Dr Jeannette Young Micromanaging Queenslanders Lives

My first impressions of Jeannette Young were quite bad, but after digging deeper, I have grown to like her and somewhat respect her. This is rare for myself, when it comes to these ”CHO’s” who are unelected health advisors, who like to tell us what we can and cannot do in our private lives. Not to mention my utter distrust of any politician in this country, even if they themselves are elected. Whether this country is a democracy or not, will have to be proven to many Australian’s after the human rights violations that have happened recently.

Dr Jeannette Young Micromanaging Queenslanders Lives was my first introduction to her work, which left a bitter taste in my mouth to say the least. She also came across quite unsophisticated in her communication, which left her open to being easily attacked and I did that with my video below. But there’s something Doctor Jeannette Young did that no one else had the strength of character to say and that’s this clip here.

18 Year Olds Probably Won’t Die – Jeannette Young

Koshie calls this ”inflammatory scaremongering”

Dr Jeannette Young Quote : ”I don’t want an 18 year old in Queensland dying from a clotting illness, who if they got covid, probably wouldn’t die”. Although there have been only 2 deaths from clotting with approximately 7 million doses, covering this up makes things worse. And I must applaud Jeannette Young for at least saying something that very few other doctors in Australia have the guts to say, so, well done.

When I watched the video above, it’s fascinating that the professor Koshie interviewed didn’t condemn jeannette rosita young’s comments. In fact she said nothing has changed.

Australian Collectivism Is Very Socialist

Maybe this is something that all Australians are learning through this tough experience, well I hope so anyway. Personally, I’ve learned so much about individualism, capitalism, how dangerous collectivism can be and how truly wise the founding fathers of the United States truly were.

The idea that the collective can deem you to be dirty somehow, then use the power of the state to lock you up in an isolation camp, just like jail, is truly scary. In the past, we had witch hunts, where the collective of a local tribe or small town would pick out someone to be burned alive, because they are a witch…

We haven’t gone this far yet in Australia, not as far as Germany did 90 years ago, or as far as the Soviet Union only 40 years ago. Many Australians have said that the very idea is just a conspiracy theory, created by nut cases. Is it really?

If I had a chat with you in 2019 and told you that within 12 months we’ll shut down the global economy for a flu, start locking up people who have a fever, the police will be bashing people in the street for not wearing a mask and protesting. I’d bet you would call me a conspiracy theorist back in 2019, but look at how far we’ve gone in 18 months.

If we have gone this far towards totalitarianism, with the police, the main stream media and politicians all working together against the will of the majority of Australians. Isn’t it more likely that we take a few more steps forward, instead of returning everything back to what it was like in 2019?

The way things are going right now, if you were to tell me that things will go back to what they were like in 2019, I’d have to say that you are the conspiracy theorist. Who knows, that’s just how my critical thinking ability seems to work. I could be wrong, hopefully I am.

One solution in my opinion is, giving people more individual rights to make their own decisions. Mob rule in Australia, is truly a scary thing, taking away someone’s human rights just because you dislike them is a huge part of Australian society. I’ve suffered from the tyranny of the mob many times in my personal life, where a majority of fools can impose heavy penalties on one person, even when those penalties are clearly illegal.

In Australia, criminal behaviour becomes legal when mob rule kicks in and there are countless examples of this in Australian society. I’ve witnessed police act on behalf of a criminal mob, just because they couldn’t be bothered to stand up for the law that they’re paid to uphold.

The fact that the police have acted in such an incompetent way, is no surprise to people like myself. Nor is the mob rule mentality, but on a nation wide scale, our deficiencies have become transparent to all, even those abroad. The question is, do we continue to act like an unruly mob, going on witch hunts or do we start to respect individual human rights more in Australia?

Only time will tell.

Dr Jeannette Rosita Young – Power Trip

Power Trip

This was my first introduction to Jeanette Young and from the point of view of individual human rights, her strict micromanaging of peoples civil liberties, was absolutely shocking to me. Hopefully an American can teach her about individual rights, I think she is open enough to listen. After doing my research on her, she strikes me as someone who is quite open to new ideas, which is a sign of intelligence.

Some Strict Restrictions Jeanette Young Mandated

  • People must be seated while eating indoors
  • No dancing indoors but you can outdoors
  • Wear a mask indoors
  • Wear a mask when singing
  • You can take your mask off to eat and drink, but you must put it back on when going to the bar or toilet

These are just a few of Jeanette Young’s rules that she outlines in the video I cut up for Youtube. In my opinion and anyone who believes in freedoms, the very fact that anyone thinks that they can dictate what I can and cannot do, right down to the micro level, is an absolute abuse of power in my opinion. The very idea that someone thinks that this is okay, is outrageous.