Can Chinese Assets in Australia Be Seized?

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“CCP Assets Held in Australia Can Be Seized” Robert Spalding Dr. Robert Spalding is a retired general in the United States Air Force. He lived in China and speaks Mandarin fluently.

Robert Spalding one of the few people on planet earth that would have the knowledge base for the problem that we face right now. He’s also the author of ‘Stealth Walk’. Let’s proceed with the interview.

Chinese people in Australia who support the CCP may have their assets seized

Chinese Assets Will Be Seized By The Australian Government

A lot is going on in the world and you’re the man for these questions. So, what is the United States’ current strategy against China?

R.S: “Well I think there’s a national security strategy which was released in December of 2017 which changes the relationship between the US and China from national security and foreign policy perspective.

What that strategy says is we’re going to use elements of our national power to begin to defend our population from the predatory behavior of the Chinese Communist Party.

We’re going to work together with allies and partners to defend the international system. it’s about recognizing what the Chinese Communist Party does concerning predatory economic behavior and influence, not just in international institutions but also in domestic politics.

We’re working very hard to counter that.

China’s Assets Held Within Australia – Robert Spalding

Has the Australian government failed to pull their weight in any notable areas in balancing China’s rise that you’re aware of?

Robert Spalding:

That’s quite easy because we all have a role to play in preventing Chinese influence from entering our population and our societies and undermining our democratic principles.

So, it just requires Australia to look at the relationships it has with the Chinese Communist Party and recognize when those relationships become a danger to its independence and then act appropriately.

There’s a lot of Chinese influence that is brought to bear on Australian society and has to do with economic and financial behavior.

It has to do with political behavior and it’s quite easy to see it’s not something that you can’t readily recognize.
Because you’re on the inside, do you have any inside information on what’s happening in the South Pacific?

I know a lot of Australians are worried about China building a naval base off the coast of Australia somewhere.

Chinese Influence Within Australia

Robert Spalding:

I don’t have any inside info but the Chinese have the intent to control the Pacific and certainly in their backyard, so whatever they’re doing from a military perspective it’s certainly going to be counter to the national interests of everybody.

It includes all the nations that are in that region including the United States and Australia. I think you just have to be aware that you are going to continue to encroach on territorial claims or do that in the South China Sea.

They’re doing it in the East China Sea.

They’re going to continue to encroach on the sovereignty of the nations in the region and what the nations of the region have to do is be prepared to work together, to push back against that.

How Much Of Australia Does China Own?

I’ve got a group of like-minded individuals where we post links and talk about CCP influence and I asked them if they had any questions that they would like to ask you.

The first question is from Settle: “As the Western world is weakened, are we vulnerable to military action from China?”

Robert Spalding:

Not in terms of an invasion but certainly in terms of low-level coercion or using their Coast Guard or Navy vessels to promote their exploitation of resources.

I think that is possible as the Chinese Communist Party becomes economically weaker.

They could lash out and we just need to be prepared and certainly inform the Chinese Communist Party that there will be repercussions, not just from the region, but also from the United States.

Robert Spalding Interview on Chinese Influence in Australia

Dane asked: “What can we, as Australians, do to negate CCP influence here in Australia?”

This is a very common question many people ask.

Robert Spalding:

It’s really about using the power of the press. I’m using the intelligence services to uncover and then make public the nefarious dealings of the Chinese Communist Party.

It requires vigilance, and diligence from the press and the intelligence community to uncover these. Then they need to be exposed to the extent that people are operating in the shadows.

This kind of behavior is going to thrive and what the Chinese Communist Party will always do is attempt to conflate itself with the Chinese people.

So, when you’re pointing out nefarious behavior by the Chinese Communist Party, often they’ll say that you are being racist because you’re correcting the Chinese people.

I think all Australians need to be aware that that occurs and you have to stick to your guns and say: “No, it’s not the Chinese people, it’s the Chinese Communist Party.”

They’re a totalitarian regime, they don’t believe in democratic principles and, therefore, we don’t need them mucking about in our politics and our society.

Chinese Diaspora in Australia Play The Victim

Xi Jinping made a huge mistake recently when he accused Taiwan of being racist. The script failed a little bit there and that backfired.

Blake asked: How realistic is it to hold China accountable for spreading this virus around the world?”
R.S: It’s very realistic.

You have a cost to the society either in the shutdown of the economy because of social distancing or adjusting the medical expenses for treating the people.

With 100% certainty, the pandemic was started by the Chinese Communist Party.

What I’m talking about here is a deliberate cover-up and then a deliberate obfuscation and the refusal to act swiftly to protect the rest of the world from the spread of this virus.

They promoted the spread of the virus when they knew there was a human transmission.

They allowed five million people to leave Wuhan, many infected with that virus, and it went to all the four corners of the planet earth and so all of these expenses in costs levied on societies like Australia’s.

There needs to be retribution and the retribution can come in the form of Chinese Communist Party assets held in Australia. They can be seized and they can be given or sold for compensation.

How Australia Can Defend Itself From China?

What we have to recognize is that the way that the Chinese Communist Party behaves in an economic and financial sense obfuscates the ownership of assets.

And if it’s a Chinese company that owns an asset in Australia essentially that company acts as an arm of the Chinese Communist Party, and therefore, those assets should be subject to seizure.

Recently, an Australian man went out in public with a whip and a cowboy hat. Do you think this protest is embarrassing for the Australian people or do you think Australian people should be let act out? Do you think that that is okay?

Robert Spalding: Executing his rights as a private citizen and a free country to voice dissent with the Chinese Communist Party. That’s what it’s like to live in a free country.

If he was in Chine, he’d be in jail. I think it’s a testament to what it is to live in a free society and have the ability as Australian citizens to express your opinion in whatever way that you deem appropriate.
Does the United States still regard Australia as a close ally or have we neglected our obligations to the Alliance?

Robert Spalding: Absolutely. Australia is a strong member of our alliance and I think that will continue to be the case. We may have our differences (Chinese and Australian) but I think when friends have discussions it’s always from a point of a friendship.

So, I think once all of the influence of the Chinese Communist Party comes to light, I don’t think there’s going to be any disagreement in terms of how we should deal with it.

And, certainly, now with the coronavirus, I think it’s plain for everybody to see the challenges we would face.

They’re seeking to use the aftermath of the coronavirus to further insinuate themselves in democracies, so we have to be ever vigilant.

The Communist Party is not going to quit, they’re going to come out stronger and more aggressively. We’ve seen that that’s not going to stop and there’s going be a lot of people that they co-opted.

Little Pinks in Australia Will Have Their Assets Seized

There are 21 million fewer cellphone users in China. This may suggest that 21 million people have died from this virus.

What do you think about that?

Robert Spalding: I don’t know what to make of it. I know a lot of people were using that to claim that 20 million people died.

I don’t think that’s playing from the fact that twenty million people’s phones were shut off.

The way that people buy cellular services in China is different than in other countries.

You buy a card to top up your phone and a lot of people were locked in their apartments.

Perhaps, they just didn’t buy money to top up their phone. I don’t know (to be honest) what the answer is but I don’t know if it means that many people died or just so many people went out of phone service.

I tend to be a little skeptical when making a sweeping judgment about something like that.
It does make sense.

We don’t have enough information. I was thinking the same as well that the argument here is that the Chinese regime requires all Chinese to use their cell phone to generate a health code.

Another argument I’d like to make is that I have a contact that went to Wuhan who told me that there were over a hundred thousand infected people back in February in Wuhan alone.

As we all know you can’t get much accurate information out of China.

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