How To Defend Australia From China – Hugh White

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Hugh White is very careful when the Spotlight’s on him. I think he gets a bit of stage fright and he’s afraid to speak his mind.

To be honest, it does seem that he’s very afraid to speak his mind. But I have noticed and I watched up until about here.

This is where he starts to get a bit juicy. I watched up to about here. Then I went back. So this is great. This is a great little video to watch.

It’s only about a week. It’s not very old at all. He doesn’t seem to be pulling any punches. He just says it how it is.

This is the Huge White I want to hear. I want to hear what he honestly thinks.

So that’s what we’re going to do today. And obviously, it’s related to China, of course. So Hugh White, take the stage.

Hugh White Interview On China

Ways To Defend Australia From China – Hugh White

It’s been some widespread and very unusual, really.

For the first time, we’ve seen the senior business leaders in Australia criticize the government for mismanaging the relationship with China and calling on Morrison to start managing more jointly to avoid these sorts of problems.

So I think there is starting to be some political pushback. It’s not quite clear how Morrison is going to handle that, whether he’s going to be able to find a way through it.

He has two kinds of approaches that he’s running at the moment. One is that he’s trying to distance Australia from America.

He gave a big speech to the UK or what he gets earlier this week in which he said that she emphasized that Australia’s attitudes towards China weren’t dictated by the United States.

He seems to think that the reason why the Chinese are putting pressure on us as they see us as a stalking course for America.

I’m sure that’s partly true, but I think he underestimates the extent to of the Chinese are also responding to what he himself has done.

Can Australia Defend Itself From China?

The other thing he’s done is trying to reassure Australians that we’re not alone, that we can marginalize China, and isolate China by drawing closer to other countries in the region.

Last week, again, he took the remarkable step under the circumstances of going himself to Japan.

This is the first overseas trip he has taken since the Pandemic struck.

He’s the first foreign leader to visit Japan since the new Prime Minister was installed.

And he went there specifically to sign a very low-level defense agreement about how our forces can use one another’s faces.

But he hailed that he presented that agreement as a sort of major new alliance for Australia, and the aim was to show that we can work with other countries like Japan can push back against the Chinese with all these other countries supporting us.

Very interesting how he’s talking you can listen to the tonality you do have to read between the lines a little tiny bit with Hugh White but you can clearly see that he’s comfortable.

Why Doesn’t Australia And China Not Get Along?

He feels like he’s just at home having a conversation with a friend so he’s not pulling any punches. He’s really saying that Scott Morrison has made a lot of mistakes.

That’s what it sounds like he’s saying.

I personally think that’s just wrong. The fact is that Japan is taking a very different approach to China from us.

Japan has been very careful about dealing with the Chinese.

Just a few days after Morrison was in Tokyo the Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, was in Tokyo setting up arrangements for a visit to Tokyo which had been scheduled for this year and is now being rescheduled for next year by Xi Jinping.

Now, the idea of Xi Jinping visiting Australia is where their presents are just unthinkable.

So the fact that Japan, despite all of the really deep problems that Japan has with China is managing a relationship in such a way that a visit by Xi Jinping.

Is being scheduled shows how much Australia alone had differently other countries in Asia handling this problem.

Does Australia Have a Good Defence Force?

So I think the Australian Prime minister, as he faces growing political pressure in Australia because of the real concern about the economic implications of the way the relationship is handled is starting to have second thoughts but it’s not too clear how he can dig himself out of all these things he’s taking himself into.

This is a big issue that I’ve had with the way Australia has dealt with China, just in general. Internationally like our international politics, it’s been like this we’re not going to stand on our own feet. We’re not going to be mature stakeholders in the world.

And domestically, we’re just going to assume that everybody wants to come to Australia they’re going to continue to pay money to us.

We’re going to continue to have a strong dollar and we can have incompetence.

People at the top. We can have this semi-socialist economy that is rigged and we don’t need to protect the Australian people. Anyone can come in and everyone is treated equally.

I believe this is wrong.

How Strong Is the Australian Defence Force?

The Australian government has let down the Australian people. What an Australian person is constantly changing now, right?

But when an Australian person who calls themselves an Australian comes from another country and that country has interests within our country, they have a strong incentive to destabilize Australia.

And when that is going to happen which is happening already. We should have put in place a lot of protections for the Australian people here.

They’ve never been put in place.

I’ve always focused on protecting the interests of the people that are here.

You and me, we’re the ones that are stuck here and the government just ignored us and focused on other people coming here, not us.

Because we’ve become irrelevant whether the slaves were the bottom feeders that the government doesn’t care about.

They think they can talk tough and play these massive alliance games.

At the end of the day, we’re going to be alone.

How Capable Is The Australian Navy?

The government, when it really hits the fan, is going to realize the Australian people are going to realize that none of the things that should have been put in place to protect you and me were ever put in place.

Have a look at Singapore. Have a look at how Malaysia protects its own Malay population.

Look at how the Japanese protect Japanese people.

They’re unapologetically protecting themselves within and then they have the ability, if you can protect yourself within, you have the ability to try to have good relations with other countries internationally.

But the Australian government just beats down the Australian people and treats them like we are the scum of the Earth.

If we do anything wrong, just beats us down. The Australian government treats the Australian people far worse than I believe.

In the future, it’s going to get worse than the CCP treats the Chinese people.

Now that’s a huge claim to make. But as Australia becomes more and more authoritarian, this is an outrageous claim.

Should Australia Get Nuclear Weapons?

I’m aware of how outrageous it is. I’ll see you in ten years’ time though.

The Australian government is going to be treating you and me far worse, Soviet Union-style than the current CCP is going to be treating the Chinese people and that’s just my prediction.

Because of this, they think they can talk tough and do all these other things as well.

They treat people with contempt and foreign nations with contempt and that’s a big part of why I jumped into this in the first place.

But Huge White’s making a very good point there that he’s mismanaged things.

While Japan is used to dealing with great powers, Australia just has these.

Arrogant, spoiled brat elites at the top have no understanding of it.

They think that they’re so superior and that’s the arrogance that’s going to get us all in trouble.

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