How Chinese Break WorkPlace Laws in Australia

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Chinese businesses have been setting up shop in Australia for decades now, but no one has been taking the threat of these businesses seriously.

Today we are going to have a look at the dodgy/illegal business practices of Chinese milk tea shops operating in Australia.

Chinese small business owners learned early on, how to avoid paying tax in Australia. And they never really went to great lengths to hide it either. How many times have you been to a Chinese restaurant that openly says ”we only take cash” on a sign at the front cash register?

I bet most of you reading this, have seen at least one of these signs.

You might also notice that a good old Aussie business that does everything right by the law cannot afford to have as many employees as the same Chinese business that you saw the sign at.

This naturally gives the Chinese business a competitive advantage over the Australian business, simply by having far more people working. The Chinese business, can serve more customers and therefore make more money.

Here’s the next bombshell, the Chinese business can also sell similar products at a cheaper price than the Australian business too, which will give them yet another competitive advantage to attract more customers than the Australian business.

How do they do it? Magic? Are Chinese just smarter? Do they work harder?

no no, no and no

The answer is, they cheat. And I’m going to explain just how they do it in the blog and on the Youtube video below.

chinese milk tea shops don’t pay tax

Chinese Owned Milk Tea Shops in Chatswood Sydney

Milk tea shops are bad for your country. All of these milk tea shops, in my opinion, are infringing our laws and rules: our labor laws.

They are parasites in every country they enter, and I believe it is critical that we work harder to combat them. I never said it would be easy.

But if we work hard enough on one of them, we might be able to make a difference. This will raise their consciousness, and they will all be required to pay taxes.

Let’s get this investigation started. What I’m referring to is a milk tea shop called “Hey juice.” They’ve opened a slew of stores across Sydney.

East Gardens, Chatswood, Eastwood, Carlingford, and Blacktown are all nearby. They want to open locations in Castle Hill, South Village, and North Ryde soon. 

Chinese Workplace Contract In Australia

How Chinese Break Work Place Laws in Australia
How Chinese Break WorkPlace Laws in Australia

Chinese Businesses Never Hire Australians

No one who isn’t a Chinese national is hired. This is sheer hatred and racism. This is how a colony acts when it wants to infiltrate its host country.

They use peer-to-peer transactions, and we pay for them. WeChat, a Chinese Facebook, is used as a means of trading.

A specific amount of every transaction done using WePay is returned to China, and the balance sheet is kept within the Chinese app.

As a result, every transaction they do is effectively stealing money from your government. We must put an end to this.

Every western country should ban Wechat since it is a parasite on the economy.

You’re perplexed as to why the economy is suffering.

While you’re struggling, China is prospering, and they’re stealing money from you.

They’re effectively siphoning money from your country’s transactions and sending it to China. That isn’t very courteous.

Contracts In Chinese Writing For Australian Businesses

So what we need to do right now is to ban all contracts that are not in English. We need to do it now because what will happen in the future is soon.

Then we’ll have to hire more Chinese people to translate Chinese contracts within our own country, and then they will get more jobs.

How unfair is that?

Then next thing you know, maybe we’ll have to change the judges and the civil service.

So this contract there’s a part of this contract where They state the 1st 24 hours. The employee does not get those 24 hours paid upfront.

They will only get it if they last six months on the job. So part of the scam here is that this employer will hire people on visas or student visas, or work visas.

Pay them cash and maybe fire them before six months and pocket the 24 hours upfront. That’s unfair. It’s an illegal contract.

Chinese business contract in Australia

Chinese Only Use Delivery Services From China

They prefer not to use Uber or Uber eats or any Western delivery services.

They create an economy within your economy, so you’ve got only Chinese businesses using only other B2B businesses within your country and sending attacks back to China.

What I’ve done is I planted someone within hey juice.

It’s a lot of time and effort, but I grew someone within hey juice, and they’re still there right now, and they gave me the contract.

The workplace contract is all in Chinese. It breaks all of the laws that A primary contract should have. It doesn’t have proper date addresses.

It doesn’t have the owners. It’s not in English.

Imagine this: Big businesses because China is the biggest economy in Asia. Big Chinese companies have started dominating and creating monopolies within Australia and America.

You have the option of being unemployed or signing a Chinese contract which you cannot read with all these unfair clauses in it.

How Chinese Businesses Exploit Uni Students in Australia

Chinese Businesses use contracts to evade tax

Chinese Businesses Are Exploiting Australian Workers

They get paid $12.00 per hour, and only after a long training period can you become a manager to manage one of these stores on your own.

That means opening it up in the morning, starting everything up and closing everything, closing, locking everything up at the end of the day.

You will get $15.00 an hour, so $12.00 an hour plus the 24 hours.

You don’t get paid when you start, only when you’re experienced. You will get paid $15.00 an hour.

All of these hey juice stores have this same structure, and it breaks our workplace laws.

I called up the Fair Work Ombudsman, And they told me that everything here is illegal.

Now it’s under the minimum wage, and also, they pay cash.

Now what they do is they pay with money, or he Teaches each of his employees to get an ABN, and he coaches them.

Uni Students in Australia Are Being Exploited By Chinese Businesses

He says what you do is fill in that you are a trading assistant To get their ABM because their ABNs are being rejected.

So he’s figured out that a trading assistant is how he can get all of his employees. An ABN and they can invoice him $12.00 an hour.

Now the thing here is that on the ATO website, it clearly states that this is legal. This is tax fraud. He’s breaking out tax laws and skirting around our rules.

He should be paying PYG. The employees should be getting paid at least the minimum wage. They should be getting paid more on the weekends.

They should be paid penalty rates. Over time they should be paid superannuation.

Chinese contracts are written in Chinese to evade tax

Chinese Businesses Don’t Pay Tax In Australia

”Hey Juice” should be paying taxes to my government to help my country, And he’s pocketing that money, and Australian people are going into this business and buying juice from someone who is breaking our laws.

Superannuation is not paying superannuation.

They’re not investing it in the Australian stock market.

This is why the Australian stock market is struggling, and the Australian economy is working because we have so many parasitic businesses like this.

They are loyal to Beijing and the Chinese Communist Party and not loyal to Australia.

If anyone asks how much you are being paid, the hey juice owner coaches them not to say how much they’re getting paid.

The reason why is ,because he’s breaking our laws.

Many Chinese Immigrants Are Aggressive Colonizers

Now it’s not fair for other businesses which are next door because this cheating business that is not paying tax PAYG, not paying superannuation penalty rates.

Can Require more employees for more minor, therefore is having a competitive edge over good Australian businesses that are doing the right thing.

These cheating Chinese businesses are gaining political power within my country.

My politicians are falling for this con artistry.

David Coleman gave a talk where he explained how critical Chinese companies are to Australia.

How many of these so-called good Chinese businesses bringing so much money to Australia are not paying taxes and exploiting workers, lowering the minimum wage for everybody.

Because we have so many of them that have a competitive advantage over so many good Australian businesses?

How many of them are cheating and are loyal to Beijing, and are officially colonists and parasites in our country?

Chinese Businesses In Australia Have An Unfair Advantage

After begging monks, This is the next level. I hope the mainstream media catches up a little bit faster than last time.

This triggers a proper investigation into these milk tea restaurants and every Chinese business that is not paying tax in Australia.

Taxes need to go into my government because my government needs to pay to defend this country.

And if they’re not paying taxes, they’re weakening my country from within.

They’re draining my hospitals, my schools, my police, my Defence Force; everything’s been wasted.

What I’ve done is I’ve discovered that the owner is a guy called Daniel Dianne.

This is publicly available. Imagine this first scenario; his wife might be driving a friendly Mercedes or a nice BMW around Australia.

She’s living the high life. Through these cheating businesses, both his children give him a good life and his family.

He can steal money out of the Australian economy and provide his children with good education and a promising future at the expense of Australian children.

Most Chinese Immigrants Are Racist

In my country, to prosper at the expense of the Australian people isn’t very respectful to everybody.

No doubt this guy’s got enough money to buy a property which is pushing up the property.

Now you’re making it more expensive for real Australians, 18-year-old Australians, because the divorce rate in our society is destroying our community while creating businesses like this are killing it.

They’re buying property.

They’re living the high life at the expense of us and not doing the right thing. They’re breaking our laws.
Now that’s another thing they do. They don’t advertise appropriately on Google or Western media, so you don’t see advertisements for jobs in hey juice in, say, career one or seek.

You only see them in Chinese classifieds because they don’t want to hire you.

Chinese Diaspora Never Hire Locals In The Country They Immigrate To

Another thing they do is lie about Australian produce. They say that “hey juice” is made from Australian made produce, but a lot is imported from China.

So much of the money goes back to China to buy products from China instead of buying locally made produce in Australia.

They start up a business in Australia. They get citizenship by pretending that they’re paying taxes and doing the right thing by Australia and hiring Australians when they’re not hiring any Australians.

They’re only hiring other Chinese as a colony. Then they get their citizenship. They start up a family. They spend their money within their tiny territory.

Then what they do is they bring mum and Dad, or grandma and grandpa over here who have never paid taxes in this country in their lives.

They become parasites on our pension system and parasites on our Medicare system.

Australia Will Have A Chinese Immigrant Prime Minister Soon

The thing here is that his children grow up. They get a good education. They are most probably going to be the next leaders of Australia.

The next prime minister will be loyal to Beijing through their criminal parents, who only got powerful in the very beginning by cheating.

If a few people continue to harass the Fair Work Ombudsman, the firm will be fully investigated. If the ATO can stop the ABN scam, it may be able to work in Australia.

Let’s say we can get the Human Rights Commission or the Anti-Discrimination Board to look into why they never recruit anyone who isn’t Chinese, because that is a discriminatory hiring practice.

Cheating Chinese Businesses Are A National Security Threat

We’re continually sending emails, making phone calls, and knocking on doors. We need to do something to compel these Australian government agencies to take action.

We were perhaps contacting talk shows and discussing hey juice.

If we can suddenly persuade government agencies to shut down, do something, and do something about this one problem.

It will then trigger a chain of events that will allow us to do something more doable. It will be a turning point in history.

I never said it would be easy, but if we can get a group of Australians together and phone the media and these agencies on a regular basis, we can make a difference.

It will snowball, and we will be able to take action against all of the other terrible companies who are breaking our laws.

Many Australian businesses break the rules, but Australians spend their money in Australia. It will not be sent abroad.

There is also a lot of discrimination against other people, as well as hey juice’s terrible behavior.

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