Why Do So Many Chinese Students Study In Australia?

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The Gradual Subversion of Australia. It’s becoming more and more impossible for me to keep up to date with what’s going on.

So what I’m going to do from now on is a clip together the news on what’s happening in Australia. This van has stickers or paintings on it of communism.

There’s Karl Marx, Lenin, and this Chairman Mao on this Chinese guy’s car.

How Australia is subverted from within

Does China Pay Students To Study Abroad?

I monitor the Global Times which is the mouthpiece of Zhi Jing ping and they uploaded a video, which says that America is responsible for everything that’s happening in Hong Kong.

I put in my subtitles and they say “I am here to produce fake news for the Chinese Communist Party”, and “I hate white people in Western countries”.

I wanted to talk about how China moved troops off the Hong Kong border.

I wanted to see what this news was about. I ended up getting myself a geography lesson Japan looks awfully like New Zealand and South Korea looks kind of similar to Papua New Guinea.

Are Chinese Students in Australia Working For China?

Let’s get into the Hong Kong protests in Australia. The Hong Kong people in Australia feel censored by the Chinese people here.

China is running the show down in Australia and they feel scared. It’s located at the University of Queensland and a group of home covers just organized a little more to show our support.

After a while, a group of Chinese just came and hijacked the whole event.

These protests and arguments between Hong Kong people and the Chinese are happening in New Zealand as well.

Someone asked whether the mainland Chinese were aware of what was going on in Hong Kong and whether they would feel sorry for the plight of the Hong Kong people.

You need to understand that the mainland Chinese have been brainwashed and the news that’s been pumped all over China right now is to defend my flag.

They are being told that the Hong Kong people are disrespecting mainland China and that the Hong Kong people need to be crushed because the mainland people are very nationalistic.

Does University of Queensland Have Chinese Spies?

Security, stability, and peace are like air: you only know their value when you lose them.

The defend my flag hashtag came out, the masked rioters removed a Chinese national flight from a PO in a district and Flung it into the water two weeks ago.

The flag was later raised again by residents.

Jackie Chan, who was in the “Rush Hour” movie is a Chinese Communist Party sympathizer. He is a spy for the Chinese Communist Party.

There have been a lot of Chinese beggars coming to Australia and taking advantage of the goodwill of the Australian people but a lot of them got caught.

They’re not vulnerable people, they’ve got access to housing and they’re just taking advantage and deceiving the good people of Melbourne.

Investigators say they’re here on tourist visas staying in city accommodation.

Their clothes have patches sewn on to make them look tattered and they had receipts for Australian cash being exchanged for Chinese currency.

Are Asian Students In Australia Working in Foreign Intelligence?

This month, China released its defense white paper where it explicitly said that they need to build a bigger military for defense purposes.

Of course not for invading people in killing millions of people for defense, and described Australia as an enemy of China.

They mentioned Taiwan most of the time and how important it is for them to invade Taiwan and take Taiwan back.

There are several major differences between this version comparing with the previous ones. For the first time, a national defense policy, which is defensive, is introduced.

And for the first time is pointed out that China will never seek hegemony Expansion as a sphere of influence and for the first time, it states the Chinese Military stands for building a community with a shared future for all mankind Through this white paper.

We need to send a clear signal. Those who seek Taiwan’s independence will get nowhere and China will never allow any part of the territory to be separated.

We try our utmost to seek a peaceful reunification plan for the world never allowing any organization or any political party at any time in any form to separate any part of Chinese territory from China.

Are There Foreign Intelligence Agents in Australian Universities?

China is trying to develop its digital currency. We’re in a bit of a race to see who becomes the next reserve currency of the world these digital currencies that China’s trying to create.

A lot of the technology was stolen from the CSIRO in Australia.

The trans-pacific partnership was the number one weapon against China and since then China has replaced the trans-pacific partnership with our SEP, where they have total control.

Our foreign minister Simon Birmingham was trying to negotiate or try to figure out how Australia was going to fit into this new world.

The regional comprehensive economic partnership or asset as it’s known is really exciting.

It brings together 16 countries of the 10 ASEAN nations plus China, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and India, and altogether that’s about half of the world’s population.

Around a third of the world’s economic activity or GDP.

Does The CCP (China) Pay Students To Study in Australia?

We’re trying to build a new trade agreement that can ensure as much connectivity between and within all of those countries as possible.

The China-Australia free trade agreement has been one of the great success stories for both countries.

It is seen a significant growth in two-way trade and China now stands as Australia’s number one trading partner in two-way trade terms.

It’s also number one in terms of our export sales, but importantly it has created real opportunities in both countries.

Production in China creates more jobs and opportunities in Australia and more jobs and opportunities in China and at present, all of those trading figures stand at record levels and that’s a demonstration of the strength in terms of the relationship.

China is very important in terms of trade with Australia. However, there have been some dissenting voices on the relationship between Australia and China.

Do Some Chinese Students Act As Double Agents?

We still have to maintain community support for that investment and we still have to ensure that it protects Australia’s sovereignty and our national security.

They’re the only safeguards or boundaries that we’ve put around investment to make sure that where it happens it’s in the national interest and where it happens if It doesn’t undermine the national security interests of Australia.

I think we’ve got that balance pretty right and, we’ve seen strong growth in Chinese investment in Australia.

Hong Kong is in and of itself a very valuable trading part before Australia here in one of our largest and so I hope and trust that the tensions that have existed there can be resolved peacefully.

What we seek to do is continue to urge people to work by the international rules-based order the structures that were developed around in this case, the World Trade Organization to ensure that countries behave in a respectful way to each other.

Australia can’t resolve to trade tensions between the US and China. We urged them to continue the dialogue and to try to find a way to rectify that.

Does China Have Spies in Australian Universities?

I don’t argue that Australia should acquire nuclear weapons.

What I argue is that Australia’s decision about nuclear weapons, made 50 years ago when we decided that we weren’t going to develop them ourselves.

Was made in circumstances, very different from the circumstances of today and even more distant from the circumstances we’re going to live in 20 or 30 or 40 years from now.

The biggest difference is that Asia is going to be more contested and America is going to be less reliable as an ally.

At the moment we depend on US nuclear weapons to deter any possible nuclear attack on Australia. The less confident we are of that the less confident we are that we can rely on America to do that.

I’m less confident about America’s place in Asia because of a fundamental shift in the distribution of wealth and power.

America has been the dominant power in Asia for decades as long as any of us can remember because it’s been the world’s strongest power the world’s biggest economy and so on.

As China grows, China’s wealth challenges America’s position and its ambitions to be the leading power. It’s the long-term shift in wealth and power and the rise of China and its ambitions to become the leading power in Asia.

The choices we have to make today are ones that encompass the possibility.

They’re quite a significant possibility that Australia will face both better armed and potentially more aggressive major powers in the region an existential threat.

For 50 years we’ve been able to depend on America to prevent a major power from threatening Australia.

The further ahead we look into the future the less confident we can be of that and we have to look a long way into the future when we talk about developing defense forces.

Australia faces a far more complex and wide-ranging set of circumstances than simply focusing on a potential attack on our territory.

The US And China are in different ways making decisions and acting in ways that challenge the status quo.

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