China’s Elite Capture Of Australian Council’s

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In Wagga Wagga council one of the counselors brought up a motion that he had some concerns about a sister city arrangement with a Chinese city called Cumin.

And some of the actions of the Chinese Communist Party in requesting masks.

I think most Australians need to be aware of this. He put forward a motion and none of the other councilors wanted to back him up on this motion.

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How China Executes Elite Capture Of Australian Council’s

What Is Foreign Interference in Australia?

“Kendall has done what I am suggesting by playing moderate fractions with our federal government.

At Wagga Wagga City Council, we actually have a business ethics document that speaks of transparency and equal decision-making and procurement practices.

This extends to reparative conduct policy condemnation of inequality.

The representatives of Communist China are now recruiting with its authority and it is the very opposite of what our policies and procedures promote.

The counselor stated that this was racism at its worst. Communism is not a race.

This is an attempt wishing to have the discussion to shut it down by name for as when disagreeing with a woman you might be a misogynist.

As soon as someone wants to feel morally superior, they resort to name-calling. These people got my papers rather than look at the evidence.

Even large portions of the media would prefer to promote the main thought rather than the facts.”

Foreign Interference in Australian Council

“On January 29, the Municipal People’s Government requested medical masks to prevent and control the epidemic in China this was not in our interests we have received nothing.

The request was in their interest, no thought for our people.”

If we were to find out that they sent masks and gloves and hand sanitizer I dare say if some of the counselors are receiving paid flights to and from China.

They would have done everything in their power to go down to a local chemist or Bunnings or something and send masks back to their buddies back in communist China.

A sister city relationship is supposed to be mutually beneficial, therefore, the councilors of Wagga Wagga do the right thing by requesting masks in return because we don’t know if they sent any masks.

Now that we have the virus thanks to China and we’re getting affected by it, 10% of our population is now unemployed and almost the entire population is confined to their homes thanks to China.

Is Wagga Wagga just a vassals Council of Communist China.

China is Controlling Councils in Australia

“Western media has entered into a partnership with our educational facility similar to ours. It has proven to be more Chinese authorities force off the infiltration of society.

For example, in Chinese culture, they do not teach Western culture, so the highest-ranking member of the Politburo Standing Committee was quoted as Confucius Institutes.

An important part of China’s over the propaganda said these are the people we are in a formal relationship with the communist regime.”

If Wagga Wagga is a white neighborhood with a majority white population what usually happens is in these little white populations they live in a little bubble.

They think that they are superior because in their little bubble they have this naive view of the world and ridiculing Asians or ridiculing other races or other countries is frowned upon.

China’s Soft Power Over Australian Councils

Understanding other cultures are important and understanding ourselves is also important. The problem here is that they gave honey traps.

They give women, they give free flights, and free accommodation, they’re treated like kings and queens.

When they’re over, they only see that the best of China everyone just gives them the best treatment ever and they come back telling us how awesome China is.

They come back with little to no understanding of China’s geopolitical strategy to become the global hegemon and take our freedoms.

Henry Kissinger loved China in the early days and facilitated their rise and the connection between the two countries. Part of the problem is someone like Henry Kissinger.

He was an intellectually very intelligent guy but he had a weakness for women. He came back and he just did China’s bidding.

Australian Councils Are Controlled By The CCP

“United States basically said if you understand your neighbor.

if you understand people next door or down the road or across the oceans and you’ve developed friendships with them then you may go to war with people that you are friendly with.

This is not about agreeing with a communist regime, it’s not about agreeing with any political regime, it’s about developing friendships and understandings of cultures.

This is not about the central government of China, it’s about your relationship with the local government area in China so that we can develop that cultural understanding and even that commercial understanding.”

I do not support his engaging in Australian politics under the guise of learning culture when culture has nothing to do with it.

This has nothing to do with geopolitics and the rise of 1.4 billion people with the largest military in the world.

The Chinese Communist Party Is Influencing Councils in Australia

“It’s a step far too far to indicate that a sister city relationship has an influence on the federal government system within that particular country.

I think it is an important aspect of council an important aspect is that there’s being a lot of feedback through social media.

Against this motion and most of those words that the Senate said much better than I could put them but it is vitally important I think that we continue having sister city relationships.”

“I’m not supportive of increasing our relationships. I know we have three Sister Cities.

I firmly believe that that is enough for us to be able to serve properly and I think it’s important going forward.

I know that some counselor Finnell quite often has put some order and I should know that it won’t actually achieve anything but it gives it wants to do anyway in that sense it so”

How Australian Councils Are Corrupted By China

Because the majority of people are against the motion does that mean that he should give up on fighting for what he believes?

I think that what he said made perfect sense.

“I’ve been thinking that this probably really may be three reasons for this is that perhaps council is naïve around how international relations actually work.

And that if we’re to be successful then it would have any kind of it would achieve anything or that Council of Finnell might think that that the broader community are naïve.

This will have any kind of an impact or actually knowing that they won’t have an impact that once again is using council resources to push this particular news. “

He mentioned communism requesting masks and he said nothing about race. There’s nothing xenophobia about it at all.

I’ve realized why he might realize that the motions not going to get passed. He had to get the speaker to second his motion just so that he could even have his freedom of speech.

It just seems to me that they are trying to silence him by pushing the Chinese Communist Party line.

He was able to get his freedom of speech, and his ability to talk because the counsel the put forward this motion is speaking for people like me who actually understand China has a Chinese girlfriend.

Who understands China better than most Australians out there who lived in a Chinese neighborhood, being the China many times.

How China Infiltrates Australian Councils

We were promoting fear and hatred in our community and I just think it’s a huge shame that the council, for now, is promoting this fear and hatred across our city and particularly at a time like this where so many people are suffering.”

“People that look like my daughter”. Was his daughter born in China? Is she a Chinese citizen because he was talking about the Chinese Communist Party.

Is she a born and bred Chinese citizen because he cannot be a dual citizen or was she born in Australia?

Is she a full-blooded Asian girl from mainland China or is she Hong Kong or Taiwanese because that would be offensive. Is his wife Chinese or is his wife just Asian?

This counselor shows no awareness of the nuances in Asia. That’s a cover white supremacist in my opinion. He needs to give a little bit more detail.

I think this is so superior and his daughter is a minority in Wagga Wagga because she’s half Asian.

“We had an award meeting exhibition called tracking the dragon.

There are many in our community with dimensions that jump to China and they need to know they are supported as well so that’s why we voted against this report.

In the report sister city relationship is an extension of the communist regime of China.”

There’s a possibility some of these guys were on the take from China and now they’re trying to silence an Aussie that’s standing up against the Chinese Communist Party.

They’re being silent he’s being silenced again by the people that could be on the take from China.

“The city arrangement is that it is about culture and our friendship around here.

I agree wholeheartedly we are not in an arrangement in the same relationship of people as we are in a democratically-elected process.”

Wagga Wagga is guilty as charged, silencing free speech, ignoring the facts as what he’s trying to say there, and ignoring the facts while using Chinese Communist Party talking points like xenophobia and racism.

It is the people who fought and died for this country in Vietnam and every kind and in every war, all the way back to the very beginning would be rolling in their graves watching this thinking.

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