Chinese Media Giants are Creating CCP Propaganda in Australia

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I was the first to reveal with you guys quite a lot of influence that’s happening not just in Australia, but all around the world.

Today I’m going to talk about another way that China legitimizes influence within your country. We’ve discussed the Dai Goes, which a lot of people are aware of.

We’ve discussed the Confucius Institute. We discussed how they’re infiltrating universities all around the world.

Now I want to talk about how they legitimize influence within your country.

The strategy they have used for quite a long time is we chat and as I said previously that I believe that we are headed towards blocking WeChat eventually.

Chinese media giants are creating CCP propaganda in Australia

Does Australia Have a Large Chinese Population?

But what they’re doing now and they have been doing it for quite a few years is they have started their massive websites within your country.

That act as pretty much their version of WeChat, a one-stop-shop for everything Chinese people need within your country.

In Australia, we have one called Sydney Today. They call it Sydney Today because it came from Sydney, but is actually for the entire country. What it is, is it’s their version of the global times.

They have their news part of it. They are classified. So you can buy and sell products, services, and property.

If you are looking for a rental property, just say right now the property market has collapsed and you need renters.

Why is it that when you go to Domain or, you are not having access to all of the Chinese people that want to buy a property or lease your property and it’s vacant right now?

Why is that? Well, they go to Sydney today.

Chinese Propaganda Machine in Australia

This is the website that they use. They use WeChat. So you don’t have access to this market because you are not Chinese.

You see how they build a little economy within your economy. Now, if you’re looking for a job, they have their own LinkedIn style or career, one or Sikh or whatever it’s called section as well.

This massive website is the name, I think you all need to be very aware of it because it is the way that they legitimize influence within your country.

It’s very serious. I’ve had beef with these guys before. They’ve written articles about me.

But they’re so legitimate and so powerful that our current Prime Minister, Scott Morrison has been interviewed on these media organizations, on this website, and their YouTube channel.

They are huge and they’re very powerful and therefore they are very dangerous.

And no one’s talking about them except me. I’ve been talking about them for at least a year and a half, maybe even two years now, quite a long time.

So recently, only a couple of days ago, I saw these guys out doing interviews, as they do sometimes.

Chinese Mainstream Media Propaganda

Some of the interviewees are often making fun of Australians, making us look bad, and asking questions that question how we do things here in Australia.

So they were out doing interviews on George Street a couple of days ago, and I happened to bump into them and I decided to ask them who funds them.

When I first started to walk over to them, they are ignoring the social distancing laws, just totally ignoring the laws. I’m not going to go into that.

I don’t think it’s a really big deal. I’m just trying to throw as much dirt at them as I can. But technically, they are breaking the social distance between in-laws and they are a company.

They are a massive company that is backed by the Chinese Communist Party. I did approach them and asked them where you’re funding come from does?

I thought it was a pretty legitimate question. That’s all I wanted to know. Where’s your funding coming from? It comes from Australia.

Maybe their funding comes from Chinese Communist Party members and spies and people who are infiltrating your country from within.

Chinese Foreign Media in Australia

Maybe they fund them, but I dare say a lot of their funding may come through. WeChat. You never know.

You don’t know how much money is being funneled into our country, into the hands of people like this so that they can infiltrate us from within.

Where are they getting paid? Are they paying taxes? They’re getting paid to do this? Chinese people don’t work for free. Are they paying taxes?

Are these people working and being paid by the Chinese Communist Party and paying taxes to my government? I would love to know.

I don’t think they would be just a hunch. I think tax evasion is going on. I asked them another question, which is the most interesting.

Where does the funding for Sydney today come from? Where do the Australian people fund? So that’s where your money comes from.

Is it Sydney today or Australia today? I just changed the name to Australia today.

They said that they don’t know where the funding is coming from.

Yeah. The reason why I asked for that is that apparently, they’ve changed it to Australia today, but it seems like they’ve changed the back again.

Australia Needs To Ban Chinese Media

I don’t know, maybe they didn’t get the domain or something like that. But there’s an app, and if you have a look at the app, there are a lot of downloads.

Every Chinese person in Australia, this is one thing that you people need to be aware of. Every Chinese person in Australia has downloaded this app and finds all of their news through Sydney today.

Okay, just so you guys are aware of the power of this, it’s not Channel 7910. It’s not like that. It’s not like you have a whole host of different sources.

The Chinese people get their news from one source and that’s Sydney today. I’m not sure how many Australians are aware of that. I’ve told you before, that this is where they get their news from and it’s very biased.

Now what she said there was that I was misleading. I asked the question she didn’t have to answer and she refused to answer.

So how’s my question? Misleading?

I guess the fact that she didn’t want to answer kind of makes me think that they are backed by the Chinese Communist party and I have had that feeling for a very long time because they do push Chinese Communist party lines within this country.

Australia Should Ban Sydneytoday

It’s not the same as reading the EPOCH times. If you read the APOC times and then you read Sydney today, you can see the difference. Sydney today is the global time of Australia. Afterward, I asked a few more questions.

Well, they don’t want to answer the questions, that’s fine, I want to go and she just kept wanting to talk to me.

The reason why she kept talking to me was she wanted me to delete the footage and I made it clear.

I said, look, this is not a Chinese Communist party-run dictatorship yet you can’t put me in jail for thought crimes and you can film in public.

The Current Affair does it every day so I can go over to someone and put a camera in their face and ask them questions.

Have had Chinese people pretty much in that same spot come up to me and put a camera in my face and film me and put it on. WeChat, why?

Because there are Chinese Communist Party spies in this country. And that’s their job to seek out people like me that the CCP wants to assassinate.

I’ve had them stand there and film them. Film me. I’ve seen old ladies stand there and hold the camera right in my face. And I’m like, are you okay? And they just filmed me.

I’ve even had middle-aged Chinese men come over and just film me, literally right in my face or 20 meters away and just stand there filming me.

Chinese Propaganda is a Threat To Australian Stability

I’ve even approached them. And then they’re like, ha, ha. And then they run away because they were filming me.

It’s funny how I dare say if this was America or any other country, these Chinese immigrants because that’s what they are.

They are immigrants to my country and they are demanding that I delete my footage. Why? Because she thinks that she rules this country already.

That’s a warning to you people out there. Be prepared to fight for your freedom in this country because this lady thinks that she can take my freedom to film someone in the street because there’s no law against that.

A Current Affair does it all the time. They do it every day. You can take footage and film anyone in the street. And these pricks do it to me all the time.

But it’s a huge warning to you out there. They’re building a massive economy within our economy under your noses.

I just told you, Sydney Today is a huge website that every Chinese person has access to. Now, Chinese companies, post their ads in Sydney today because they know Australians don’t have access to it.

People who are looking for rental properties and properties to buy, go to Chinese. They go there first to look for bargains, and then, later on, they go elsewhere, like real estate and

The Chinese people, use this website first. So you as an Australian, are slowly being cut out of your economy, not to mention WeChat and how that excludes you from having access to the Dai Go business.

You’re being excluded from the property market. Sydney Today pushes a narrative. And also Sydney Today has corrupted our politicians. Scott Morrison was interviewed by these guys.

I hope that’s been insightful for you guys. Spread the word, and make people aware of what’s going on because information and knowledge are power.

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