What Has Happened to Freedom and Human Rights in Australia?

What Happened to the Freedom and Human rights in Australia? The Australia we have known has always been a free country and a country for the people, but with the outbreak of the coronavirus, it seems to have had a negative effect on the nation. 

What caused this lack of freedom in the country you might ask?, In a bid to try to curtail the spread of the virus, the government has imposed mandatory restrictions on the freedom of movement on citizens, this is not a good and bearable way to live.

For a long time, we’ve known Australia as one of the freest cities and one of the first genuine liberal democracies in the modern world, it is known as taking the lead on comparison to other nations especially with public conversations about protecting the liberal constitution from interference from particularly bodies attached to the foreign government.

Does the Australian government make the decisions alone? It has become way too easy for other nations to influence the decision of the leaders of Australia which is a major concern for everyone. The ban since 2020 has still not been lifted and there is no international travel without exemption.
Because of its geography, Australia is a neighbor and an observer of authoritarian countries, and it begs the question if this is setting the country up to also become an authoritarian nation.

Covid-19 pandemic aside, we are seeing Australia gradually beginning to shift into being authoritarian. The government is proposing new legal processes that allows visas to be revoked and citizenship revoked in secret all based on the information they get from secret government agencies. How is the privacy of citizens being upheld?

The privacy of citizens is almost non-existent as a law was passed where the government has been given the right to log into the social media account of citizens and hack into their phones and perform numerous activities, delete, alter or even change private information. This was due to Identify and disrupt bill that has been passed, A government that wouldn’t mind the spying on its citizens, most definitely would not need scrutiny or to hide in the dark.

The Australian regime wants to snoop on everyone’s digital communication, there is no more privacy, and they absolutely would not want journalists around trying to get a story.
The authoritarianism in Australia has been around, but we just started paying attention to it as the pandemic started in Australia, but it has been exacerbated by the virus and pinned to it.

The problem Australia is facing is that it is the only democratic nation without any bill of right that protects its citizens from certain abuses, which shows no sign of stopping.

The abuses of the powerful is a continuous cycle that keeps on repeating until the people open their eyes to see and take matters into our own hands, this is the only way to take back our country and build a healthy society for everyone.

Some domestic and external factors can easily corrupt and weaken the country’s democracy and some exogenous factors such as the use of technology, and association with other authoritarian nations have highlighted the vulnerability and shortcomings of the nation.