Why China Has An Energy Shortage Explained?

The main stream media should never be trusted in my opinion, so when they started reporting on an energy crisis in China, I had to fact check everything for myself. The only way to find the truth, is to find multiple sources that have conflicting agendas who all agree on some ”fact”. Only then do you know that something is really happening. Then you try find some evidence on the ground and luckily we have access to social media within China, that can give us some first hand accounts of what’s going on.

Let me give a historical account from my own opinion, of where I believe this started out. Everything is connected to geopolitics in my opinion. I believe that the whole climate change agenda was always a tool that could be used against China. Especially since China is a developing country which is the largest emitter of green house gases.

Al Gore’s ”An Inconvenient Truth” 2006

Let’s have a look back at the whole Al Gore phenomenon. Back in 2006 Al Gore (Vice President) started a campaign against climate change. It was called ”global warming” back then, he even starred in a documentary called an inconvenient truth.

This was the start of what we now know as climate change. And if you were to look at the geopolitical situation back then, Bill Clinton just allowed China to enter the world trade organisation and it was obvious from the very beginning that China would become wealthy fast.

As a developing country that has approximately 1.5 – 1.7 billion people (yes I know you think there’s 1.4), China was always going to become the worlds worst polluter and fast. How can you put pressure on China’s economy, so that they can never rise to become a pier competitor? Well, look for ways to use international pressure, which can hurt their economy.

Exactly 5 years after leaving the white house, Al Gore began his campaign. This in my opinion was used mainly to indoctrinate the current generation at an early age into fearing climate change.

China Signs Up To Paris Climate Accords 2016

When you have a look at the worlds worst polluters, China was ranked number 1, USA was number 2. China agreed to reduce emissions by 20.09% and USA 17.89%. When you look at the huge difference in these two economies, the biggest loser out of every country had to be China.

China’s Carbon Neutral By 2060 Plan

This would mean that China would have to reduce it’s reliance on coal. Burning coal is responsible for almost 50% of global emissions, it’s also the cheapest form of energy. The problem is, it’s an enormous undertaking to replace a countries cheapest source of power with more expensive alternatives.

You can see how convincing China to take climate change seriously, would negatively affect their economy and help the United States remain the world largest economy.

Greta Thunberg’s 2019 U.N. Speech

Just like clock work, we have a 16 year old child who probably watched Al Gores documentary at a young age, now addressing the United Nations about climate change. This speech is famous for many reasons, not just how emotional she was, but the fact that a child with zero education was lecturing the United Nations on science.

Hilarious, when you think about it, which is when someone like myself stands up to take notice.

Apart from a child who has no idea what she is talking about, lecturing adults about anything is funny enough and enough for someone for myself to want to figure out what’s behind it, but Greta never mentioned the worlds worst polluter. Greta only focussed her attention on Donald Trump, which was the greatest form of theatre I’d seen in ages. She didn’t attack India or Japan, just USA.

If little Greta Thunberg had even one original thought of her own, she would have simply googled the worlds worst polluter and found that it was China. Not the United States. Which fit’s the narrative of what I’m trying to explain to you.

Imagine if Greta had focussed her attention on China instead? There’s no way China would allow a child to lecture them, China is a meritocracy, well close enough anyway. China would have fired back at this little kid in the most brutal of ways and little Greta would be discredited forever.

So, USA used Greta as a geopolitical tool, to convince the world that all countries needed to do more about climate change. Again, China was never mentioned. I love how perfectly orchestrated the whole thing was. If I’m correct, this was a magnificent manipulation of everyone, including China. Absolutely magnificent haha

China Bans Australian Coal October 2020

I’m sure everyone is aware of this one. Australia asked for an investigation to be made into the origin of covid 19. This angered the CCP, so they put sanctions of a whole range of Australian imports. Immediately we had reports coming out of China of electricity shortages across the country.

This is a huge problem with authoritarian countries like China, they can focus more on geopolitical issues and totally ignore the plight of their own population.

Chinese Media Reporting on the Energy Shortage

China’s energy crisis

Andrew Bolt Suggests Cutting Exports of Iron Ore to China

What a foolish thing to say

So Andrew Bolt thinks that Australia should reduce our sales of iron ore to China, just to spite them? No wonder Australia has become more of a totalitarian country recently. We can make decisions that negatively affect the Australian people, just so that we can engage in geopolitical attacks on foreign nations.

This could get so out of hand that the average Australian could see a drop in their standard of living so large that no one could have imagined.

Chinese Nationals Want To Hurt USA

Chinese netizen wants to suffer as long as it hurts USA. Stupid

Here’s some fool in China. He thinks that suffering energy shortages is a good thing, as long as it hurts China’s enemies. Andrew Bolt and this guy are two sides of the same coin. The problem is, neither has the ability to see how bad this could get for everyone involved.