How Does China Steal Australian Intellectual Property? (IP Transfer)

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How China Steals Australian Tech From Our Scientists. China is stealing technology from the West, especially from Australia and I’m going to try to explain how they are doing it.

I’m on the campus of the University of New South Wales. It’s one of the most prestigious universities in Australia and the first thing that I noticed is how I have not been challenged.

I’ve got the freedom to roam anywhere around this campus. Nobody is questioning me, I’ve been filming if I was to engage in industrial espionage.

How China steals technology from Australian scientists

Does China Steal Technology From Australia?

I want to talk about Youlong, the industrial espionage case. Youlong pleaded guilty to industrial Espionage, he stole the blueprints for the f-22 Raptor and f-35 Lightning fighter jets.

Keep in mind Australia bought a few f-35 Lightning fighter jets only recently.

I met up with Shen Yang Institute where he logged into his computers back in the United States, and that’s how he got caught.

Because they’re connected to Kass, we have the theory that the Chinese Academy of Science which is now the world’s largest research organization.

And it’s been ranked number one in the world by a publishing index since 2017, Kass has been training Chinese scientists to go out to Western countries and engage in industrial Espionage, steal technology and bring it back to Kass.

That’s how they became the world’s largest science and research organization in the world.

Are Chinese Students Stealing Intellectual Property From Australia?

There’s security, I’m glad they’re doing their job uphill. Australia has a policy of not persecuting industrial espionage.

Try to find it online, it’s almost as if there’s no industrial espionage coming from Australia through to China at all because there’s no recording in it.

A lot of Chinese money goes into Australian universities and it’s almost like we have this unspoken rule where you keep pumping money into our universities, and we will turn a blind eye to whatever you do.

The Chinese Communist Party is using that against us to manipulate not only our politicians but to get into our universities and our science labs and steal technology from Australians.

Does China Steal Military Technology From Australia?

There will come a point where our allies, like the United States and Britain, won’t trust collaborating with us anymore because they’ll know that we’re just letting all the technology go to China.

We have got a lot of scientists in Australia that were trained in engineering universities.
Which is China’s first aircraft carrier?

Now the aircraft carrier is only as useful as the aircraft the fighter jets that it carries now.

Xianyang University is trying to create more superior Fighter jets so that they can beat the United States and the South China Sea and push the United States out of Asia.

The CCP is constantly innovating on their strategies for infiltrating Australia.

How China Steals Technology Via Australian Universities?

Last year, the Chinese New Year was called Chinese New Year and it was not ignoring the fact that many other countries in Asia celebrate Lunar New Year.

However, because of all of the publicity around the trade war and people waking up to the espionage from the Chinese Communist Party.

If you have a look around Australia at the moment the Chinese New Year is now called Lunar New Year.

Chinese Scientists in Australia Are Stealing Technology

As a culture, we are not sophisticated enough and we’re not prepared for what’s going on in Australia right now.

In the same way, they innovate by changing the name of Chinese New Year to Lunar New Year and hope that we’re too stupid to realize what’s going on.

With the media attention around the Xinyang Institute, there were a lot of scientists in Australia with Chinese backgrounds that were collaborating with the Xinyang Institute.

Instead, what they did was collaborating with other Institutes in China, which had the same purpose.

How Does China Facilitate Tech Transfer Through Australian Universities?

Right now in Australia, those Chinese scientists, who were trained in the Chinese academy of science or engineering institute.

That was collaborating back with these same institutes back in China, these institutes as we’ve gathered are trying to develop the new generation of fighter jets.

They can take out the United States fighter jets. Because of the media scrutiny, they’ve changed their tactics which is a pattern as well, and recently.

There was a paper released that collaborated with the state key lab of networking and switching technology in Beijing.

Why is that a problem according to Clive Hamilton’s book “Silent invasion”?

How Does China Engage in IP Theft in Australia?

They have a committee member Major General Chen who is working for the Chinese Air Force.

Wouldn’t you think it would be quite disturbing if the CSIRO were collaborating on projects with the CCP’s military?

Well, they are. Three guys from the CCP National University of Defense technology were collaborating on papers with CSIRO.

So, three scientists that want to talk about today are Chen bin Yao Xiao Chun and Chou Chou.

They all work in the People’s Liberation Army’s National University of Technology in the systems Simulation lab.

It’s situated in Hunan Province China as formerly known as the Harbin military academy of engineering and UDT is the leading Institute in China’s space program.

UNSW Is Full Of Chinese Spies

In 2010, they developed the world’s fastest supercomputer national university of defense technologies. The motto is to strengthen the Armed Forces and the nation.

This is where the CSIRO comes into its scientists at CSIRO.

I cannot mention his name but he is trained in China and has been collaborating with these three scientists working in the system simulation lab in China.

CSIRO is at Australia’s cutting edge when it comes to artificial intelligence, cyber security, and blockchain.

The Chinese military have developed the world’s fastest supercomputer for the last decade and we are collaborating and sending data to and from China.

Don’t you think it is quite possible that spyware has already been infected and malware has infected the entire system of CSIRO?

University New South Wales Chinese Tech Transfer

There’s a possibility that every piece of science and technology that’s being developed in CSIRO now is just being stolen by China.

When you collaborate with other scientists you see there’s always constantly a transference of information.

You’re constantly sending files to each other and backward.

So, in a way, if someone from the National University of Defense technology was to send an email with a link in there and it had spyware and all the scientists working for CSIRO.

All they had to do was log in on a computer that is connected to the network and then released some spyware.

Australian Science Labs Are Corrupted By China

I feel as if most labs in Australia that have done collaborations with the national university of defense technology or Kass or Xinyabg Institute all have spyware on their networks and be just sending our technology back to the CCP.

China’s remarkable economic growth is coming at the expense of not only Australia but the Western world.

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