Australia Used Novak Djokovic as a Geopolitical Pawn For Banning The Rio Tinto Lithium Mine in Serbia

Most people are aware that Serbia’s two best friends are Russia and China, most people are also aware that Australia’s two worst enemies are Russia and China. So, when Australian mining company Rio Tinto came close to sealing a multi-billion dollar deal with Serbia for a lithium mine, Russia decided to step in and flex it’s geopolitical muscles.

Recently Australia has suffered from tariffs, sanctions, and outright geo-economic coercion from the Chinese Communist Party. The CCP has been angered over the Australian government’s decision to be more aware of China’s soft power influence within its borders. China has wanted to influence Australian politicians and start to shape Australia in its own image, kinda turning Australia into a submissive country it could manipulate whenever it chose to.

This backfired when China watchers like myself start to publicly raise concerns over CCP influence within Australia.

The World Has Entered a New Geopolitical Era

Most people still think the lockdowns and mandates are about preventing a cough. I’m one of the few that believe this is a controlled reduction of goods and services in the global system for geopolitical purposes. Only time will tell hey. Globalization ended with a big cough in early 2020, which has brought in a new world order, where mercantilism, geopolitics, control of supply chains etc are all back in play.

Which is how the world has been for thousands of years by the way…

The only reason why you have had peace for the past 80 years, since WW2 is because the United States was the global hegemon who protected global trade. These days are over, China pushed the United States too far by starting its own geopolitical play in the South China Sea. So, if you are annoyed with the current state of the world, you should know that China started this whole mess we are in today.

Globalization Will Break Up More Rapidly Due to Vindictive Leaders

You guys need to understand that every country is going through a period of shortages of goods and services. Instead of explaining to their domestic populations why these things are happening, leaders around the world are blaming foreign countries. This vindictive behavior is going to increase rapidly until every country has childishly destroyed their own prosperity.

Negotiations worldwide have broken down because the United States has stepped back from protecting global trade. And no country has mature-minded politicians, who are capable of understanding the severe nature of what they are doing.

When one country loses trade somewhere due to action from another, the blighted country will seek to harm the other in a vindictive way, instead of coming to the negotiation table like adults. The baby-boomer generation who are currently in control of the world have never experienced what it’s like to live in a global conflict, but they will unless they wise up to what they are doing to the world right now.

How did the Novak Djokovic saga begin and why.

Russian Propaganda Campaigned Serbia to Ban Australian Miner Rio Tinto

Russian media pressured Serbia to ban the Australian mine

When you look at these protesters who are against the mine, you would be forgiven to believe that it’s actually about ”pollution” or saving nature from evil miners, but it’s all Russian propaganda. Let me explain.

This Rio Tinto mine is for Lithium, which is used in batteries that reduce greenhouse gasses. The argument that this particular mine is going to be a natural disaster is absolutely false. If you are going to take their argument seriously, then the natural conclusion is that all mines all over the entire planet should be shut down, which is a ridiculous point to make.

Russia vindictively abused their influence over Serbia, to coerce them into banning the Australian mining company Rio Tinto. That’s it, this is purely a geoeconomic attack by proxy on Australian business interests in Europe.

serbia banns rio tinto mine
Serbian government agents block Australian miner Rio Tinto from doing it’s job.

Novak Djokovic Was Banned From The Australian Open in Retaliation For Rio Tinto Ban

When you look at the fact behind the deportation of Novak Djokovic, you have to look at what is behind it all. Djokovic had his visa accepted by the Australian government, which cannot be denied. Then the Australian media (propaganda of course) started calling Novak Djokovic an antivaxxer, publicly attacking him over some ridiculous claims that he will spark anti vax sentiment in Australia.

Without mentioning that Australia has almost 100% vaccination rate hahaha, what a joke. In my state NSW there has to be a 95% vaccination rate, or thereabouts. Which puts a huge hole in the anti-vax lie that the Australian media pushes. This is why I think that the freedom movement has been corrupted by government agents who co-opt the movement as anti-vax when that’s definitely not the point of it at all.

Will Djokovic Be Banned From The US Open and Wimbledon Next?

Think about it this way, what do you think will be happening behind closed doors in Australian-Serbian negotiations over the mine? The United States has an interest to keep pushing Russia around, and this would be a huge blow to Russian influence in middle Europe if the Rio Tinto mine was to be accepted.

Britain has financial interests in Rio Tinto too, so I could imagine a scenario where the Serbian leader would be put on notice that Novak Djokovic would be banned from Wimbledon and the US open if the mine wasn’t allowed to go ahead.

If the Rio Tinto mine was banned and Djokovic was to be allowed to play at Wimbledon and the US open, then my theory here falls apart, so lets see what happens next with the mine.

Is Russian Influence or Serbian Sporting Pride More Important?

This is what it all comes down to, for the Serbian leadership. If Novak Djokovic was to win one more grand slam, then he would become the greatest tennis player of all time. Imagine the celebrations in Serbia, if this was to occur, imagine the national pride that would permeate throughout the country.

Ian Robertson in his book ”The Winner Effect’ talks about the boost in testosterone for an entire nation when their player wins a sporting event. This could be the greatest sporting achievement in Serbian history, this could cement their place in sporting history.

It could have happened now in 2022, January. But instead the Australian government has used this as a geopolitical tool. I’d hate to be the Serbian leader that put it’s pride in front of the real prosperity of the Serbian people. The happiness that comes from a sporting victory and the economic win that comes from such a large mining deal.


Don’t let Russia ruin it for you Serbia. Easy choice