How Chinese Daigou Shoppers Exploit Australia’s Economy

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AUSTRALIA MUST PROTECT ITS ECONOMY FROM BLACK MARKETS. I’m going to discuss a website called today.

It is run by Chinese people who live in Australia, with Chinese people who have recently arrived in Australia as its target audience.

They are either incapable or unwilling to learn the language.

So, this is a Chinese-language website, and my issue with it is that it appears like they are exclusively writing stories about Australia that make Australians appear terrible.

What is a Chinese daigou?

How Do Chinese Daigou Shoppers Make Money?

It also makes a reference to me. According to Clive Hamilton, who wrote the book Silent Invasion, they are part of the problem with Chinese people in Australia.

They were, in my opinion, weaponizing outrage against the Australians, and that is exactly what they did.

400 Chinese individuals living in Australia assaulted me, abusing, threatening, and threatening to kill me.

Keep in mind that there is a distinction between Chinese individuals who have just arrived in Australia and can’t speak much English.

And have a large attitude as if they run the world and Chinese people who were born in Australia and identify as Australians.

What Is a Chinese Daigou?

This article is called Australia is infested with naked men. Immigration discriminates against Poor Chinese. There are too many white sculptures.

We need to reduce the amount of or anything that represents white people. Chinese girls say the Australian Universities are stupid and poor.

Australian police are racist, and one thing which I think is offensive.

In case you’re not aware of it, they buy baby milk formula, and the Chinese people then get on WeChat, and they find buyers in China, and they sell it in China for say 2-3 even four times what they buy it for.

So they’re just playing the middleman.

Is a Daigou Shopper Part of the Black Market?

They’re doing anything special.

They’re not doing anything super-intelligent, they’re just playing the middleman, and they’re emptying the shelves in Australia, which is putting up the prices in the articles.

They mention this poor lady who had to drive further to get some baby formula for her Australian baby because all the Chinese are trying to make money off it.

Another annoying thing is when I went through the article, one of the comments said, well, maybe you should increase the price of baby formula.

This isn’t very respectful to all people in Australia, and this is what happens in China, and they’re trying to destroy Australia from within.

Why Are We Having Food Shortages in Australia?

We have a cheap baby formula.

This is something good about Australia, and just because a few greedy immigrants want to buy it, skim off the top and be the middleman so they can profit off it.

Why should the rest of us Australians suffer because of it? It is offensive in so many different ways that they are even suggesting that they should increase the price, but that is what is happening.

So if you’re about to have a child, you’re going to end up paying more, and also, a lot of people are going to be taking it off the shelves, and you might not even have any for yourself.

This is the angle that Sydney today brings to Australia.

Australian Export Black Market

It’s not funny when you have so many Chinese mobs running in there and buying so much milk powder that they’ve had to lock up Client shelves.

They’ve had to put signs up saying a maximum of three per person, So what the Chinese do is they have someone mind their bag or shopping trolley out the front.

They go in, buy three, they go outside, put it in the basket, they buy another three, put it back in the basket. My problem with this lady is that she didn’t fill her face.

We don’t know the context. Does she have a trolley full of baby formula just outside the store? And that’s why they’re refusing to sell anymore?

Sydney today is creating racism and hate and then weaponizing it in Australia if the Chinese can’t get away with something. What they do is they get angry.

They call out racism, then try to create this race -hate and all the people that follow Sydney today, then go and attack. Say businesses like Woolworths now.

Daigou Shoppers in Australia Are Causing Food Shortages

I don’t think that Woolworths is racist because what I would do is I would look at all the Chinese businesses in that region and realize that the Chinese have not hired anybody other than Chinese.

I think that’s racist. Then I went into Woolworths.

You see all these different people from all over the world working at Woolworths. Woolworths is not racist because it’s an Australian company, and they do the right thing by their people.

Also, Woolworths provides Wi-Fi, and they provide these extra things, which no Chinese business or supermarket in Australia does.

So Woolworths is good for Australia and these Chinese businesses that do not hire local people.

Can Australia’s Economy Support Food Exports To China?

Existing websites are trying to weaponize outrage, create a race, and hate within this country.

That’s what they’re doing. US Chinese are the victims all the time and play the victim and the oppressor. And it just seems like they’re just trying to cause.

The trouble with this in this country and this is not an old game. This game has been played for a very long time. Think about it, America’s been playing it for a long time.

How often do we see America cause trouble in the civil war and get this CIA to go and cause problems in these countries?

They have a civil war. They have a minor civil war that breaks down the country. The social fabric falls away. The politicians and their government can no longer rule, and then foreign power.

It happens through our news, and we think, oh idiots, they fell for it. They started fighting each other within their own country. They created a civil war, and they destroyed it.

Not just for the people who they were fighting. It’s within their country, but they ruined it for everybody.

What is the Grey Market in Australia?

America went in there and took over the country. If this happens in Australia, we will be the idiots that fell for the same trick as the Chinese did to us.Let’s not let that happen.

Let’s try to keep this place peaceful. Let’s try to work together, and understand we need to be on the same page.

We also need to think of peaceful ways to solve our problems.

Violence is not going to solve it.We need mature discussion, and we need things to change. We don’t need some bogans to Chuck a tantrum and get all violent.

That’s not going to solve anything. That’s part of the problem, and that’s, in fact, something that will cause this.

The social fabric of this beautiful country, Australia, falls apart and allows us to be invaded.

The most important factor to remember is that this has nothing to do with baby formula.

For me, this is about an Australian-made product that you have that is made within Australia, and we’re still not taking the proper steps to protect our economy and the milk industry within Australia.

And we’re allowing immigrants in Australia to act as middlemen and skim off the top of our prophets.

Consider the following scenario. How can we hope to preserve our products with the hard work of our technologies outside of our boundaries if we can’t safeguard it within our borders?

How can we expect our government to protect other sectors of the Australian economy from this black market that the Chinese have developed if they can’t protect these milk industries and milk powder?

This is part of the model I’ve created for Australia’s economic collapse and the annihilation of its people by 2034.

How can we hope to maintain anything more precious in the future that is exported if we can’t keep something as simple as a milk powdered product within Australia?

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