfare cheats are landlords. They add nothing to the economy, they only sit on their lazy butts and steal wealth from the working class. It’s about time the landlords of the western world are forced to get a job and stop feeding off the rest of us.

By holding large amounts of capital in their real estate assets, each country is unable to release that capital into creating new businesses. That’s what capitalism is all about, speculating on starting new businesses and working hard to expand the economy. Instead, all that wealth is being hoarded by a few slumlords.

If rents were cheaper, the working class would have lower living costs that would free up more capital for new businesses. If the west is smart, they will start to look at this problem closely, otherwise, the west will start to move closer towards socialism and eventually end up as a feudal society.

No one wants that, even the elites.

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