Did China Start The Arms Race That Threatens Peace in Asia?

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This is an old interview that I did with Wilmsfront Youtube channel back in 2018/2019. Back when I did this interview, the vast majority of Australians thought that my ”fearmongering” over China’s rise was all just a conspiracy theory.

Even Tim, the interviewer told me that he didn’t believe that China was something to worry about.

If you are reading this and watching this video in the future, I want you to be aware of how difficult it was to convince people of the threat China posed.

Is China a military threat to peace in Asia?

Who started the arms race in Asia?

Australia and China are becoming more intertwined, not just geographically, as Australia is considered part of Asia, and it’s always been talked about in the Asian century.

But there’s a big Chinese presence in Australia because of immigration over the past 50 years.

In the 2016 census, 5.6% of Australians had Chinese ethnic heritage, 10% of Sydney’s population had Chinese background, 8.5% in Melbourne and there are big Chinese hubs in Sydney.

Such as in Hartsville and Chatswood so there certainly is what people call a melting pot happening in Australia and especially in our two major cities.

Well, yeah, of course.

So we are a small population with a large land mass, and we have about 25 million people we’re surrounded by 3 billion people from developing countries.

And we’ve had such a high standard of living for the last decade, that we’ve arguably had the highest standard of living in the world.

Did China start the military build-up in Asia?

So, therefore, a lot of people from a multitude of demographics would be wanting to try and get in here, of course, and we’ve had the privilege and the leverage of being able to select the best, mostly choosing the best.

But when you say Chinese, there is a difference between, say, North Chinese, South Chinese, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, and there are also Chinese people who are pro Chinese Communist Party.

Chinese people that just don’t want anything to do with it and they want to get away. That’s why they came to Australia in the first place.

So I guess the first thing I would like to start with is that there’S a huge difference between the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese people.

I think all Australians need to be aware of this. The last thing we need to do is be painting them all with the same brush.

We do have a rising China on our doorstep, and they plan to become the Asian hegemon, which is still a big change for us.

But we still need to be aware that the Chinese people are our best weapon against the Chinese Communist Party.

Who started the arms race in Asia?
Who started the arms race in Asia?

Which Country Started The Arms Race in Asia?

If we start painting them more of the same brush, we’re going to lose one of our most valuable tools against this oppressive regime.

You’re not anti-Chinese people.

You could argue that some Australians when they do spout anti-china arguments, they do have a prejudice against Chinese people, but that’s not what we’re talking about.

Their government is a totalitarian one-party system and the fact that it has 1 billion people at its disposal, should scare anybody.

Yeah, of course, well, Emperor Xi Jinping Ping, he’s an Emperor even Donald Trump recently in a private conversation said that you’re King, aren’t you?

Xi Jinping and Xi Jinping said just chuckled about that and that was Donald trump having a little bit of a shot at his dictatorship that he’s developed over there.

There’s only really one Chinese media in Australia. I’d like to bring it up now. It’s the APOC Times and at the top right of the paper they mentioned.

I think they tally it up with every newspaper 330 million Chinese who have left the Chinese Communist Party.

So they’re tallying it. I don’t know how they gather that tartar but they’re operating in Australia, in Western countries and that’s 330 million people that are on our side on the side of democracy.

The side of freedom the capitalism, and everything good in the world and freedom of speech and everything that the Chinese Communist Party doesn’t stand for.

Was Asia’s Security Dilemma Start With China?

Now, even though Australia’s Chinese relations have deteriorated over the past year with a lot of concern over the Chinese Communist Party’s foreign interference, there’s been quite a cozy relationship.

For the past ten years, there’s been $60 billion worth of Australian exports going to China, and then there’s been $40 billion worth of imports that this is per year coming from China.

There was a free trade agreement signed in 2015. If you go to look at Australia’s consumer goods, they all say made in China, the vast majority of them.

And one of our greatest exports to Australia is education.

There are a lot of Chinese students attending our schools, and universities.

Our education system likes having those students because they’re full fee-paying and bring in a lot of revenue.

I guess when you look at the international system, there’s no real police. There’s no one you can turn to if something goes wrong. And Australia is kind of isolated where we’re a long way from everybody else.

So we’re difficult to invade, and we have the protection of the United States.

China has no choice but to pay what we ask. If they want something from us, our resources, they have to pay full fare, and that’s because we have the protection of the United States.

If the United States left, all they would have to do would be set up military bases around us and pressure us to sell our resources at a cheaper rate.

Does China Want To Kick the USA Out Of Asia?

We have a lot in common with Venezuela. Venezuela is in the Asian under the umbrella of the American hegemon.

America does not tolerate peer competitors, especially in their region.

We have the benefit of being able to call 911, call the United States, or if we have any troubles in our region.

If China was to become the Asian hegemon, we would not have the benefit of calling the United States.

And we would have to sell our resources at whatever fee the Chinese ask because it all comes down to leverage.

Well, we’re certainly enjoying selling our minerals. We’re one of the most resource-rich nations in the world.

That certainly doesn’t appear any coercion at this stage. But even though we’re not using much of our minerals here.

But that’s a whole other political debate. We certainly love sending it over to China and getting money for it.

The international system is effectively anarchy. You have to have leverage in any negotiations internationally.

When China negotiates with us, we have Big Brother, the United States always as like an intermediary the entire time.

So that’s why they are forced to pay what we ask. For instance, if you look at Iran, Iran’s oil is going quite cheap at the moment, the same as Venezuela’s oil.

Now, the reason I’ve got you on this week is that ABC Four Corners, it’s now their third program on Chinese influence on our politics.

China’s South China Sea Started WW3 Back in 2014

They focus on what is called the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, which appears to be a network of business people who are designed to get cozy with our politicians and donate money in the hope of influencing things to Beijing’s favor.

I guess the best way to look at it is what America does and how America plays countries and the political system and they try to instill get rid of dictators and put leaders in that is pro-America.

It’s the same play that China is doing right now.

As China grows and becomes more wealthy, its economy grows. They’re going to demand more respect and more influence.

That’s just how it works. And at the moment and for the entire time as Australia’s since 1788, we’ve always had Britain as the power.

Then shortly after World War II, the United States became the maritime power in Asia, and then we switched allegiances to America.

Now we’re looking towards a possible Chinese hegemon.

And we are going to see a lot of changes, and unfortunately, that might not necessarily be the type of changes that we want and it might affect our economy in ways that we don’t necessarily like

The vision China times newspaper was refused sponsorship of Georgia’s River Lunar New Year Festival because of basically a few emails from the Chinese consulate in Sydney.

Are Chinese Diaspora Working As Spies in the West?

Even though you would think that the Chinese people living in Australia, they’re Australian, the Chinese Communist Party.

They still care a lot about what information is fed to them and what their perceptions are of the Chinese government back in the People’s Republic of China.

Yes, That’s why there’s a lot of Chinese language media in Australia.

Scott Morrison and a lot of the Labor Party members have, and David Coleman as well.

They’ve all been on a lot of Chinese media. I see it all the time.

You guys might not necessarily follow any of the Chinese media, but they’re always appearing, they’re always turning off at meetings.

Just because this has only recently been exposed on Australian 24 hours news, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a new thing. It’s been happening since John Howard was in power.

It’s been a very common thing.

That’s part of the amount of money that China has.

They want to influence, they want power, they want leverage over this country and that’s not going to stop.

There’s going to be a multitude of problems coming and the overarching problem is the Chinese Communist Party.

If we just keep focusing on each little problem like this, we’re going to get lost in the small little things and lose the big picture.

Which is that things are changing and that a lot of it is out of our control, watching the news and feeling that we can discuss these things.

Is China Becoming More Aggressive As Their Economy Grows?

If China keeps growing the way it does, we are not going to have a say in the future. There’s not much that we can do, unfortunately.

Yeah, I think we’ve only begun to talk about it in the Australian political media because of these recent programs.

When you do watch these programs, you’re surprised at how many of these Chinese events politicians are attending.

Then you see the photos of all of the politicians at these Chinese events, and then you’re exposed to, wow, our political class.

They do a lot of catering to get money and get votes from the Chinese community here.

And of course, we saw what happened to the state labor opposition leader, Michael Daley, when he was talking about the Australians being replaced in our cities with Asians, with Ph.D.

That was seen as the main reason he lost the election and why he’s being now shuffled out of the leadership.

We live in a multicultural country, and some people are more sensitive than others.

Not necessarily the type of argument or type of things that politicians can get away with these days.

But it just shows you sort of our political class. They’re aware of the power and the need to engage this community in the Australian political process.

Well, the Australian people say with the British background or the Anglo Saxon background, they’re not as politically active as, say, people from Asia.

That’s just the fact. They might only be 5% of the population or a little bit more, but they’re far more politically active, and it might come across as being a lot more sensitive.

Does China Want To Become The Asian Hegemon?

But if you don’t like what a politician says and you’re politically active and you take a stand, you get what you want more.

The Australian attitude of she’ll be right, mate. It’s not necessarily helping us politically either. We’re losing our voice because Australians just let things go too easily.

If you talk up and Australians will often say, oh, it’s a conspiracy theory or it’s paranoia if you start talking about, China or influence in our politics.

Only recently people have started to wake up a little bit and start to start talking about this, maybe this isn’t necessarily the future that we want.

But, we haven’t seen any of the real negative effects of this global hegemon on this behemoth on our doorstep yet.

We haven’t seen any of the real negative effects.

And I guess that’s what I would like to talk about is the fact that we are such a resource-rich country that we produce a lot of food that is very valuable.

We have a lot of farmland. It’s very valuable, a lot of resources, and there are a lot of mouths to feed just north of us.

If they can use their leverage politically or militarily, they will take what they can from us.

Is China a Warmongering Country?

But let’s move away from Australia and look at China as a global player.

And I mentioned that Xi Jinping, he’s made himself President for life, which has confused a lot of people who just thought, well, he was a dictator anyway, but he’s just made himself so that he can be a dictator for longer than somebody else.

He’s effectively an Emperor now. He’ll be there for life. I don’t see any difference between that a dictator Emperor.

The same type of thing. One of the arguments that I often hear is China has never invaded anyone. China is a Confucian country, a peaceful country.

I’d like to try and argue that they’re not. When you look at the countries that surround China how many countries are scared of China right now? And I guess Vietnam is one country that sticks out to me.

There was a huge war, the Vietnam war where America caused a lot of trouble.

Millions of people died. Now if you look at the Vietnamese people, the Vietnamese government now they’re in bed with the United States. Why? Because they’re so scared of China?

Yeah, it’s amazing how things have changed in 40 years.

We have China which remembers the 100 years of humiliation of the opium wars and they hold a huge grudge against not only the British people but the French, the Japanese, and the Americans.

One of the biggest wars that we’ve had in modern history is the Vietnam war and they’re in bed with the United States already.

They’ve forgotten about well, they haven’t forgotten about it but they have no choice but to get in bed with the United States because they fear this soon-to-be Asian hegemon rising.

If you look at Taiwan, they’re really scared.

Taiwan. Only recently China flew fighter jets over the top of Taiwan just to let them know that we can invade you at any time.

South Korea is getting closer and closer to China every day and when you look at all the countries that surround China name one that has benefited from China.

The only reason why Australia has benefited is that we can call 90 we got the United States.

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