1 Million African Immigrants Allowed In Australia

The mainstream media and the Australian government has hidden this from the Australian people. Because no-one would want increased African immigration, it hurts economies, increases violence, rapes etc.

Right now in Australia, it’s safe to go outside, this is about to change exponentially.

Approximately one million African immigrants were given citizenship in Australia in 2022. The Australian people were never told or asked if they would like an increase in African immigration.

In fact, the opposite happened. The Australian government kept this sneak attack a secret until it was too late for the Australian people to stop it from happening.

Literally overnight in early 2022 the Australian government allowed mass migration from African countries. All paid for by the Australian taxpayer and without their knowledge.

The vast majority of these African immigrants are unemployed and uneducated; therefore, everything has to be provided for them when they arrive.

The redcross and St Vincent De Paul gave free clothing to all African immigrants, at the expense of born and bred Australian families who are already struggling to get by.

Free housing has been provided to African immigrants to Australia. The reason given was that African immigrants don’t have a record of paying rent, therefore it would be difficult for them.

Ignoring the fact that most Australians wouldn’t want to live with Africans. Especially when they are not bringing anything of value to Australia, they are only here to take the freebies. This would enrage most poor Australians if they knew, so African immigration has been kept secret.

Where Are Africans Living In Australia?

The Australian government is giving African migrants free clothing, free accommodation, and free welfare. Some accommodation that is being given to African immigrants is in expensive locations.

A small amount of these areas are expensive for Australian people who work full-time, which is a direct slap in the face of every hard-working Aussie battler who struggles to get ahead.

All of this is happening without the knowledge of the Australian people.

Who Clothes African Immigrants To Australia?

The Redcross, St Vincent De Paul, and Salvos are just a few of the charities that are taking donations from the Australian people and then diverting all of those funds to African immigrants.

Most Australians give to these charities thinking that their donations will be used in good faith, but this is not the truth.

All of the Australian charities have been misusing donations for decades, this issue is; the Australian people never demand that these charities to be transparent.

This allows these charities the ability to do shady things with the Australian people’s kind donations.

Do African Immigrants Have To Pay Centrelink Back?

African immigrants to Australia will not have to pay anything back, this is the same as importing thousands of helpless children who never grow up. It’s a slap in the face to all hard-working Australian people who have been ignored by the government.

This also shows a double standard in how disrespectful the Australian government is towards the Australian people. While treating outsiders with far more respect than real Australians.


Why Is Australia Attractive For African Immigrants?

Australia is extremely attractive for Africans for multiple reasons.

  • African men will have the ability to bully smaller Australian men
  • African men will have unlimited sexual partners in Australia because Australian women will prefer larger men with a larger penis
  • Australia has a good economy that will allow African immigrants the ability to never work while living on welfare and still have a higher standard of living than any African back home.
  • If anything doesn’t work out for an African immigrant, they can exploit Australia’s low crime rate by committing crimes that the Australian government has not prepared for.

Long story short. African immigration will permanently damage Australian society

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