Gladys Berejiklian Doesn’t Understand The Meaning Of Consent

Today I want to talk about the possible consequences of Gladys Berejiklian’s leadership in NSW. There is a real possibility that Australian women could suffer some serious human rights violations in the future due to the way Gladys Berejiklian removed consent from the Australian people during the pandemic. I believe that Gladys Berejiklian has broken some serious rules around consent and most people missed it.

Let me explain.

Coercing someone into doing something, does not mean that this person gave consent. Gladys Berejiklian has claimed that coercion is consent, when this is just not true.

Gladys Berejiklian Quote

”Life for the unvaccinated will be difficult indefinitely”

Gladys Berejiklian coercion for the unvaccinated

During 2021 there was pressure put on everyone in Australian society to get vaccinated. I totally understand why and myself personally, I willingly got myself vaccinated as soon as possible. Some years I would have the flu shot anyway, so for myself to get the vaccine for covid was not a big deal, I did it willingly. Either way, the flu or the vaccine never scared me anyway.

But Gladys Berejiklian seemed to be in competition with Dan Andrews (the labor leader of Victoria), she mentioned on many occasions how much better prepared NSW was compared to Victoria. More famously when she appeared on Kyle and Jacky o’s radio show.

If this was the case, I can see why she would want to get everyone vaccinated faster than Victoria, because it would make her look better. This is when, what seemed to be her ambitions, collided with the human rights of the people in NSW.

In 2021 many people in Australia were worried about the side effects of the covid vaccines. And when it comes to taking medicine, you would think that people have the right to choose what goes into their bodies. But for Gladys Berejiklian, it would seem that her ambition to get a high rate of vaccinations, superseded the human rights of people who was worried about the vaccine.

As you can see with the above video, Gladys Berejiklian had no problem literally taking away Australian’s rights to move freely around, until these people complied with her orders. She literally said that their lives will be made to be difficult indefinitely. Outrageous when you think about the coercion she was willing to use against people.

Main Stream Media Labelled People ”anti-vaxxer, right wing extremists”

ABC news Josh Roose

Around this time, there were many people who didn’t want to take the vaccine, but they also wanted their jobs back and the economy to reopen. Most of these people were of middle to lower class, they had low paying jobs that were taken away from them and they couldn’t afford to spend almost two years hiding inside from the pandemic. Many hit the streets to protest and were attacked by the main stream media and labelled some of the most offensive names.

The article above Josh Roose went as far as to say that it’s like they were ”grooming” people. This associates them with paedophilia. Like a child groomer etc. Quite a disgusting way to treat people with legitimate reasons to worry about medicine.

  • Right wing extremists
  • racists
  • anti-vaxxers
  • Conspiracy theorists

ABC obviously is funded by the government and at this time in history 2021, this media organisation can easily be called propaganda. It would seem to me, that ABC was used in the same way China uses the Global Times or how Kim would use the media in North Korea.

The government (Gladys Berejiklian) and her publicly funded broadcaster (ABC Josh Roose) were clearing on the same page with this one. Their collective goal was to put as much pressure on everyone in Australian society to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

But, is this a human rights issue? I believe this was a huge human rights issue and Gladys set a precedent that could damage Australian society for the foreseeable future.

What my Doctor told me?

As I said earlier, I had no problem with getting the vaccine immediately. In fact, I was harassing my doctor for the vaccine before we even had any. Eventually when the vaccine arrived, I went in to see my doctor and my doctor told me that AstraZeneca could be dangerous for me and warned me not to take it, then recommended I wait for some new Pfizer vaccine’s to become available. I said that I don’t care, just do it, then I’ll be done, I’m not worried etc.

The point I’m trying to make is, even doctors were worried about the vaccines. At this point I realised that the anti-vaxxers did in fact have a point and Gladys Berejiklian was clearly on the wrong side of history.

Coercion Doesn’t Mean Consent Gladys…

Vast majority of Australians have made their views known

”The vast majority of our citizens have already spoken, have already made their views known”. This is outrageous and not the type of behaviour that we would think is acceptable in 2021. Gladys Berejiklian has been taking Australia back in time to a time in history where people didn’t have human rights and propaganda ruled.

If you lock someone away, take away their human rights, actually say that their lives will be made difficult indefinitely, use the police to fine them in the street for disobedience, then to top it off, take away their right to protest and use the main stream media to slander them.

With all of those outrageous things happening, it would be totally understandable for the average person to obey, no matter how scared they are of getting a vaccine. If they are told that all of these oppressive, well, abusive things were to go away, as long as they take the vaccine. Well, most would and in Australian in 2021 that is exactly what happened.


For Gladys Berejiklian to then claim that those people who were intimidated into taking the vaccine, were willingly doing it, is another outrageous aspect of this propaganda that Gladys Berejiklian has taken part in. It’s in fact infuriating when you think about it. How dare she treat people like children!

Well, this gets me to the reason why I wanted to write this blog post in the beginning.

Gladys Makes Consent Redundant

Imagine we change a few things.

  • Take away the Australian people’s freedoms
  • Coercion
  • Vaccine needle
  • Then Claim it was all consensual

Let’s replace all these with different things

  • Take away all Australian women’s freedoms
  • Coercion
  • A dictators penis
  • Then claim it was all consensual

You get where I’m going with this?

Gladys Berejiklian just set a precedent which could quite easily be replicated in the future by a dictator. Imagine if a dictator came into power and locked down all women in NSW, then told them that the only way they would get their freedom back is by taking the dictators penis, then the greatest insult of all, the dictator claims that all the women ”The vast majority of our women have already spoken, have already made their views known”. By taking the dictators penis.

Yeah, you get it. Maybe this could happen in the future. And if it does, you can think Gladys Berejiklian for setting the precedent.

5 thoughts on “Gladys Berejiklian Doesn’t Understand The Meaning Of Consent”

  1. She will take the long drop of Ricardo Bosi is elected. I’m voting for him, as many will. I acknowledge that Dave isn’t onboard with the Death Penalty, but many are. Bosi’s policies resonate with many Aussies & I hope Gulag Gladys is led before a Military Tribunal in the near future.

  2. Ask why Police arent forced into getting the jab ?
    Because its the tyrants army…
    COERSION IS NOT CONSENT no matter how you spin it

  3. precedent.
    australian government now making
    personal health care
    choices for you.
    next chooses when
    and where you die.
    indonesian killing fields.
    evil kills.
    evil queen gladys gone.
    thank god.
    david and goliath.

    australian government treating
    people like animals in a zoo.
    watership down.

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