Chinese Police Arrest Drew Pavlou in Eastwood On Behalf of the CCP

People have been asking what happened to Drew Pavlou? And why was he arrested, so I’m going to put together a timeline of what happened to him and explain why he did nothing wrong.

Drew pavlou went to a night market in Eastwood Sydney Australia to protest Xi Jingping. For context, Eastwood is effectively a CCP owned and run suburb by the Chinese Communist Party, which makes it a 5th column that’s a danger to all Australian’s freedoms.

Drew Pavou carried a sign that said F$%K Xi Jinping and he was accompanied with multiple Hong Kong freedom protesters who all had cameras to record the protest.

This was designed to trigger the CCP operatives who live in Eastwood, this protest was a good strategy to expose how many 5th column enemies of freedom and democracy actually live in Eastwood Sydney Australia today.

Shortly after walking around Eastwood for only a few minutes, he was surrounded by Chinese immigrants to Australia who love Xi Jinping so much that they felt the need to abuse and even assault Drew Pavlou and his cameramen.

Watch this

Chinese Immigrants to Eastwood Sydney Australia attacking protesters

Drew Pavlou Protesting The CCP

Naturally, all these criminal CCP lovers cried victim to racism after they abuse, threaten and violently assault Drew Pavlou in public. This is what the CCP and their spies do in Australia, they attack us, then cry racism. When they are the real attackers.

Drew Pavlou posted this on his Instagram, to rally people for a return trip to Eastwood

Drew Pavlou was Arrested By Chinese Police in Eastwood

Chinese police arresting Drew Pavlou

As you can see, Chinese immigrants have been slowly infiltrating every aspect of Australian society in order to parasitically destroy it from within. Chinese born immigrants have become police officers, with the goal of making Australia subordinate to the CCP.

Chinese police officers abused their powers to arrest Drew Pavlou for holding a sign saying ”free Tibet, free Uyghurs, free hong kong, down with CCP” this is literally what happened.

Dave Lee Defends Drew Pavlou

Dave Lee rants about Drew Pavlou being arrested by Chinese police

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  1. We need to De-China Australia, in every way! These police must be held to account! If our pathetic governments can’t do it, eventually the Australian people will!!!

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