Black Australian Politician Calls For White Men To Be Attacked

As a white man who was born, had my family fight in wars for Australia, and have contributed greatly to this country. I feel unsafe more every day, due to the waves of racist immigrants coming to my country.

I don’t only have to deal with an aboriginal Australian community that is racistly trying to take everything they can from me, I’m also dealing with serious institutionalized racism in every level of the Australian government.

Indigenous Australians Hate White Men

Below are a few screenshots of things Lidia Thorpe (Aboriginal Australian politician) said in public a few days ago. She clearly states that all the Indigenous Australians are in a covert war against everyone else in the country.

A real war, a multigenerational war. Did you know that the indigenous population viewed this as a war? Are you aware that, even a decade after the Australian politicians apologized to the indigenous population, they still view this as a war?

If it’s a war, then why are we helping people who want us dead, to get get more political power in this country?

Are we going to give them the power to murder us?

These are serious questions that the mainstream media doesn’t seem to be asking. In fact, the Australian-funded broadcaster ”The ABC” has totally censored this truth-telling rant by a racist Australian politician.

The ABC seems to want this civil war to escalate out of control. Because we all know that the only way to solve problems like these, is to talk about it. However, if you (white Australians) don’t even know there’s a race war coming, then you won’t have the time to prepare for it.

The ABC seems to want you to wake up one day with your entire family being locked up and gassed, just like Nazi Germany.

black australian politician

Aboriginal politicians Are Racist Against Whites

You can never trust an Aboriginal in power. They are racist and pure evil, with absolutely no morals. Aboriginals see everything through the lens of race. This will never change.

You can be friends with an aboriginal Australian for your entire life, then one day, they will show their true colors. You will eventually be accused of colonizing their country and doing something unrelated to you. Even accused of something that happened over 200 years ago.

Australian Women Will Always Take The Black’s Side

The screenshot below is absolutely disgusting in every possible way, but it’s a direct reflection of what we are dealing with in the west.

Women ‘in general’ don’t add value to society, they are mostly consumers. Men produce and provide, while women consume. These are irrefutable facts on how any economy has been run throughout history.

The problem is, that women are never taught how the economy actually runs, and women are not forced to do the manual labor men do. They never learn what goes into keeping a country running.

At the risk of going down a rabbit hole here, women just take the cushy jobs at the top and leave all the real jobs to men to do.

Below is Lidia Thorpe (proven racist Australian politician) woman who thinks that the only factor that matters is the size of a man’s penis. Yes, an Australian politician literally abused white men in public about the size of their penises.

Hey Lidia, why isn’t Africa the wealthiest continent on planet Earth?

It’s because constantly fighting and being racist doesn’t work. Cooperation works, forgetting the past works. Look at Germany and Poland. Both these countries were totally destroyed after WW2. They forgot about the past, rebuilt their economies and traded with their enemies.

Why cannot black people do this? And if they cannot do this, then aren’t they only going to push for a civil war at all costs?

The only rational conclusion is to never trust a black person in power. Look at what they did to south Africa, it’s a total mess right now. We have precedents to work with people. I don’t want to be an old Australian man being bashed in the streets by racist blacks.

That’s my future, if I don’t speak out now.

Australian politician hates white men

White People Know How Racist Black People Are

African Immigrants To Australia Will Join Aboriginals In Starting Race Riots

African Immigrants are being treated like babies at the moment in Australia. It’s such a slap in the face of myself. I’m a disabled man who has spent my entire life being discriminated against because I am white and a man in Australia.

Yet, blacks are immigrating to Australia, taking my women and taking my jobs. While simultaneously being promoted in the mainstream media as stars. It absolutely disgusts me.

As a disabled white Australian man in Australia, I feel unsafe here and I have no where else to go. The government and the media are taking all of my human rights away from me. Australia is not a democracy, otherwise they would never let this many blacks in to my country.

We are all doomed