The USA & South Korean Alliance Is About To End

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I believe the South Korean alliance with the United States is on its last legs.

The forced lockdowns over the past two years were a turning point for China’s globalization ambitions. Everything was going so well, under the security blanket the United States held up for China’s international trade.

By the end of 2019, the United States clearly decided to end globalization once and for all. This led us down a path of economic destruction for the last two years that we’ll never have back. Not in our lifetimes anyway.

The friendship between South Korea and America is a clear threat to China’s ambitions in Asia. China will start to put more pressure on South Korea over the next few years in my opinion. Having a US ally on China’s doorstep is not acceptable in the eyes of any respectable CCP member in my opinion.

Will The US Cede South Korea To The North?

We all remember to famous tantrum the CCP chucked back in 2017 when the South Koreans installed a missile defense system (THAAD). It’s been five years since that drama occurred, it’s quite strange how quiet things have been between China and South Korea since.

Only the speculation that the re-election of Moon Jae-In was rigged by Huawei’s vote counting technology. This will never get proven or even discussed, but it’s important that we never forget what happened.

Then as soon as the pandemic kicked in (2020), Moon Jae-In sent millions of dollars worth of personal protective equipment to China. Almost like South Korea was showing the world that they were subservient to China already.

Even though the South Koreans seem to be doing what they’re told and acting submissive, it’s still not acceptable from the Chinese point of view.

I’d say having a united Korean peninsula under the control of a proxy ally in the North Korean leadership (Kim Jong-Un) is the only acceptable scenario the Chinese would be happy under.

If my theory is correct, then there is pretty much nothing the South Koreans can do to appease the Chinese leadership. Other than surrendering to the North Koreans.

China released this movie below. Is a reminder of how South Korea was decimated in 1950 when the North Koreans invaded the South. The clear and obvious difference is, that China’s at least twenty times more powerful than back in 1950.

Taking South Korea would be a walk in the park for China in 2022.

2021 Chinese movie about the South Korean war in 1950

Will The US Make a Deal To Cede South Korea To The North?

All the rhetoric around China’s military ambition is centered around Taiwan. Mostly pushed by US mainstream media, even though China keeps sending clear signals of intent against the South Koreans.

US mainstream media is either incompetent or they know something we don’t. And when I say ”they know something we don’t”, I mean, maybe there’s a plan that we don’t know about.

During the 2020, 2021 and 2022 lockdowns, the western mainstream media lied to the general public on a daily basis. As an Australian living under these terrible conditions, I could clearly see every lie that we were being fed.

Naturally, I have zero trust in the mainstream media anymore.

The mistrust combined with my knowledge of how geopolitics works, makes me draw a few conclusions as to what’s going on here.

Has The US Already Ceded South Korea To China Behind Closed Doors?

There is a distinct possibility that the United States has already made some deal to withdraw from South Korea and leave them defenseless. There’s also a possibility that the South Koreans are not aware of this deal.

The mainstream media is talking about China invading Taiwan every single day. And we all know the MSM is just a bunch of low-IQ journalists who aren’t smart enough to get a real job. Or even write their own blogs that make enough money.

Which is evidence of how incompetent these modern-day journalists are. They are only good at pumping out propaganda and taking orders from the elites, nothing more. So, they continue to tell us that Taiwan is under threat and never mention South Korea once.

The whole thing is suspicious….

Just thinking out loud. Especially since everything is so quiet. The silence is deafening.

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