Australia’s Economy is a Feudal System

In the past I’ve made videos complaining about the ”rent seeking parasites” who are people that profit from holding real estate, at the expense of everyone else. For the past 20 to 30 years, since the property booms in the 1980’s to 1990’s, we’ve had a class of Australian people who never added any goods or services to our society.

What Is Australian Feudalism

The feudal system or feudalism is an economic model for society that thrived in medieval Europe between the 900 and the 1500’s. Simply put, it was an owner of land, renting that land out to a peasant in return for labour. Basically, the land owner (a Lord) would allow a family of peasants to work on the land in return for a large cut of the food the peasant would produce.

Australia's Economy is Similar to Medieval Feudalism - The Feudal System
Australia’s Economy is Similar to Medieval Feudalism – The Feudal System
  1. King’s, Queens, Emperors (Elites, Billionaires) These people think they know everything and sure, they have access to the best and brightest. But ultimately, these people make their own decisions. The elites control the main stream media, to confuse the lower classes as to what’s really going on. These people will lose everything if China becomes the global hegemon. So, we are going to fight in order to keep them wealthy and they will use the media and politicians to meet that end.
  2. Dukes, Earls, Barons (Secret Society of international influencers, eg Henry Kissinger) Most are in plain sight but don’t get the publicity they deserve. Many of these are highly educated, influential and try to do the right thing. I know how weird that may sound to you guys. Most of my accurate predictions over the past 6 years have come from my ability to identify these people and listen carefully to what they have to say.
  3. Pope, Priests (Politicians) Usually degree holding children of the uneducated boomer generation. These kids are now over 40 years old and think they know everything, when they have never earned an honest dollar in their lives. A dangerous mix indeed, dangerous enough to start up prison camps for the lower classes that they despise so dearly.
  4. Lords (Investment real estate owners, mostly boomers) Mostly Australians who were of working age when real estate in Australia was affordable prior to the 1990’s. These people are mostly uneducated, the majority would be lucky to have a Tafe diploma. Their ignorance, leads them to believe that they were hard working and intelligent, which is a dangerous mixture and will be the generation responsible for the entire destruction of Australia as we once knew of it. To add insult to injury, this generation have even more ignorant children who have university degrees and think they’re more intelligent than their parents. These boomer children are even more dangerous to Australian society because their unwise hubris leads them to believe they have all the answers. When most have none, boomer kids often become useless corrupt Australian politicians.
  5. Knights, (Police, Armed forces, Hired guns. This class of people in the near future will profit the most from the authoritarian rule. Police will receive pay rises to brutally quash any people in the lower classes who dare to argue that the Australian feudal system is rigged against them. I can see a future where Police are rewarded with land of their own, so they can become Lords themselves. Blood money).
  6. Merchants (Educated people who cannot afford to own real estate. Entrepreneurs, tradespeople, degree holders etc Intelligent hard working people who cannot get ahead because they live in a feudal system, which prevents them from owning real estate due to high rents).
  7. Peasants/Serfs (Immigrants and Hard working Aussie battlers who have never been on ”the dole”, they’ve paid their taxes, worked hard and never been given a fair go. The main reason is their parents didn’t own property to pass down to these people, so they were never able to get ahead due to the feudal system they live in, stealing all of their wealth).
  8. Forest dwellers (Unemployed Aussies who were born into poverty. They usually have mental issues, disabilities, drug problems and have realised that this feudal society has no upward mobility. Instead of wasting away their lives by moving up a level to become a peasant/serf, they decide to check out of the whole system and live day to day.
How is this any different from a lazy boomer sitting on their fat asses, while renting out properties to the productive class of Australians and charging them almost criminal size rents for the privilege of having a roof over their heads?

Mostly from the boomer generation, they only took wealth from the productive working class in return for shelter (just like peasants in the middle ages). Still today this feudal system continues. The rents they charge are so high that the peasants in Australia can never get ahead and buy a property of their own.

Immigration Provided Boomers With Peasants

For the past 30 years in Australia, the narrative has been that immigration is good for Australia’s economy. The reason for this was, immigrants from 3rd world countries would receive the powerful Australian dollar AUD in return for hard labour. They would be happy to pay for a short term visa and work everyday, while sending that powerful AUD back home to their families.

It was common to see immigrants (modern day peasants) cramming 6 or more people into a small 2 bedroom apartment in the city, just so they could afford to have a surplus of money to send home to their families in poor developing countries.

When you have 6 people doing manual labour 6 days a week, that’s a huge amount of productivity being handed over to the owner of that property. All that rent being paid to the Australian real estate manager who takes a cut, then hands the rest on to the owner (modern day lord).

To add insult to the financial injury, after they workers leave, the modern day lord would look for any reason to steal the rental bond from these hard working peasants. The usual reason is ”they didn’t clean the property” or ”it’s dirty”. So these lords would steal a portion of the rental bond for a cleaning bill.

You can see how this exploitation of 3rd world labour is similar to feudalism.

Australia Post The Pandemic

Since the pandemic hit Australia, a few notable things happened.

  • Immigrants and Visa holders who could not afford to stay in Australia, went home. This has hit the rent seeking parasites (our Feudal Lords) the real estate owners with a shortage of peasants/serfs to pay their extorsion sized rents. Instead, the lords (boomers) have needed to drop rents in order to attracts renters. Not to mention the interest rates being at all time lows, these parasites have lost their two main incomes.
    • Rents from immigrants
    • Earning interest off money sitting in the bank
  • Police have become violent, just like the nazi’s and Soviet Union. The boomers and their unwise children are now using totalitarianism in order to try hold on to their high standard of living. Instead of providing a service or producing a product and getting off their lazy asses, these people are willing to take the freedoms of everyday Australians through violence on the streets.
    • Police have arrested innocent people for no reason
    • Police have bashed almost to death many innocent Australian people
    • Police have used tear gas and rubber bullets against peaceful protestors
    • The main stream media have been lying on a daily basis about protestors being violent, the virus, lockdowns, the new daily rules etc. They have become pure Soviet Union style propaganda.

Was My Take on this Accurate?

3 thoughts on “Australia’s Economy is a Feudal System”

  1. targeted lockdowns in immigrant dominant areas,
    with the aim of destroying businesses and lowering
    commercial and residential property prices for the lords
    repurchase at a later date.

      • Australians are possessed by
        the spirit of a prideful old Judge
        in a broken justice system.
        both sides are acting the same.
        the haves judge the have nots,
        and the have nots judge the haves.
        it’s all a matter of subjectivity.
        there’s a Chinese worker who kidnapped
        two kids from another Chinese man
        in Victoria because of perceived
        differences in wealth or social rank.
        it’s pretty dangerous because just
        having lighter skin could land you in
        trouble with immigrants,
        and having darker skin could land you
        in trouble with cops.
        it’s a mess. no idea out of it.
        a justice system should be fair.
        thanks for the article.

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