How Does The World View Australia?

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As an Australian who was born and bred in Sydney Australia, I’ve recently become more and more concerned with how the world sees my country.

Australia is seen around the world as a land mass that is rich in resources and agriculture. However, the Australian people are thought of as being unsophisticated, and somewhat dumb. Australians are known for drinking too much alcohol, being quite aggressive, and whether it’s true or not, Australians are seen as having low I.Q.s.

So many things have happened to Australia’s reputation over the past few decades that I’d like to unpack some of these issues with you in more detail below.

What Is The Australian Personality?

On average I’ve noticed that Australians are not very respectful of differing opinions.

For instance, if someone has a different opinion on a certain topic, Australians, in general, would rather go on the attack against someone, instead of having a mature conversation.

This terrible behavior is being led by the mainstream media in Australia, where the immature journalist will abuse their power to attack an innocent person for mostly no reason.

This has permeated throughout Australian society to the point where almost everyone will abuse whatever advantage they have against anyone.

A good example is when a larger man disagrees with a smaller man, the larger Australian man will almost always resort to using his physical presence to try win the disagreement, instead of having a mature discussion.

Ultimately, having a mature discussion is quite rare in Australia.

Is Australia Getting Dumber?

Australians are known for being quite dumb. Have a look at how the Australian average IQ compares to the world here.

It’s worse than that by the way. I did the mensa IQ exam and got into mensa with one of the highest IQ’s in the world. People like myself are bring up the average, which makes it look far better than it really is here on the ground in Australia.

The vast majority of Australians in fact talk down to someone like myself, you see, I’m not a stupid barbarian, so it’s almost impossible to discuss anything of importance in this country without being attacked.

Australia is a stupid country, it truly is.

How Is Life In Australia?

Life in Australia has been made easy for previous generations, for example, the Australian boomers. Since then, these boomers exploited their wealth to the point where they somewhat sold this country off to a flood of immigrants.

The flood of immigration helped the Australian boomer generation fill their investment properties with immigrant renters for the short term, now we have a serious issue with too many immigrants feeling like they own the country.

Almost like a colony.

This seems to be heading towards a form of a feudal system, where the only people who can become prosperous are the people who inherit real estate.

The oversupply of immigrants has negatively affected how Australia is run by politicians too.

In the past Australians had the ability to push back against politicians who took away their rights, but immigrants in Australia don’t want to stand up for freedoms in Australia, they don’t want to risk anything. Especially their visas…

So, over time Australia has slowly become more of an authoritarian nation. All aspects of Australian life have been squeezed, to the point where real Australians like myself are running out of places to hide from all of the terror.

What Are Australians Known For?

Australians are known for getting drunk and watching sports. That’s pretty much it. This country could have chosen to import the best of the best immigrants, but instead the Australian government allowed anyone in who had the cash to pay their way in.

Just another rant. I felt like getting this off my chest, don’t care if it doesn’t make sense.

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