Australian Government Psychological Operation in Sydney (mass African immigration to Australia)

Government psychological operation in Sydney designed to make mass African immigration to Australia
Government psychological operation in Sydney designed to make mass African immigration to Australia

Look at this advertising poster by Dior. An African man is the model in the poster, even though we don’t have hardly any Africans in Sydney (Pitt st Sydney, near world square).

This is not an isolated incident, almost every storefront has African models on their advertising material. This just happens to coincide with the mass influx of African immigration to Australian shores.

Across Sydney in 2022 through to the beginning of 2023, there has clearly been a full-scale psychological operation in every store Sydney-wide. I traveled all over Sydney to document this coordinated, systematic advertising campaign.

Almost every possible storefront has simultaneously switched the models of Africans. Clearly the government knows how unaware the general public is, all they have to do is put up photos of Africans in every storefront and the public will get used to it.

Amazing how easily manipulated the average person is. I wonder how we ever got so far as a species to be honest. Imagine if humanity could think for themselves, what could we achieve?

African babies are being promoted by Bonds.

The volume of Africans in storefronts and on TV at the moment is truly shocking. You can see how easily the Australian government can create such a huge psyop to brainwash the general public and get away with it, without anyone but myself questioning it.

Truly shocking.

As a white Australian man who is by far the most discriminated against in our society, I couldn’t be more offended by allowing African immigrants into Australia. The stats don’t lie, Africans increase violent crime in society, they complain about racism, because they are lazy. Plus they are bigger and racist themselves.

Just look at what they have done to the UK and America. I bet moving forward, we are going to have larger numbers of ”black lives matters” protesters in Australia, next time something happens in USA. Africans are only going to make Australia a more dangerous society to live in.