Something Isn’t Right About Morgan Jonas

Not sure if anyone actually reads this blog, so I’d like to just put down my thoughts. A few weeks ago I was with a client of mine, who traveled from Canada to meet me. We were sitting in the Hilton on George st Sydney, when Morgan Jonas appears in the lobby.

We said hello to each other and had a brief chat. The first thing that sprung to mind was, how can this guy afford to stay in a 5-star hotel? This didn’t make sense to me, nor did the brand-new luggage he had sitting in the lobby, not far behind him.

Where’s all this cash coming from? Is it the people who support him?

Keep in mind, this was the first time we had actually met in real life, since he reached out to me as a fan years ago. Back then, he was very interested in the Chinese influence over Australia. He’s not so interested in that topic these days, which was also quite suspicious to me.

These days he’s far more interested in vaccine mandates etc. Don’t get me wrong, this is a huge issue, my sister’s husband didn’t wake up in 2022. My sister couldn’t wake her husband up one morning, he died in his sleep. Turns out to be ”myocarditis”.

Even though this happened to someone in my family, China is still the biggest threat to Australia. So, why is Morgan Jonas flip-flopping to whatever the next hot topic is? Seems like a bit of a chameleon to me. Almost like getting votes is more important to him.

Keep in mind, during the lockdowns my Youtube channel was getting 1 million views per month on average. So, I invited Morgan Jonas on my channel to talk about these topics, yet he ghosted me. Instead, he appears next to Aussie Cossack all the time.

I’m a born and bred Aussie. Not an Aussie born in Australia who only supports my country until my ”real” motherland needs me. Australia is my real motherland. So, why didn’t Morgan Jonas come on my channel for a chat?

During our little chat in the lobby of this 5-star hotel, Morgan Jonas felt obliged to tell me a long story of how his father escaped Europe during world war II as a Jew. This felt like he was assuming that I am Jewish or a part of something bigger. I’m not.

After a short pleasant chat, Morgan Jonas went upstairs. When he reached the 2nd level, he stopped and pulled out his phone to take multiple photos of me. Why did he take these photos? I even waved and smiled at him, he used his thumb and index finger to zoom in on my face.

This was creepy.

There’s something creepy about Morgan Jonas. What is his true agenda?

Who’s funding him?

Is he lobbying on behalf of you and me, or a foreign entity?

I’ll leave it at that. Just a bunch of inconsistencies and unanswered questions.