How Does The CCP Plan To Dominate Asian Maritime Trade?

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The Chinese communist party’s long-term plans for Asia are out of self-interest. There are many geopolitical pressures from China’s neighbors, this has a direct impact on what China does. Most of China’s aggression is out of self-defense.


China’s Domestic Issues

There are domestic issues that threaten to cause serious pain for the entire country. The Chinese communist party (CCP) is working hard on holding things together under their rule, which should help to retain stability.

Sure, most people will say that this dictatorship should be over thrown and give democracy a try in China.

But if you look at how brutal geopolitics is, you’ll understand that the Chinese people will suffer more if they try overthrowing the government at this point in time.

I’m one of the China watchers who believes that the CCP is in fact holding this massive country together, instead of being the main issue.

Keep in mind this is coming from the Chinese people’s point of view.

If, in fact you are coming from a western point of view, then over throwing the CCP will help collapse China and then this country will no longer be a geopolitical threat to other countries.

The problem with seeing it from the western point of view, is that millions of Chinese people within China will suffer greatly, if the CCP was to be over thrown.

Did China’s Geopolitical Ambition Change?

When you hear people talking about China’s ambition, they often talk about some form of change they noticed.

This narrative is mostly pushed by the mainstream media and fake analysts who don’t know what they are talking about.

By pushing the idea that ”China has changed” only serves to protect the selfish decisions of western elites who got rich off China’s rise.

These elites (John Howard is one of my most hated elites) like to pretend they were simply helping a poor developing country feed it’s people.

When the truth is, these elites don’t even care about their own population, let alone China’s.

These elites were being warned from day one, that a powerful China would be a danger to our survival, but people like John Howard and Bill Clinton just wanted to exploit Chinese workers for profit.

Now the reckoning has begun. China never changed it’s geopolitical ambitions and the western elites knew this.

What Is Driving China’s Geopolitical Ambition?

China has the second largest population in the world (2022). When a country has such a large population, it needs huge amounts of inputs into it’s economy to feed it’s people.

Historically, China has always struggled from instability from within, this is where the hundred years of humiliation came from. Purely from instability, which outsiders have historically exploited.

China learned from this and started putting strict rules in place to try avoid this happening again. It was shown in 1950 invading South Korea and in 1955 destabilizing countries like Vietnam (ending 1975).

Everyone knew this was happening. EVERYONE

Western elites ignored all of these warning signs. While arrogantly thinking that they’ll have the tech and military advantage to hurt China after exploiting their people for cheap labor.

USA went from having slavery within it’s borders to exporting slavery to China. The problem is, the CCP was only using this as a means to grow China’s power, with the end goal of building a safer future for its people.

Western Elites Seem To Have Been Brainwashed By Their Own Propaganda

Now the game is fully transparent and the western elites are using every tool at their disposal, to hurt China. Unfortunately or fortunately, its entirely up to your opinion, it might be too late for the west to push China down again.

The CCP has known this game from the beginning.

While it seems like western elites didn’t pass the detailed memo down to successive leaders over time and the public propaganda about China ”being our friends” continued to be circulated.

It seems like modern leaders were brainwashed themselves, by a mutating narrative about China that was supposed to brainwash the general public, not themselves.

China started to buy up media companies and use modern media in the west, which really did change the game. And the old school elites (who still read newspapers…) were ill-equipped for the modern era.

That’s when people like myself had the chance to rise up through the ranks into media, purely with intelligence and hard work.

Something that had never happened in the history of the world. Only the elites would put their incompetent friends and children in this type of position.

There was a sweet spot between 2013 and 2019 approximately when competent people like myself could become famous online.

Unfortunately, this time is over and google/Youtube etc have been totally corrupted by the elites.

They control social media the exact same way they controlled what was written in a newspaper 50 years ago.

China is Winning, Don’t Believe What You Are Being Told

China has been taking over all aspects of land and sea trade globally for decades. This methodical approach to replacing the United States has been gaining steam, as China has all of the tools at their disposal.

While the west has only just started to take this game seriously, we have literally very few tools that can hurt China at our disposal.

When China finds itself hitting a western built barricade in trade, China WILL SMASH IT DOWN.

And they will smash it down easier than anyone could imagine. One example is the South China Sea. If Chinese maritime trade starts to be blockaded or restricted, the PLA will use brute force the open it up again.

Then ultimately become the next gate keeper in whatever aspect of globalized trade they find this push back.

Imagine a world where China controls who can and cannot pass through the South China Sea. If you can’t imagine it, it will happen soon, so you can see it with your own eyes.

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