As China’s Economy Grows The More Dangerous China Becomes

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I’d like to debunk the idea that China has always been a peaceful country and would never harm anyone.

How ridiculous…

The, China has never invaded anyone, argument is quite prevalent today among sinophiles in the west, working for the Chinese Communist party, or just fools who don’t know China’s history.

So today I’m going to have a look at China’s vast history and prove that to anyone that China has been one of the most violent parts of the world for thousands of years.

There are hundreds of examples, but today I’m gonna explain a few of them.

let’s start from the beginning of “The Hand Empire” from 206 BC to 220 Ad, approximately 400 years.

People say China will rise peacefully

Can China Rise Peacefully?

The Han Dynasty was considered one of China’s Golden eras. Today, the majority of Chinese people consider themselves Hand Chinese for this very reason. The population was approximately only 57 million.

The religion was Taoism. Until they expanded west and started trading with the Parthian Empire, which is now modern Iran, which was, in fact, Buddhist not Muslim, like they are today.

The Hand could not conquer Iran, so they traded with them and allowed the party and missionaries to spread Buddhism throughout ancient China.

The Han Dynasty expanded into the northwest, into the Gold Gobi Desert, the Taran Basin, and onto modern Xinjiang modern Yunan, and Hunan.

They slaughtered anyone who would defy them, and anyone who submitted became tributary States.

A tributary state (related to china) is a term for a type of subordinate relationship to a more powerful state (china) which involved the sending of regular tokens of submission or tribute to the superior power.

The Han expanded south into modern Vietnam and Cambodia, slaughtering anyone that would fight back and enslaving the rest into their tributary system.

They had expanded east into modern Korea, doing the same even today, a Chinese man can buy a slave from North Korea, so things.

Haven’t changed much. Also, the poor Koreans have never had a golden era because of this Chinese oppression. Only since 1950 has South Korea become rich and that is only due to the Americans.

China Has Historically Been An Aggressive Country

The Han invaded Mongolia rated and slaughtered their way through Mongolia the same way they did every other state they conquered at this stage in history.

Before 280, the Mongolians had never done anything to anybody so it’s safe to say that the hand Chinese.

Their aggression are the true reason why the world eventually suffered from Genghis Khan and his Mongol Empire 900 years later.

The Chinese just radicalized them. Then China declined as it has throughout history into what we call the Three kingdoms, 220 to 280 Ad.

That was the end of the Hand Empire.

What we know about China is that it’s such a warlike country that after expanding.

They always end up fighting themselves because they’re so power greedy that when they run out of external countries to expand to, they end up fighting themselves for what’s left.

And then they go into a form of decline in the civil war this has happened throughout history.

The second time in history China expanded was between 618 and 907.

This was the Tang Dynasty. A population that reached about 80 million by the 800 Tang Dynasty started to persecute the Buddhists, while Christianity and Taoism grew.

Will China Rise Peacefully Into a Superpower?

Since the Han Empire started trading heavily with modern-day Iran, China had many Arabs and Persian immigrants living in South China, somewhere near Guangzhou.

They had immigrated there simply because of China and Persia, these countries were trading heavily.

So in 878, the Hand Empire decided to massacre approximately 200 thousand immigrants from Arab countries simply because of how racist they are.

I guess modern-day Iran is making the same mistake their forefathers made over a thousand years ago.

By 1206, China’s bad deeds were about to be repaid with the rise of the Mongol Empire. Genghis Khan began the expansion west.

Genghis Khan developed a style of warfare that was seen as cowardly, especially for this period. His military was entirely made of horses.

Commonly known as the Horde. They were all Archers on horseback.

Genghis Khan’s style was to ride towards the enemy, fire their arrows at the enemy, then ride away to safety and repeat until the enemy was weakened enough to finish them off.

The Mongols were famous for raping, pillaging, and burning villages alive, ultimately leaving destruction behind them.

Will China Be a Kind Asian Hegemon?

Where do you think they learned that from?

Well, the Chinese dominated Mongolia for 1000 years, and that’s why the Mongols became so radical.

54 years later in 1260, Genghis Khan’s grandson, Kublai Khan had sacked China and established the Wan Empire as the first non-Hand Emperor of China.

Then, with the help of the Chinese people, he built an enormous Navy which was used to invade every Asian country to create tributary States.

You see how we learned from the Chinese.

The Wan Dynasty expanded east through modern-day Korea, as far west as the Black Sea, and modern Afghanistan as far north as Siberia, and the furthest south they traveled was to the South Pacific.

Has China Ever Invaded Its Neighbours?

This brings me to the invasion of Indonesia.

In 1093, the Wang Dynasty of China sent approximately 1000 ships carrying about Thirty thousand soldiers to invade modern-day Indonesia.

The Chinese went head to head with a guy by the name of Raiding Wijaya, who took two years to defeat the Chinese invaders.

Raiden Wijaya established the Magpiet Empire, which ruled modern-day Indonesia for 200 years.

I think it’s important to understand how China has continuously expanded throughout history whenever they have had the chance. After the Wang dynasty collapsed in 1368.

The Chinese started fighting amongst themselves yet again. There is a clear pattern of violent expansion collapse civil war then repeat throughout China’s thousands of years.

Whenever there is a collapse, the Chinese find someone to blame.

Then they hold a grudge for hundreds of years until they can get some of that sweet, sweet revenge.

Because we all know the Chinese cannot be held accountable for their actions. It’s always someone else’s fault. Now we reach the Qing dynasty the fourth time China has established a huge Empire.

It was established in 1644.

When China Rules The World

The population reached approximately 400 million by 1900 and became the fifth largest empire in world history. You can see a pattern here, can’t you?

As soon as the Chinese get a little bit of power it goes to their heads and they expand with violence to dominate anyone in their way.

The Qing slaughtered almost a hundred thousand poor Chinese in the battle of Shanghai pass defeated the Southern Ming, then crushed three feudal States. In 1673, almost 40,000 died in that three feudal state revolt.

Then the Qing went on the so-called ten great campaigns where the Qing invaded inner Asia, Invaded Xinjiang and Tibet while coming close to a full-scale invasion of India.

The Qing invaded Burma, then Nepal, then Vietnam, then Taiwan. All the while practicing a style of torture called Ling Chi otherwise known as death by 1000 cuts in this form of execution.

A knife was used to methodically remove portions of the body over an extended period eventually resulting in an excruciatingly slow death.

The Qing Empire executed millions in this manner even during 1900. This type of torture was used in China for 1000 years and some say the Chinese Communist party uses Ling Chi, still to this day.

Then finally, we all know about Mao Zedong’s genocide of a hundred million Chinese only recently between 1947 and 1976.

In conclusion, historically, China and China has always been expansionist country.

The main reason China has this new internet firewall up and social credit system in place are to brainwash the next generation of Chinese people.

So they can engage in China’s next great expansionist war that will invade your country next, and slave your people and your children.

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