Can Australia Defend Itself From An Invasion From China?

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China’s strategy to invade Australia. The South China Sea China produced a map written in 1947, which was not too long ago. It’s not exactly a historical map.

The point is that China made evidence. No matter how flimsy they say, China owns the South China Sea. 

Then China started militarising (south china sea) and building up these reefs into islands in the South China Sea to intimidate other Asian countries. 

And then other Asian countries started fearing China, of course, the Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam entered an arms race.

These Asian countries all said no to this intimidation, that’s not right they said, and they all went to an international court in the Hague where this flimsy bit of evidence that China provided was just thrown out of court. 

China’s strategy to invade Australia

How Is China Softening Australia Up So An Invasion Is Made Easier?

As a result, China militarized these islands, and they now have hypersonic weapons and missiles on them. They are armed with rocket launchers.

They’ve got everything on these islands, too, because China believes it’s acceptable to take what they can with violence.

They always provide a smidgeon of proof in this case. Then China intervenes and seizes it, and the UN or another international body intervenes later.

The rule against China is to militarize it and then ask, “How are you going to deal with it?” Because China has no other motivation to expand but avarice and spite, they militarize the situation and ask, “What are you going to do about it?”

This is how the pattern functions.

Does China Have a Long-Term Plan To Invade Australia? (Chow Chuck Wing)

So, what has China been up to in the last few months? Canberra, Australia is home to the Australian War Memorial. Our sovereignty appears to have been exchanged.

The name Chow Chuck Wing refers to a specific person. He is a billionaire who purchased James Packer’s property for $60 million.

He was accused of being a member of the CCP by the ABC and GHANO, and he won.

A Chinese millionaire was allowed to initiate a lawsuit as a result of his victory over ABC and John Guardo. Australian news organizations defeated Australian journalists on Australian soil.

This is proof that the Australian legal system is already working against the people of Australia. The Australian War Memorial was first funded by the Chau Chak Wing.

This is now one of Australia’s most holy locations. The Strain War Memorial honors all those who have fought and died in the service of their country.

You can’t sell our sovereignty for any amount of money, and you can’t sell these people’s memories for any amount of money.

Can Australia Defend Itself From An Invasion From China?
Can Australia Defend Itself From An Invasion From China?

Would China Want To Invade Australia?

A Chau Chak wing may be found in the Australian War Memorial.

He funded the study and publication of a book called Quiet and Loyal Spirit, which honors Chinese Australian military service.

This book was researched by Doctor Sheng Fei of Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangdong, which does not know Australian history, shape or form; why is someone in Guangdong province researching a book on Australia?

The second thing is that this book is now for sale at the Australian War Memorial. I can imagine the Anzacs would be turning in their graves (not to mention the illegal lockdowns in Australia recently).

This is where China (pla) claims to own a piece of Australian history (shockingly), which is just a complete and utter forgery.

Does China Want To Conquer Australia?

Chinese were apparently among the first settlers as members of the First Fleet (this is false).

In 1788, Chinese convicts. A question is whether they are even saying that they were Chinese convicts.

It seems like they’re trying to tell us That Chinese were the captains and were actually driving the ship, or the captain was a Chinese CCP member or something weird like that.

Do you at home fully understand the gravity of this Chinese claim, people? This is exactly the same way they put out a fake map.

Then they claim all of Asia, Australia and the South China Sea.

Whether that means that China has some ancient right to claim Australia and Australia’s resources and take them by force, or What they could be doing is that they could be discounting Australians that live and have built this great country of Australia.

Does China Plan To Attack Australia? (Port of Darwin)

China could be discounting the Australian peoples right to be here altogether and justifying some genocide against us.

Keep in mind that China wants our resources. People move from China to Australia.
Not for the Australian people.

They don’t care about us. They move here for clean air which money cannot buy in China. They move here because of the clean water, no matter how rich you are in China.

You can’t purchase safe food to eat. Australia is not as overpopulated as China. Money can’t buy what the Chinese receive when they arrive in Australia.

They want this land badly. Port and Darwin got that on a 99-year lease, And the plan is, in my opinion, to militarise and They started landing troops on Australian soil and turned Darwin into a reverse of Hong Kong.

China’s Hundred Years Of Humiliation

And get revenge for the 100 years of humiliation inflicted by the Chinese and Australia they believe is an easy target.

A second part of the book. They go on to mention that there were.

China that China and Australia stood together against the anti-fascists. The Japanese’s another fake part of this book.

Because Australia fought the Japanese with our allies and saved China, at the same time, Evil Mao Zedong was killing his people. At the same time, the actual government of China was fighting the Japanese.

Mao Zedong

Mao Zedong was killing their own people from behind. And after the real leaders of China were attacked from behind, they had to flee to Taiwan.

That’s where the actual government of China remains today. Australians need to stand with the democratic Taiwanese Government now more than ever.

Then they go on to mention that Chinese Australians fought for Australia. Now I need to discount this part of the book too.

Because no Chinese fought for Australia, let me explain. If you were of Han Chinese descent and fought for Australia, you were no longer Chinese.

China is another country. Nobody Fights for Australia And, in turn, still is connected to the so-called Motherland no.

Chinese Diaspora

These individuals could be classified as Chinese Australians. First and foremost, they were Australians.

This book fails to highlight that we battled China in Korea to liberate the South Koreans, and without the Australians battling the Chinese and North Koreans, South Korea would not be the large, busy country it is now.

In Vietnam, we fought China. Because China prevailed, Vietnam remains a shithole.
Because China was victorious, and China does not care for its allies. That is why North Korea has also imposed a halt.

Australia will become a shithole if we allow China to grab our sovereignty. This isn’t reassuring. Australia has been claimed by China.

They have a pattern for achieving this, and it isn’t impossible. This isn’t some sort of hoax. This isn’t an unusual occurrence. This is a well-defined pattern.

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