Charishma Kaliyanda Is A RACIST Indian Immigrant

Charishma Kaliyanda is an immigrant from India, who has shown her true evil, racist inner feelings recently against white men. Australia has allowed so many immigrants into Australia, that they are now demanding that on arrival, they have the ability to rule this country.

This is not just a slap in the face for every white Australian man like myself, who WAS BORN HERE, but every Australian who is welcoming these racists into positions of power.

Imagine if Charishma Kaliyanda had the power to help a brown person verses a white person in Australia, once she gains power. Who do you think she would help?

We all know the answer to that question. She would openly abuse her power to hurt a white man. It frustrates me to no end, for the wealthy elites in Australia, making a poor disabled white Australian man like myself a slave in my own country.

Gladys Berejiklian fired me for being a poor white disabled man and laughed in my face while I was about to die from multiple surgeries and extreme poverty caused by her. Yet she hid her resentment well. This candidate for the Labor party in Australia is openly a racist and sexist, yet we allow her to keep her position.

Kick Racist Charishma Kaliyanda Out Of The Country

Charishma Kaliyanda should be fired, her and her entire family should be kicked out of the country for her hateful remarks. I promise you, we are not going to tolerate this for much longer.

Quote: ”I was raised in Liverpool after migrating to the area with my family as a young girl. I am proud to be one of only 11 women elected to Council in Liverpool’s 144-year history, and one of the youngest. I was named one of Australia’s rising political stars by Marie Claire, and twice nominated as a candidate for NSW Parliament before I turned 30. Recently, I was named one of the 40 under 40 most influential Asian Australian leaders by the Asian Australian Leadership Alliance.”

As you can see above, she is a sneaky and untrustworthy immigrant from India. ”I was raised in Liverpool after migrating to the area”. Funny how you have to search all over the internet to find that she ”migrated” from India, not from another part of Australia. Scumbag…

You can see she uses the ”I’m a woman” card too. Literally using every possible race or gender excuse to pressure the Australian government into giving her more power. There is no way in hell she is a competent person. Imagine having so many privileges, yet still being a power-hungry piece of shit. . .

Poor me, I’m a woman…

Poor me, I’m an immigrant…

White men are to blame..

Most immigrants who come to Australia for a better life are simply agents for foreign nations, and the pattern is very clear. They all use racism and discrimination to their advantage. Just like this sneaky scumbag.

Imagine suffering from such racism that you can immigrate from India and find yourself at the very top of Australian society. Yet. Still complain that’s not enough for you. What a dirtbag.

I cannot even rely on being treated equally in Australian society, because we have way too many racist pieces of shit like this who actively get into power and discriminate against white men like myself. Disgusting.

Charishma Kaliyanda’s Instagram

As you can see, this immigrant from India is fully taking in the Australian lifestyle. Even the Australian man… Clearly, she doesn’t like our culture, nor does she like Australian men. She has just moved to Australia, and brought her culture to overtake mine.

I’m suffocating in this country. Yet I have nowhere to escape to. Only Charishma Kaliyanda has India to escape to, not me. I’m trapped here, while having all of my rights stolen from me on a daily basis.

I bet if Charishma Kaliyanda read this, she would NOT be sorry, or have empthy for me. She would love the fact that I am suffering. Because that’s what she is here to do.

Hurt Australia