Why Doesn’t Australia Have a Bill Of Rights?

Today I just want to speculate as to why the Australian government has done everything in it’s power to oppress the Australian peoples freedoms, by not allowing them to have a proper bill of rights. To start with, as an Australian that was born here, not to mention family members who fought for this country, it’s a weird country to live, because the general population has been brainwashed so badly, that they don’t even know what the definition of freedom is.

Brainwashed Australians Don’t Know What Freedom Means

When you speak to the average Australian, they are literally like brainwashed zombies who have no idea how much better their lives would be if the government would just get out of it. Australians think that everything in the world is dangerous and that if the police and government don’t help protect them, they would be in danger from every imaginary angle possible. You might not believe me, but it’s so true, these people believe the boogie man is going to get them, if the police force was smaller, or the government was smaller.

This is totally untrue, the police and government don’t do hardly anything to keep them safe, Australia is generally a safe country. But if these people were to actually get themselves into a dangerous situation and require police assistance, only then would they realize how useless the police truly are. The main problem is, the average Australian has never been put in a serious situation, where they had to rely on the police in any way, therefore, they have never had the chance to realize just how useless the police are.

Most people who have found themselves in a dangerous situation, realize that they would have been better off with the right to bear arms than having to rely on the useless Australian police who attack innocent victims more often than protect them

So, the government can pretend that it’s in fact keeping Australia safe, but the truth is, Australia would be safer without the police. Since the 2020 lockdowns in Australia, the people learned the hard way that the government was never there to protect them, but only to protect themselves and their own interests. The police bashed hundreds of innocent protesters for no reason, and the government did this to them.

Australian Government Doesn’t Want Aboriginals To Have a Bill of Rights

This is one of the most discriminatory aspects of the Australian government. Did you know that the Australian government stole aboriginal children from their parents ”for their safety” did you know about this? Well, it’s exactly the same as what the government has done recently to all Australian people. The issue here is, the Australian government will have to give all people a bill of rights if they give one at all, and they don’t want immigrants and the Aboriginals to have equal rights with the elites who run the country.

The elites who run Australia know that they are unintelligent and lazy. If they had to compete with immigrants on an even playing field, then they would lose, and when it comes to oppressing aboriginals, they wouldn’t have the ability to control them the way they used to.

All this would weaken their power over the people immediately, and that’s not something they want to do.

The Australian Government Wants To Oppress Their People – No Bill Of Rights

Why Doesn’t Australia Have a Bill of Rights? Australia is one of the only developed countries in the world without a bill of rights. This means that Australia has no explicit document that guarantees the fundamental rights and freedoms of its citizens. In this article I want to discuss human rights, you will explore with me some of the reasons, well I’ll be speculating, why Australia does not have a proper bill of rights along with discussing some of the histories of Australia that may just shock you.

Australia does not have an equivalent document to the European Convention on Human Rights, which serves as the basis of current human rights law in Australia. Australia is also one of the very few developed nations to not have a bill of rights as read above. Australia is often called “the lucky country”, but it’s clear that the country has been quite unlucky in terms of human rights and liberties.

There are a few interesting reasons why Australia doesn’t have an official bill of rights. The first reason being that Australia’s Constitution does not specifically mention human rights. Australia also has a strong tradition of parliamentary sovereignty, which means that Parliament can pass any law it likes, even if it contradicts Australia’s international obligations. Australia has been reluctant to regulate private affairs, as well as reluctant to give the High Court power over Parliament by using a bill of rights.

Should Australia have its own bill of rights?

Australia has also been involved in many wars, such as the Vietnam War and the Iraq War, and has been criticized for its treatment of prisoners. Australia has a poor track record of Indigenous rights along the way as well. Some may not know this, but Australia was one of the last developed countries to give Indigenous Australians the right to vote, and Australia still doesn’t have a treaty. Australia has been criticized by several international organizations over the years for its treatment of refugees and asylum seekers.

Australia also has a high level of gun violence, and there is no guarantee that people’s rights will be protected in the event of a terrorist attack or a natural disaster. Australia’s lack of a bill of rights means that Australia is unable to protect the rights and freedoms of its citizens in times of need.
It is also not known to many that Australia carries a history of racism and an unwillingness to go against the government or powerful elites.

Australia certainly could benefit from a bill of rights that guarantees civil liberties, but it is debatable whether Australia would be better off with a bill that restricts Parliament’s power to pass laws. In any case, Australia would’ve definitely been better off than it is now with a bill of rights.

To conclude, Australia is one of the only developed nations without a bill of rights. Australia has no explicit document that guarantees fundamental rights and freedoms for its citizens due to Australia’s Constitution not mentioning human rights and Australia has a strong tradition of parliamentary sovereignty. Australia also has a history of mistreatment of aboriginals and unwillingness to go against the government or powerful elites making it a very hard place to live for those that are looking to express their freedoms and liberties.